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ReelNRG Slots

ReelNRG is a casino gaming development firm that is focused on creating high quality slots for online gambling sites. In fact, slot machines are pretty much their entire focus: you won’t find reference to any other games in their collection at the moment. Founded in 2016, the company is based in London, England, positioning themselves well to make a mark in the regulated UK gaming industry.

While the firm itself is quite young, that doesn’t mean that their team is lacking in experience. Founder Calvin Kent previously worked for major players in the gaming world such as IGT and, while fellow founder Amit Majumdar has more than 18 years of experience in the iGaming sector. Together, the pair have devoted themselves to making great games that are entertaining for players while simultaneously being profitable for their clients.

So far, we can’t say that ReelNRG has been particularly prolific in the online casino market, however. Their own partners page doesn’t list any clients, and other than showing some of their games off on a Facebook page, they haven’t been active on social media. So far, it appears as though the company’s focus may be on the social gaming market, though it seems certain that they are also highly interested in distributing their titles for real money play.

A Focus on Games

While some firms are interested in offering not only games that players can play, but also the software backbone that can get a casino up and running, this group has decided to take a more focused approach. ReelNRG has so far only made games, without a platform that is specifically designed to support them. That means that these titles are likely to be integrated on other platforms with games from various developers, rather than serving as a standalone product.

That makes sense when you look at their product line. As a fairly young and small company, it isn’t all that surprising that they’ve only put together a library of eight titles so far. And since these are all slots, this isn’t a place operators will go looking for gameplay variety; instead, these are designed to add depth and diversity to an existing slots lineup.

Video Slots

The ReelNRG collection of slot machines may be small in number, but it certainly has a lot of diversity when it comes to the themes that are explored. There are some patterns, however: some games are named after real world locations, while at least three are based on fairy tales, each given a gambling twist.

One thing that will immediately stand out to you when you try these machines is the graphical style. The art has a soft look that is befitting of the fantasy-style theming used in several of these games. There are high quality illustrations used not only for the icons and symbols themselves, but also for the backdrops, which are truly eye-catching and look like they could have come out of the concept art book for a film or high-end video game. Each game has a clean and intuitive interface as well, making these games enjoyable to play.

Unique and Entertaining Titles

Digging into each of these slots shows how much work ReelNRG is putting into their creations. For instance, there’s Snow Wild, the first flagship machine created by the company and also the first in their growing portfolio of fairy-tale based machines (this one, of course, being modelled on Snow White). The game is a five reel, 20 line video slot in which players are hoping to complete paylines from left to right across the reels. Players will enjoy whimsical music and graphics that look right out of a Disney movie as they match not only the obligatory card ranks, but also symbols like birds, apples, and the mirror on the wall. Snow White herself is a wild symbol, while the evil queen acts as a scatter in the main game – and as a sticky wild in the free spins round she can trigger.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more grounded in reality, you might want to take a look at Shanghai Respin. This 30 payline machine features similar gameplay to Snow Wild, with a free spins feature that includes a sticky wild and a respin symbol that triggers a reel re-spin whenever it appears. However, this is all cased in a very different thematic approach, as all of the symbols are designed to give players a taste of a slightly fantastic version of China. Temples, fans, red envelopes, coins, and many animals (including pandas) populate the reels in this engrossing game.

Another game that does offer some gameplay variety is Spinderella’s Riches: another title that obviously has inspiration from the world of fairy tales, this time the classic story of Cinderella. Set against a humble home with the prince’s castle far in the background, you’ll spend a lot of time with not only the heroine but her wicked stepsisters and fairy godmother on the reels as well. Pumpkins can appear on the second reel to add a mystery multiplier to all of your winnings, while a pumpkin on the third reel will give you a free spins with expanding wilds. These pumpkins provide even more rewards in the free spin game, where they can help increase an accumulator that can lead to huge payouts.

A Reel Contender

After taking a look at the machines that they’ve developed in the past couple of years, it’s clear that the ReelNRG team is one that has a ton of talent. Not only are these games absolutely beautiful from an artistic presentation standpoint, but they’re also quite fun to play, merging theme and gameplay in a way that many developers have a hard time accomplishing.

Our only concern here is whether or not players will be able to find places to enjoy these creations. We’re really unclear on how these machines are distributed, as the company themselves have failed to communicate who they are working with or what sites (social or otherwise) their games appear on. If you can find these games, they’re well worth playing; but for now, the easiest way to try them out might just be the play for free versions that are present right on the developer’s website.

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