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Spinocchio Slot Machine

When it comes to online slots, developers everywhere are simply scrambling to find new ideas for games. Over the years what can be done seemingly has been done, with many of the industry’s biggest developers now happy to “phone it in” when it comes to creativity. However, there is a younger name on the scene that is bringing a touch of charm back to the reels. Showing that if you look closer to home you can come up with something enjoyable, it’s safe to say that the developer’s latest creation carries a very Disney-esque vibe. From the story of Pinocchio has emerged brand new game Spinocchio.

There is a large selection of games out there that play fast and loose with copyright laws, with Spinocchio certainly being one of them. However, don’t be in a rush to club this in with all the other Disney-themed slot games around, as ReelNRG has attempted to do something slightly different with this release. Going out on a limb, is it worth spinning the reels of Spinocchio? Read our review below to find out!

Straight Out of a Disney Film

If you think that the name of this new ReelNRG game sounds like a certain Disney film, you certainly wouldn’t be wrong. This game takes direct inspiration from Pinocchio, but it does so in a fashion that some might not have initially envisioned. This is because the 2D animations you may have expected to see have been put by the wayside, instead all characters and images in this game are rendered in 3D. We actually really enjoyed this approach, as it shows that when it comes to production values that ReelNRG has plenty in the tank.

Theme wise, this game follows the usual path – so if you’ve seen Pinocchio the film you will already know what to expect. The game puts players into the role of Ghepetto, with this oh-so-famous character looking to locate Spinocchio through the reels. Again, the theme is pretty obvious, but that probably plays into the game’s charm factor.

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A Triumphant Tale

Let’s be honest, the name Spinocchio probably isn’t going to bring to mind thoughts of all-out, wall-to-wall slots action. This way of thinking is probably right, as all out thrills aren’t exactly on the menu here. That being said, fun is certainly at hand across the tried and tested 5-reels, 3-rows, and 30-paylines.

What this game carries is a real ease of nature, as its controls can be tweaked in a flash. So, while it isn’t going to rival some of the most advanced online slots titles around (nor some of the most well paying for that matter), there is nothing within the base game of Spinocchio that is likely to put players off either. Overall, the reels of Spinocchio are solid, even if they aren’t quite spectacular.

Wild and Whimsy

ReelNRG is slowly becoming one of the biggest names in town when it comes real money online slot game bonus features. The reason for this is clear, as they know exactly what players enjoy. With Spinocchio ReelNRG is working hard to keep up this reputation. When luck falls in your favour here, you’ll find that the free spins arrive in number. Varying in number and always carrying plenty of weight, the free spins factor in Spinocchio can certainly help make this game more budget friendly.

Free spins aren’t the only bonus element in Spinocchio that players are to get a real taste for. This online slots title also has its very own dedicated bonus round in the form of the Blue Whale Bonus. If all the above wasn’t enough, an expanding wilds feature is thrown in as well in order to sweeten the pot.

Seeking Alternative Fortunes

Spinocchio may be a bit hammy and obvious in places, but that doesn’t stop it from being a really fun online casino game. Because it’s just fun throughout, players will be looking for more of the same. Thankfully, many games also try and mimic the theme and whimsy of Pinocchio. Pointing you in the direction of those very titles, the likes of Pinocchio’s Fortune - among others - certainly don’t disappoint in our eyes.

Take Spinocchio for a Spin!

Spinocchio – with its cheesy name – could have so easily been yet another throwaway online slots title. However, ReelNRG has made sure that such isn’t the case. What they’ve done is push through a game that has a recognisable theme that’s partnered with a whole host of easy to grasp feature, including a simple to control base game. Overall, ReelNRG have hit the nail on the head here, so give Spinochio a spin should it cross your path.

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