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Wolf Heart Slots Machine

We’re about to head off into the medieval world of Wolf Heart, a relatively new slot machine that consists of 8 reels instead of the usual 3 or 5, and 60 winlines in which to maneuver about the board and secure a win. The layout of this game alone is more than enough to warrant your attention, but when you see what the grid has to offer, you soon realise there’s more to Wolf Heart than a quirky format.

The paytable is shaped very much by the symbols you find and how they land, meaning that this is one of the rare slot machines that will virtually always give you an alternative experience to your last. This is especially true when it comes to the free spins round and the set of stackable symbols; you’ll have no doubt spotted these already if you’re taken a peek at some screenshots.

For those of you who need a feel of a game before playing, there’s various demos of the title for you to try out, arguably adhering this title to even more to would-be players. With that in mind, let’s jump on in and see what the reels have got going for them.

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Wolf Heart

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The Eighth Reel

When you first look at the matrix, you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s the usual 5 reels that you normally find, but the grid has actually been split into three sections. On the right there are two large squares that make up 3 reels each, and then two long columns on the left; we’ve never come across anything so striking before.

As a result, only specific symbols can be played on certain reels, which although sounding frustrating, is actually a great way of upping the volatility of the game. This in turn means you get a more challenging but highly rewarding online activity. To make sure you don’t experience too much confusion, we’ve broken down some of the possible tiles that can be played and their combinations.


The first 2 reels are the ones that can have the highest stacked symbols, with the length of them reaching up to but never exceeding six. However, when it comes to the other reels, they can only be stacked up to three times, meaning they can be presented as a single, double or full trio of icons.

Nine of the icons have the ability to be stacked, in either of these formats, and so it’s possible to land these unique combos quite often. That being said, we played for quite some time and never landed more than a couple, most of which were only three high. Therefore, while the volatility should be low in theory, it’s actually much higher; this isn’t the friendliest title for those not familiar with slot machines.

What is more, these symbols don’t happen to pay more merely because they’ve been lumped together, though this is probably due to the generosity that the paytable already shows in regards to those icons. Take the women dressed in red, she’s worth between €100 and €2,000, with the latter obviously being the highest she can reward you.

A Golden Wild

The wild symbol is presented in a shiny gold coin, engraved with a wolf. This can be played on most of the reels, with the wins being as extensive as 60 free spins, however, the likelihood is that you’ll get the lower end 8 spins. During the playthrough of this extra, the male and female tiles will become wilds, as will the black and white wolf, and any additional wilds will add a x2 multiplier to the kitty.

What we will say about the free games is that, due to the complexity of the grid, it feels less fluid and more clunky.

Pure Hearted

This 2by2 Gaming title is great for those who need to discover the most innovative and different online casino titles out there, however for us, it feels a little too outside the box. What is more, everything feels much more tedious to play due to all the changes in format, not to mention the tiles taking on several different roles at once. This is an online activity that takes time to play, and so can’t be seen as a purely casual outlet, which to us sort of defeats the point.

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