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Flip Flap Slot Machine

Sometimes, slot game developers go wild and decide to create a crazy universe with no specific references like the recent Cloud Tales, but full of originality.

This is exactly what happened with Flip Flap, a one of a kind video slot game designed by the SkillOnNet team. It will challenge your conception of what slot games look like, while keeping enough familiar gameplay elements to get players started on the right way in no time.

So if you are in the mood for something new, or if you are just curious about discovering a unique game, read on our review of Flip Flap and see what the game has in store for you!

Up In The Sky

Flip Flap takes place in high altitude, where the sky is always blue and the surroundings peaceful.

And that is probably the only peaceful element of the whole game. The reels appear to be floating in the air thanks to some yellow alien structure that supports various cubes, on which the symbols are painted. These cubes form a total of five column, across which ten paylines are drawn.

The musical atmosphere of the game is upbeat and positive, and not at all linked to the other elements of the game. The overall design quality remains high and, to say the least, original.

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Flip Flap

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Piloting The Spaceship

We will assume that the strange flying machine that occupies most of the game screen is an alien spaceship from now on. Let’s see how to actually make it fly.

The majority of the commands are located at the bottom of the screen. Use the switches and levers to adjust all your settings easily. For instance, click on the Coins and Lines display to select how many coins you wish to bet, and on how many paylines (the discrete tabs that flank the reels also allow you to activate or deactivate paylines). Remember that a higher wager is a greater risk, but also a greater chance at winning a sizeable reward.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, pull the Spin lever to place your bet. Instead of spinning reels, each cube will flip on its axis to reveal a symbol. The Bet Max lever is also there to allow you to go all-in, if you are feeling especially lucky, and the Auto Roll lever right next to it will let you predetermine a number of automatic spins for you to bet on uninterrupted, with a constant wager.

Meet The Outer Space Creatures

Now the time has come to take a closer look at the symbols on the revolving cubes, and see if we can confirm our spaceship theory.

There are eight basic symbols in Flip Flap, and all of them represent a little alien with uncanny human-like behaviour or clothing. The goal remains the same: forming winning combinations of identical symbols on an activated payline, but the characters are full of humour and funny animations frequently interrupt the game at random to add even more craziness to the whole mix.

Some aliens wear makeup, one has a very heavy Mexican accent, others only have one eye… It is not easy to pinpoint where exactly the developers at SkillOnNet were trying to get at, but the result is a fun mix of endearing characters and big cash rewards.

The Fun Continues

We still have a few special symbols to go through, and they are here to spice up the whole experience.

The Special Mode symbol is a Scatter that triggers a mini game regardless of where it appears on screen: three of them showing up anywhere are enough! Your task is to go through up to six levels collecting special symbols and increasing your reward as you do so, with an ultimate prize consisting of a x50 Multiplier!

Spinning three Matching Pair Scatters trigger yet another Bonus game, where matching pairs of symbols trigger extra rewards for as long as your luck continues.

Finally, the Parachute Scatter is the key to a shooting Bonus game, where you have three chances to shoot down up to three parachutes and collect the prizes they hide.

Pure Madness, Pure Fun

Flip Flap is a slot game, still, but it is also something entirely different. It is a refreshing take on a genre that some players may find repetitive; they will probably fall in love with the originality of Flip Flap. The three Scatter Bonuses add some extra fun, and the overall crazy vibe is simply addictive.

The aliens might be fun and cute, but they can also be a little challenging to recognise during your first few games. Make sure you study the paytable a little and you will become an expert in no time.

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