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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Haunted Slot Machine

Being haunted isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun, it’s a scary notion that we will be pestered by some unseen entity until our last breath, hounded at all hours, unable to escape its clutches. It’s the basis of most good horror films, and so it’s no wonder that Bede Gaming decided to adapt it and create a terrifying slot machine. 

For those of you who play a lot of Bede Gaming titles, this particular activity looks very much like Halloween Riches. In fact, some of the same symbols have been used here to fill in several of the gaps. Usually that would make us dislike a game for lack of imagination and innovation, but Haunted is an exception. This is because it has been changed up just enough to make it its own, while still being linked to its sister slot; think of them as a two part horror treat. 

Cartoon Nightmares

A lot of the images here make up the stuff of nightmares: vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and monsters, and yet they’re hardly scary thanks to the cartoon finish that’s been applied to them. Now they look like cute little characters, making us ask what were we so afraid of in the first place? 

Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and the disgusting sea creature are three unusual tiles because they allow even two matches to give you a return. This means that you can be earning as little as 5 or 10 credits, or all the way up to a tasty 3,000. 

Graveyard Spectres

Players are about to get deja vu again for the ‘Pick a Grave’ bonus has been brought back from the dead and used once more to fuel the gameplay; find between three and five of them to be offered a range of chances. This is quite same old, same old now, and so there’s not a lot more to say; the mini level is still rewarding, but it loses its charm because we’ve seen it before. 

As for the wild and free spins, well instead of identical witches you now have ghosts in their place, yet they do exactly the same - they remove tiles to create combos, and give out free spins to the total of 20. Either of these can land anywhere on the reels, therefore making getting them less challenging, and the free spins has a multiplier waiting to be slapped on top of any earnings.

Seeing as this game is so similar to Halloween Riches, we would have liked to see another bonus game or something to mix it up and make Haunted really standout, but we had no luck in that department. 

Friendly Creep?

There’s a lot that’s so right with this title and then so much that isn’t - it feels like when you buy a console game and then every dungeon looks and sounds the same. We crave uniqueness, and there isn’t much of that here. Even the appearance of the widgets and then the amounts they add up to all remind us of Bede Gaming’s other spooky title, and so we can never avoid the resemblance. 

That being said, for such a low pay-in of just 0.01 per line, we can’t deny that you get a good amount of gameplay for your money, even more so for users who have never played a title from the brand before. 

It really comes down to this: if you’ve played Bede Gaming slots prior to this, this will probably bore you before too long, but if you haven’t then you’re sure to find it exciting and different to what you’ve come across before. Then again, you could argue that you’ll be assured of liking it because it’s so like their others, but that is down to what you like in your games and experiences.

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