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Pharaos Tomb Slot Machine

You may have thought that you’d unearthed all the Egyptian slot machines on the internet by now, but we’re here to either brighten or dampen your day by showing you that there is yet another. Pharaos Tomb.

Storm Gaming is the owner of this particular online activity, and the ones behind deciding to try and make the title stand out by misspelling the word pharaoh; a bad decision.

Grammar aside, it has an appealing if not overly amazing set of graphics, with a soundtrack that ticks along in the background, adding to the theme though never quite bringing it to life. Fortunately a selection of bonuses have been woven into the game, appearing when the correct number of symbols show up at once.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, which is more than reasonable enough given the comparison of this game with others, maybe the knowledge of a 10,000 coins win will entice you to play. Better still, the starting bet is relatively low, making obtaining the jackpot all the more sweeter.

The Building Blocks of Fun

Just like how the game loads with a series of stone blocks making a wall to cover the screen, the betting system is the building blocks to the whole basis of this game. Without a bet it’s just a teaser, a game that you can be appreciated but not savoured.

Coin value is your way of setting your stake, and by clicking the widget the value with increase until it maxes out and then resets to the lowest amount; 0.25 will give you a final bet of 5 credit seeing as there’s 20 winlines, while 0.01 will give you merely 0.20. This diversity, although appearing small, has actually been designed to accommodate more gamers than it excludes.

Moving onto the paylines, in Pharaos Tomb they’re not fixed and thus can be tweaked until you’re satisfied with the outcome. Players can tap the widget labelled with ‘Bet Lines’ or they can select the number they want from around the outside of the reels. The inclusion of two ways enables players to adapt to the title in their preferred way, making it a more enjoyable experience.

What we love most is the gamble feature, which activates when you have won credits, though you’re able to turn the option off if you prefer. This will probably end up happening if you keep getting a lot of wins, for the gamble feature soon loses your charm if on every spin you win. In regards to how the gamble game works, you’re given a choice between two hieroglyphs, with you needing to decide which one is more likely to be revealed.

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Pharaos Tomb

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Calling out for Your Mummy

The most fun of all the bonus rounds is the mummy based one, which probably seems weird to say as that mummy looks pretty messed up. The years haven’t been kind, despite the mummification process. Nonetheless, get three or over of the symbol and you will be shown multiple mummies. Customers then have to keep flipping over the icon to reveal cash prizes, though if they find the stop icon the level terminates.

Between three and five pharao symbols will bag you the special wheel of fortune level, as you can probably tell, the wheels are all about free spins. Wheels spin. You get it? Five of them will turnout the most, four a still reasonable 5, and three will get only 3.

Lastly we’ll take a look at the pharaos treasure, which is a bonus that gives a lot of riches to those who find it. The total sum can vary each time, so we can’t be specific, but we can tell you that we ended up with a big smile on our faces and a matching big pile of gold.

Nothing New…

Much like Big Mike’s Greyhound Nights and Spitoon, this game hasn’t brought anything unique to the table, instead Storm Gaming have decided to play it safe and stick with previous successes. They’re essentially using the same formula, never trying to test out new features; while it would be risky to do that, it would be something different for users to grab onto.

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