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Cute & Cuddly Slot Machine

The feeling of seeing something adorable and being able to say ‘awwwww’ is as infectious as a sneeze. We just can’t help ourselves, and the greater the cuteness the more aggressively we fawn. For good or ill, Daub Gaming have chosen to make a slot machine that puts all that sweetness all into one place and have created Cute & Cuddly.

Designed to look like a travelling circus, these animals look far from unhappy: they’re plump, they’re smiling, and they seem more than content to keep rolling around on the 5 reels. This is a circus act we can support.

Similar in the soft hues and infant tones to Cash Scoop, this is another gentle exploration into the world of casual gaming, a great all rounder but equally good as a starter title; the non-fixed paylines emphasising that fact.

Cute & Cuddly delivers more than just a series of animals to coo at, for there are wilds, scatters, and prize pick games to be won, proving that a loveable aesthetic doesn’t have to mean a lack of substance.

Furry Friends

All the animals in this show, be they predators or prey, are good friends – the stuff of fairy tales. There’s no fear of any of them being eaten, which is great news for those running the circus.

These aren’t realistic looking creatures and so the cuteness factor just elevates, but even if you don’t particularly care about their looks, you’ll soon change your mind when you see their worth. The king of the jungle he does not look, but the roaring lion can gift customers an excessive 3,000 credits, the condition being that five of him are found. Granted it isn’t easy to do but it can be done, even when a title has medium volatility like this one.

To keep the emphasis on the critters and not anywhere else, the lowest paying tiles are a tin and ball. What this means is that any bitterness surrounding losing won’t be aimed at the loveliness, allowing Cute & Cuddly to keep brainwashing us with its imagery; it’ll make you all fuzzy and warm.

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Cute & Cuddly

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Roll up, Roll up!

Classing wilds and scatters as specials can mislead gamers into thinking that there are more unique features than what there actually are. But due to the limited size of this Daub slot machine, we’ve had to succumb to this unpopular move.

The ticket stub is the wild, removing all in its path except for the tin and ball. As for the tin, it’s the scatter and will launch a selection of free spins that are restricted to just 10 rounds. Unlike some games that include doubling or tripling up inside the free spins, Cute & Cuddly doesn’t, and so it’s a very basic feature.

Concessions Permitted

Don’t be fooled, you need to pay to play, but the concession is that it needn’t be a lot of money; a stake needs only 1 credit on all paylines. Of course the more paylines you have, the greater your bet, but seeing as the winlines can be reduced, this shouldn’t present any issues for gamers.

Daub Gaming always like to speak to both budget gamers and those who are more carefree with their funds, and so the maximum you can bet is 2,500 credits. That’s a lot of money, and a sum that a lot of people probably won’t use, but if they do they can expect more staggering outcomes.

The Autospin widget is the only way to make the game a lot quicker, for there’s no turbo mode available. When you tap it a menu will pop up and ask you to select between 10 and 100 rounds and what settings you would like - you can use the default ones or customise to make your own.

A Show Like No Other

All in all Cute & Cuddly isn’t an unusual or stand-out game, for it doesn’t attempt to challenge or invert the rules of slot machines. However, Daub Gaming have crafted a title that players will remember, even after playing others online, which isn’t an easy feat to achieve - but how have they managed this? They utilised the guaranteed win of cuteness.

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