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Pawz Slots

Our pets are our best friends, an invaluable part of the family that we wouldn’t go a day without, and so to celebrate our love for our furbabies, Bede Gaming has created Pawz. Filled with animal related imagery and sounds, this is one that’ll have you chasing your tail and purring like a kitten. 

While they don’t celebrate all types of pets (sorry all small animal lovers), they do take a look at two of man’s best friends: cats and dogs. It makes sense seeing as they are the most common pets to find in a family home. 

These furry critters are going to bark and meow their way through this game, with you their human ally. There won’t be much in the way of testing you, but there are a lot of rewards to be thrown your way, you just need to be a good human and wait for those moments to arise. 

Dog with a Bone

There are two wilds at work in this game, one being a dog and the other a cat, and they both do slightly different things. Our brown and white doggy changes the symbols on your reels to ensure you get a winning line, though it can’t sub the Pawz tile (the spin while you win). However, it also applies a x2 multiplier when it’s involved in a win. 

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Cat That Got the Cream

In regards to our ginger feline friend, well they don’t do much other than eliminating symbols that aren’t special, which is essentially what the dog does. Why Bede Gaming have included it as well we’re not sure, maybe it was to even it out so one type of animal wasn’t favoured over the other. 

Pawz for Effect

Although the Pawz symbol may sound like a free spins, it’s a bit different from that – it does reward players with bonus rounds, but it continues to trigger more spins if a win is made. Essentially you create a loop of spinning reels without having to pay for it. All the winnings then get beefed up by a multiplier determined at random; this happens even if you lose on your first go.

We like the fact that Bede Gaming, while sticking to their roots, have managed to change up their predictable features to produce something different if not entirely new. 

Treats and Belly Rubs

To get into your pets’ good books, there’s a lot you can do: you can give them treats, stroke them, play with them, and in this case, you can pay them money. As seedy as it may sound paying your pet, that’s what you’ve got to do in order to play Pawz. 

Thankfully you won’t be splashing too much cash (unless you want to), for the beginning amount is 0.01 credits across all 25 of the fixed paylines. What this means is that you can have a low bet of just 0.25 if you want. Customers can also increase all the way up to 5 credits on every line, which equals a higher amount of 125, and one that a lot of players will avoid. 

As you can’t touch the paylines, all that is left to do is set the amount ot automatic rounds you wish to play, should you opt to do so. Upon clicking the button a list of numerical options will appear, labelled from 10 to 100, and all players have to do is select what they want. If the rounds begin and you change your mind, tap the autoplay button to stop the option. 

Bundles of Love

Any pet lover is going to enjoy this one, even more so if they can’t actually have a pet for whatever reason. You won’t get a paw stomping jackpot, but x10 the maximum win of 1,500 credits sounds good to us regardless. Pawz is yet another victory for Bede, and so if you liked this title maybe you should look at the other selection of slot machines they have to offer.

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