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Gladiator Slot Machine

The title of the game is enough to evoke epic battles and fierce warriors fighting to the death in the arena, but you might be surprised to discover how it actually all looks like.

Gladiator is a video slot game from Pro Wager Systems and while it is indeed inspired by the famous Roman jousters, the graphic atmosphere of the game is much simpler and cuter than you would have expected. There are nonetheless some very serious rewards at stake here, which we cannot wait to tell you all about.

Let’s get right down to it and discover Gladiator together in our full review of the game.

Enter the Arena

Gladiator is all about fighting for gold and glory at the center of the arena while the Emperor himself is watching, but the game does things a little differently.

The graphic universe itself is all about tiny gladiators with a disproportionate head-to-body ratio running on the reels and fighting to help you win big. The background shows a majestic marble arena with tall columns and golden decorations, with a simple command bar at the bottom.

As a result, Gladiator is quite unique and very cute indeed. Probably not what you expected, but still pleasant to look at. Let’s find out more about the basic rules in our next section.

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Sharpen Your Sword Before the Fight

Gladiator is based on a series of simple rules, shared by many other modern slot games. Use the command buttons under the reels to customize all your settings until you are ready to go.

The game matrix consists of 5 reels and 25 pay lines in total. Each combination of identical symbols landing on an activated pay line will trigger a cash reward in return. Simply use the arrow buttons to choose a wager and activate the pay lines you want before you spin the reels. Each win is transferred to your credit total automatically.

The different payouts in Gladiator are based on the nature of the combinations that you score and the size of your wager at the same time. This means that the more money you are willing to risk on the reels, the larger your rewards can become. Adjust your settings accordingly, and remember that you can also play in auto spin mode. This will allow the reels to spin freely and speed up the game in the process.

Gear Up and Fight With Honor

Gladiator has a rich pay table that contains both classic and original reel symbols. We will go through the list here, with example of rewards based on a bet of one credit on the reels.

The numbers 9 and 10 are the most common symbols in the game, followed shortly by the Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The card symbols are slot game classics, with rewards starting at 5 credits and going up to 250, which is already a good start.

The helmet, sword, sigil and crown of laurel make up the rest of the list, with big wins reading 2,500 credits. All these symbols also accept short combinations of just 2 icons on an activated pay lines, which increases your chances of winning something at every spin.

Multiply Your Chances to Win Even Further

Gladiator is not devoid of surprises, and each spin can bring about some special effects if you are lucky enough to stumble upon some of the rarest reel symbols.

The gladiator is one of these. He can only appear on the first reel to serve as a wild card, ready to substitute for all the basic symbols we have mentioned previously. Each gladiator symbolizes an extra chance of completing a winning combination, whose value will be doubled in the process. This implies that the maximum reward is now 5,000 credits.

The lion is both a dangerous animal and the bonus symbol of Gladiator. 3 or more of them on an activated pay line initiate a bonus round where you can multiply your wager times and times over, depending on how many multiplier scrolls you manage to find. 5 lions are also the key to the Gladiator jackpot, a mountain of gold that alone should be motivation enough to keep playing.

For Gold, Glory and the Jackpot

Gladiator is a refreshing and humorous take on an otherwise rather stern universe. The rewards are as serious as ever though, and there is no doubts that the stakes are quite high in this game.

Regardless of the state of your knowledge about Ancient Rome, do give Gladiator a try and you will be able to enjoy its simple game play and sizable rewards just the same.

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