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Frutti Friends Slot Machine

Fruit-based slot games are perhaps the most common on the market, but the one that we will introduce here does things a little differently.

Frutti Friends is a video slot game developed by Mobilots that blends a dynamic gameplay with simple rules and cute characters. Do not let them distract you too much though, as there are a few big surprises hidden in the game that could make you rich in an instant if you can spot them in time.

Learn all you need to know about Frutti Friends and its universe with our complete review of the game.

Sweet and Cute

The universe of Frutti Friends is as simple as it gets, and the game screen is remarkably uncluttered for a modern slot game. Even most of the command buttons are placed in a separate menu.

The different symbols of the game are located in a large square hovering on top of the orange and pink background. A list of the most recent prizes won and 2 special win counters are placed on the left-hand side and above the symbols.

The most striking feature of Frutti Friends is the funny-looking symbols themselves, but otherwise the game is quite low-key. Let’s see how to get it started in our next section.

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Frutti Friends

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An Avalanche of Fruits

Frutti Friends, while still being a slot game, only follows the rules of the genre loosely and provides players with a simple gameplay that will feel a little different.

The symbols are placed in a 5x5 square, devoid of specific paylines. To win, you need to create clusters of 4 or more identical symbols. Choose a wager in the settings menu, which you can access through the gear button at the bottom of the game screen, click the spin button to get the game started.

The different cash payouts in Frutti Friends are based on your current wager and the size and type of clusters you find on the reels. The more money you risk, the more you can win in return if luck is on your side. To speed up the process, you can also hold down the spin button to activate the autoplay game mode. You chosen bet will be placed on several consecutive spins, and you can adjust the duration of the autoplay mode in the settings menu as well. Frutti Friends does stick to easy rules to make it accessible to all, so let’s see what sorts of symbols you can find during the game.

Big Wins in the Large Clusters

With such a name, it should come as no surprise that Frutti Friends is basically filled with fruits. Remember that you have to focus on large clusters to win big, and let’s go through the list of fruits here.

The most common symbols of the game are the apples, grapes, strawberries and watermelons. You can win up to 300 times the value of your bet with the largest of these clusters, but the most frequent wins are much smaller.

Fortunately, winning clusters disappear and let other symbols trickle down to perhaps create a chain reaction and give Frutti Friends a little extra kick.

Pears, pineapples and lemons make up the rest of the symbol menu. Lemons are particularly interesting and can be worth up to 10,000 times your bet value for the largest clusters.

More Surprises that it Seems

Frutti Friends looks as straightforward as it gets, but the game also features a special fruit basket symbol that acts as a wild card. Use it to replace any other symbol and you could end up with an even larger winning cluster as a result.

The strawberry mentioned earlier is actually a jackpot symbol. Instead of triggering a cash prize right away, the strawberry clusters will be accumulated in a special counter above the reels until their value reaches 50 credits, where they will be released to you.

The grapes also act as a special bonus symbols. Their value will be added to the bonus gauge, will can trigger a special surprise win once it reaches 100%.

Anything Can Happen at Every Turn

Frutti Friends is a fun and dynamic slot game with a simple and innovative gameplay. The individual rewards might not seem as interesting as they should be, for the small clusters at least, but remember that the game can trigger chain reactions of wins at any time.

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