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For all intents and purposes Supertimer from Leander Games looks like a classic slot machine if ever there was one: it is designed to look like a machine, and all the symbols that adorn it are traditionally those found in casinos around the world. The bricks and mortar establishments that so many users have longed to be a part of but never been able to visit.

The funny thing about this 3-reel activity is that it’s a relatively new game made to look like an old one, a postmodern take on a timeless game loved universally by many online casino players. This is a very unique title for you to explore, with a string of icons and features to keep you busy for a good few hours, maybe more.

That being said, you’re going to need a guide to help you play as it isn’t nearly as basic as it first appears, it’s one of those times when there really is more to a game than meets the eye. By all means dive in head first, but we did warn you.

Penny for Your… Slots

Players will be presented with a two game tower, which we’ll put aside for the moment to focus on how you place your bet and spin those reels. Notice underneath the said machine there is a bet amount and then three dashes one on top of the other? These lines are your way to set the bet configuration.

When you tap it you have a fairly wide range to play with, from 0.20 all the way to 100.00 per payline, of which there are five in the secondary game and only a single one in the base title. See? It’s already a little confusing.

Once you have set the amount you click the cross and close the window so that you can get on with the game; you naturally start with the base game, although you can choose which game you play later on thanks to the small orange button that says ‘CHOOSE GAME’. Whichever of the two you go for you have two ways to spin the reels before you - there is a large metal handle mainly seen on traditional machines and there is a ‘SPIN/SAVE’ widget. It all depends on how authentic you want Supertimer to be throughout your playthrough.

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2 for 1, Nice and Simple

You will start off with the base game until you reach a set number of credits, in this case it’s four, and then you’ll be able to progress to the main game; when playing the demo version you can go from one to the other however you please.

Both games are your stereotypical slots in which you need to match up icons to get a winning combo, so let's take a lot at what these symbols are and which ones get you the most money from. After all there’s no point playing if you’re not in it for the big bucks.

The tiles are many, and all of them have a classic aesthetic of various fruits, jewels and numbers – out of all of the symbols the cherries are the lowest and can give players between 4 and 8 credits. Next up are the lemons and oranges which deliver a slightly higher 12 credits, but again that’s nothing to write home about. The rest of the fruits tend to bear little fruit (ha, little fruit) and so it’s only when you hit the triple bells, sevens and diamonds that large amounts of cash pour in, say about 200 coins.

There is also a scatter symbol feature that takes the shape of a crown, which activates when you get three or more of these beauties resulting in you receiving a ‘whopping’ 20 credits. That’s right, 20 credits.

Supertimer or Superloser?

Overall this slot from Leander Games is a brilliant old school title from a contemporary industry, and it simply oozes charisma that makes it pretty hard to switch off from.

That being said, the returns from this activity just aren’t worth all that much when compared with the rest of the market, so if you’re looking to be a high roller this isn’t the way to do it.

This is probably one for die hard slot fans that want to try every activity out there, but for those who are simply casual gamers maybe it’s best to move along and find another title.

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