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There seems to be a steady balance among the top tier of iGaming developer’s active within the wider industry at present. This balance is weighed up between the production of online slots that really go that extra mile to make their very own mark, both in terms of theme and build, and those that take an established theme or format and actively work to make it their own in some way or another.

The free Syra slot from the brilliant minds over at Playbetter headquarters is a perfect example of the latter of these two entirely non-exhaustive categories. To date, this company have developed and released a great deal of excellent iGaming consoles and slots, building a large and devoted followership in the process. However, their latest release – the Syra video slot – may just be the one that catapults them into the stratosphere.

On the surface at least, it’s a sleekly designed and carefully calibrated new age game flavoured with just enough influence from the old school pokies to make it widely compelling enough to a larger audience. Does this great first impression stand the prodding of a season reviewer? Or is it the diluted product of mere marketing? Let’s find out.

Tried and Tested, or Tired?

At this point, it’s second nature to second guess any title available on any online casino which conjurs or otherwise recycles principles that have been done before. This rule applies most stringently of all to themes and graphics. These areas are arguably where the real opportunities lie for a developer to make a game stand out from the over-swamped pack and establish itself as a modern classic.

With this in mind, any game that possesses an Ancient Egyptian theme is bound to be met with a skepticism both instant and justified. As far as tired out themes go, this is one of the primary offenders. All compatibility aside, games that evoke this theme are all too often pigeonholed unfairly, so from here on in this review will be focused on providing objective information!

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Ancient Theme, Modern Feel

Once you got past the sustained sigh brought on by the games theme, what you’re greeted with is a game that actually possesses a great deal to get excited about. What it lacks in originality, the Syra theme certainly makes up for with its compelling and highly alluring 3D graphics. Each game feature glistens pristinely against a charming and sophisticated background.

The games reels are decorated with all of the icons that are typically associated with games set around this theme. For a start we’ve got scarab beetles, mummy’s and even Queen Cleopatra all making an appearance throughout the smooth gameplay. As far as the way this slot function’s is concerned, there are far more limited consoles out there. In fact, this is one of the smoothest interfaces you’re likely to encounter within this wider genre. It’s all straight forward stuff, but enjoyable all the more so thanks to how smoothly it runs. Another nice touch is the soundtrack. When it comes to games such as this one, it’s always a bonus to have something that sets the mood!

Where Does It Sit?

High limit or low limit, Ancient Egyptian or Ancient Roman, every slot has its peers. Given the despondent attitude within the industry at present as far as pioneering new formulas and formats is concerned, this is only growing more prevalent as developer’s world-over march forward and churn out yet more titles for consumption. For Syra, those slots most closely related are as follows:

  • Fruit of Legend: this 5-reel console also from Playbetter is an exact match on everything bar theme.
  • Bloody Mary: also from Playbetter, this exotic little number sizes up to Syra as an exact match, too.

What’s the Bottom Line?

For a game that does very little indeed to shy away from its unoriginal theme, Syra is still definitely worth a little of just about any players time. While there are definitely games out there with a little more about them when it comes to wager limits and possible cash-out levels, this is still one of the best Ancient Egyptian standard slots on the market at the time being.

Playbetter are far from reinventing the wheel here, but they probably know that. This game was intended as a marketplace filler that was both visually alluring and potentially lucrative. Both of these quotas are met to the point of excess and so there’s no way that Syra may accurately be deemed as a failure in any real sense of the word.

For those who seek a straight shooting, standard format 5 reel video slot that hosts some amiable graphics and the kind of smooth mechanics that make iGaming slots a true joy at present, look no further. Syra is capable of keeping up with the very best out there.

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