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Pyramid Slots

The soberly named Pyramid is a video slot game developed by Openbet. The Egyptian theme of the game is rather obvious, but wait until you actually start betting to put Pyramid into the classic slot game category.

The innovative gameplay created by the Openbet development team makes Pyramid stand out sharply from the rest of the games on the market. You will notice at first glance that something totally different is going on here, which is not to say that the stakes are not higher than ever.

Read our review of Pyramid and find out more about this ground-breaking slot game innovation of a game.

Not Your Usual Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid is obviously focused around ancient Egypt, and everything on screen is trying to remind players of that simple fact.

The background features a long row of colourful sarcophagi and a wall covered in hieroglyphs. We seem to be deep under the ground, inside the tomb of a pharaoh and so close to the treasures that it contains.

Add an ominous music to the mix, and the result is both intriguing and enticing. The graphics might not be jaw-dropping, but Pyramid has an aura of mystery strong enough to keep players hooked. Not to mention the gameplay itself, which we will look at in the next section.

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Climb the Levels All the Way to the Jackpot

First and foremost, you will notice that there are no reels or paylines in Pyramid. Instead, the game matrix consists of a mysterious pyramid standing right in the middle of the game screen.

The pyramid contains six lines of symbols, with six slots at the base, five on the next level, and so on until the very top. You goal here is not to line up symbols but rather to make a guess as to the composition of the next line. Use the up and down arrows at the beginning of the game to set your wager, then the horizontal arrows to select a symbol.

The symbol you end up selecting becomes your bet, which means that you are betting that the next level of the pyramid will contain at least one of these symbols. A correct guess lets you go one step up, and a mistake simply ends the game and takes your chips away forever.

Work your Way to the Top

One interesting feature of this pyramidal disposition is that the game difficulty increases throughout.

You place a bet with each level, which implies that you spend a little more at every turn. And on top of that, the size of the lines gradually diminishes, which of course means that your chances of winning also go down. To compensate for that facts, the cash rewards will slowly increase throughout the different levels.

You can select a different symbol at each level, and your winnings increase the symbol you placed your bet on appears more than once on the line. In order to mitigate the risk you are taking, you can hit the Collect button at the end of every turn and transform your winnings into actual money. The remaining lines of the pyramid will then be revealed to you, just so you can check whether giving up was a good idea – or if you have just said no to the ultimate Pyramid jackpot.

Traditional Hieroglyphs All Over

The symbols of Pyramid are all hieroglyphs, and their individual value does not depend on their nature as in other, more classic slot games.

In a way, you could say that all symbols are equal in Pyramid. The only parameter that matters is how high you stand on the triangular game matrix. This might make you want to rethink your strategy and the way you think about slot games altogether.

The symbols include an Eye of Horus, an Eagle, a Jackal, a Beatle, an Ibis, an Altar and several Human icons. The paytable contains eight different symbols in total.

Try something radically new, if you dare

Pyramid is a true challenge for slot game players, as it forces them to re-evaluate their expectations. This game is a true challenge for any player, regardless of experience, and hitting the jackpot all the way at the top of the pyramid can prove really challenging.

You will need a lot of luck and patience, not to mention money, in order to succeed in Pyramid. But the game might just be worth it, and true players never say no to something new and challenging in the first place.

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