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Heavenly Reels Slot

Death does not have to be the end, and life-long players will be pleased to hear that even in the afterlife, there are still ways to keep on playing.

Heavenly Reels is a video slot game brought to life by the WinADay team. In it, you will be facing the pearly gates and your task will be to find the right combination that will open them and let you in into gamers’ paradise. Not a bad prospect, especially when you will know about the many ways to win that this game offers.

Let’s take a closer look at all the aspects of Heavenly Reels in a complete review, starting right now with a thorough inspection of our surroundings within the game.

Gateway to Heaven

The settings of Heavenly Reels are quite unique and invite players to discover an original universe in which to play.

The background of the game is mostly back, with the reels and command buttons clumped together in the center in a compact space. The slot machine that you are facing looks like a giant marble gateway, with the reels in the middles, various command buttons well integrated at the bottom and even a giant lever to pull on the right-hand side.

Heavenly Reels has a unique theme and look for a slot game, and it might take a little getting used to at first. But once you realize that the entire screen is nothing but a giant slot machine, the old reflexes should kick in naturally. Just in case, let’s examine the basic gameplay in the next section.

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Heavenly Reels

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How to Get Started on the Reels

The graphic environment of Heavenly Reels might be a little odd, and the commands are perhaps a little confusing at first sight, but we are here to make sense of it all and give you the best possible start on the reels.

The game features a small setup of just 3 reels and 4 paylines. As usual, your ultimate goal is to make sure that symbol combinations land on these paylines to trigger some cash prizes. Start by using the high and low selector to choose what level of risk you are willing to take on your next turn; this will influence the amount of money you will be about to bet. Carry on by selecting a wager and activated as many paylines as you wish before pulling the lever on the side to validate your choice and send the reels spinning.

Keep the reels spinning with the autospin mode, which lets the game take the wheel and place your bet several times in a row automatically. Remember that the more the risk, the more you might be winning in the long term.

Pay Attention to the 9 Ways to Win

The paytable of Heavenly Reels shows 9 different wining combinations of symbols that you have to land on the screen in order to trigger some cash prizes.

The most common symbols are the single, double and triple wins. You will also find numeric symbols, 1s and 7s, all over the reel in different colors. Mixed combinations of numbers will still pay a small cash prize.

The real big wins in the base game lie with the shield combinations, and also when you manage to land full combinations 1s or 7s of the same color. Your prize can go up to 250 times your wager here, so stay focused and pay attention to the symbols’ color as well as their shape.

Hold the Reels and Win Big

Heavenly Reels offers the original option to hold one or more reels after a spin to keep them in position for the next turn. Use it to add a little strategy to your game, and you never know what could come out of it.

The purple wild symbol is also a little special here, as you can use it to substitute for any other icon and score more winning combinations this way.

However, keep in mind that all rewards you scored thanks to a wild are stored in a special treasury. In order to make this money yours, you will have to match the code displayed below the reels on all paylines at ones. Once you have achieved that, the treasury will be emptied into your credit total, and a new code will be issued.

A Challenging Game for Experienced Players

Heavenly Reels can easily turn into a player’s personal hell if you do not pay attention to the rules closely.

Despite decent rewards, the treasury system makes it harder for players to truly enjoy using the wild symbol. Heavenly Reel is therefore a challenging game, probably best enjoyed by experienced players.

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