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Game of the Bear Slot Machine

If you’ve always held a soft spot for Yogi and Winnie the Pooh, head down to Game of the Bear, the online video slot by SGS Universal.

This ursine game takes place in the countryside and you’ll have the chance to play to win instant cash prizes online.

But will you return with a pot full of honey? Here’s a review of Game of the Bear by SGS Universal with everything you need to know to play.

The Bears and the Bees

SGS Universal have created a game devoted to that most characterful of creatures: the bear.

And as the game loads in your browser you’ll be greeted by the sight of one of the furry animals snuggled up close to an overflowing barrel of honey, while the bees buzz around too.

The main game takes the same scene and expands it further as you compete in a simple game of win or lose.

Game of the Bear isn’t the most complicated of slots but this makes it a great place for beginners to start without being overwhelmed by complex rules.

You can choose to have the animation switched on or off, and the sound can be muted as well. The animation is however very basic so there’s not a huge difference whichever option you choose.

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Game of the Bear

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Try Your Luck

Game of the Bear is one of the simplest video slots on the market and is based on a simple game of win or lose.

There’s no complex paylines or patterns to try and remember; your sole focus is on whether you can beat the odds.

To play you’ll be faced with two images, a grumpy bee and a barrel full of honey. To play, just click the button and immediately the two images will start to flicker. If you win, the barrel of honey will light up in green and a winning message will appear on the screen. If you lose, the grumpy bee will light up in red and you’ll also get confirmation in words too.

If you’re lucky enough to win, before you take your next go you can opt to try and increase your prize further by clicking on the “double” button. This plays the same game again but this time you’re competing for double the prize. If you win, you’ll get to keep double your winnings but if you not in luck, you’ll lose the lot. You can play the Double game as many times as you like but just remember you could end up with nothing if you push it too far.

The right hand panels show you current bet level and also the history, so you can see at a glance whether you’re on a losing run or a hot streak.

On the left hand side you’ll see six circles containing numbers; this allows you to pick the amount you want to wager on each turn. You can change this as often as you like without any penalty.

There is also a paytable button on the left hand side but clicking on this just brings up a description of the rules. The game is so basic and easy to understand that it’s unlikely you’ll need to look at this.

Play for Fun

Game of the Bear isn’t a video slot which requires a lot of practice but it’s a fun game to play even if you don’t want to play for cash.

The developers, SGS Universal, have made Game of the Bear available to play for free which means you don’t need to download any software or install any apps to enjoy it. You might not want to play for cash, or you might just enjoy spending some time playing slots without any pressure or risk, and if this is the case the free mode is perfect.

If you choose to play in free mode you’ll be handed a stash of virtual cash to bet with so you can experience all the thrills of betting even if you don’t win any actual cash prizes.

Ursine Adventure

Game of the Bear by SGS Universal is such a simple game it could easily qualify as one of the bonus features on some of the other video slots! Nevertheless it has a timeless appeal and is a great way to win some money without taxing your brain too much. It’s also perfect for beginners who want to start out with an easy game before moving on to more complex slots.

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