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Timber Jack Slots

You’re walking through the forest, minding your own business, when you hear a sound that causes you to tense up and then flee as fast as your legs can carry you. Is it the roar of a bear or the crack of gunfire? No, it’s a cry of ‘Tiiiiiiimber!’

Freeze on the spot and a 100 ft tree will drop on top of you. Run for your life and you might just save it. Logging’s a dangerous business, but thankfully there’s a safer way to experience it – one that doesn’t oblige you to slip on a hard hat and steel-toed boots and shout over the roar of chainsaws.

Timber Jack is a 5-reel slot that brings all the thrills and spills of the forest straight to your laptop or device or choice. Slipping on safety gear will not be required. Running a few risks, however, certainly will. If you’re a video slots veteran though, it’s safe to assume you’re not averse to the odd risk.

Take a chance on Timber Jack and you could be rewarded with handsome riches and enough firewood to make it through winter.

How to Reap the Fruits of the Forest

You’d expect a game named Timber Jack to have a wooden theme, and you’d be right. Logs and trees are the order of the day here, with the reels framed by a fetching wooden border; you can almost smell the fresh sap. In the background, a line of pine trees stands resolute beneath a clear blue sky.

It’s a beautiful day for logging, for logging huge wins on the video slots to be precise. Press start and let the games commence.

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Timber Jack

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In execution, BBI have elected for a mixture of proprietary symbols and familiar playing card symbols. J, Q, K and A need no introduction; three or more in a line will score a win. The more interesting symbols include a maple leaf (or is it a sycamore?) that’s reminiscent of the Canadian flag and the jackpot symbol which comprises a trio of pines with the game’s title overlaid.

The other noteworthy symbols are a chirpy looking woodcutter with an armful of logs resting on his shoulder (that’ll be Jack then) and a woodcutter’s cabin in the forest that looks very Little Red Riding Hood.

There’s also a chainsaw, because axes may be quaint but there’s no danger you’re felling an entire forest with one of them, and a hatchet resting beside a splitting log; that’ll be where Jack chops his kindling for the fire then. The other symbol to look out for is the one that awards free spins. It resembles a sharpened cutting wheel, the sort you’d use to slice your newly felled logs into timber.

Get Wood

The graphics, like the sound effects in Timber Jack, are pretty cool. Of course, ‘cool’ is an amorphous term, but within the realms of video slots, both are distinctly above average. Spin the reels and you’ll hear a series of thuds and roars that signal timber being attacked by axes and chainsaws. This isn’t the ear-splitting roar of real life chainsaws however; Timber Jack’s are far more endearing than that.

As you play, there are two symbols to look out for aside from matching the usual 3, 4 or 5 in a row game symbols. The first of these is wild, which comes in the form of a beaver, and the second is scatter, which is played by the aforementioned saw blade. The wild can, of course, substitute for any of the regular gaming symbols.

Don’t think you’re limited to just one beaver rocking up either: on good days, it’s not unheard of to witness 3, 4 or even 5 wild symbols on a reel, which makes for some serious money.

As for free spins, 3 or more scatter symbols will activate this feature with the potential to secure 5, 10 or 15 free spins. Should a wild symbol appear during free spins, things start to get interesting. If that grinning beaver rocks up at this stage on the second, third or fourth reel, he’ll grant you a multiplier of 2, 3, 4 or 8. The latter doesn’t happen often but when it does, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Jack’s the Lad

Timber Jack isn’t the most elaborate of slots and with only one bonus feature you might tire of its simple game play. What it lacks in complexity however it more than makes up for in fun and generosity; while all slots are obliged to pay out a fixed amount, Timber Jack feels like a high-payout game.

Expect to see plenty of small wins dropping into line on the reels – wins that can quickly start to stack up.

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