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Fair Tycoon Slot Machine

What best way to lighten the mood and break the routine that a visit to your local fun fair? Well, you could actually be building your own from scratch.

Fair Tycoon is a video slot game designed by WinADay that will put players in the shoes of a rich investor looking for new capital to build the best and most successful fun fair in the area. You will have to spin the reels to win some credits before you can start designing your park, and we are here to help you figure out the best way to get started in the game.

Read our full review of Fair Tycoon and you will be ready for this brand new and original endeavor in a matter of minutes.

Building the Fun Fair of Tomorrow

Fair Tycoon is an ambitious and original slot game, with a unique graphic universe that will catch your eye right from the very start.

The reels themselves take most of the game screen, framed by wooden rails that look like a giant rollercoaster. The command buttons and other displays are nicely integrated within the game environment, with flashing light bulbs on top to light up the entire scene.

Fair Tycoon looks like a psychedelic fun fair, straight out from the mind of a visionary. The game will even let you customize your environment, as we will see later in this review. For now, let’s look at the basic gameplay itself.

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Fair Tycoon

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Let the Fun Begin

Playing Fair Tycoon might seem a little challenging at first sight, but the game actually turns out to be quite straightforward when it comes to the basic rules.

The game matrix features 5 spinning reels and an odd 17 paylines for you to bet your money on. Each reel has enough space for three symbol positions, and you will have to land several specific combinations of symbols on activated paylines to trigger some cash rewards. These rewards will depend on the symbols involved in the combination and the size of your starting wager. Use the line buttons to modify the number of activated paylines, and click on the bet switch to select a wager before you spin the reels.

As a rule of thumb, remember that the more money you bet on the reels, the larger your future rewards can become. Feel free to adjust your settings as often as you want. You also have the possibility to switch on the autospin mode and let the reels spin loose for a moment, while placing the same bet over and over again.

Collect Candies and Other Treats

The basic paytable of Fair Tycoon contains a fairly large selection of reel symbols, which you need to collect in order to win some cash for your future fun fair.

The most common symbols are shaped like various sorts of colorful candies such as lollipops and tiny wrappers, or a gingerbread man. Your rewards will be capped to a relatively low level, so try to score as many of these combinations as you can.

The higher-paying symbols are the flaming rose, stash of presents and the candy fountain. With rewards going as high as 1000 times your wager, you definitely need to focus on landing as many of these combinations as you can during your game.

A Game Within the Game

Fair Tycoon also includes special features such as a wild card to replace any of the basic symbol, and a scatter that awards fair credits regardless of its position on the screen.

Fair credits are a second type of currency within the game. You can accumulate them on the reels while playing, and access the location of your future fun fair once you have reached the goal as displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Once reached, you will be able to switch between the 2 games at will.

In the fun fair game, you will have to spend you fair credits in order to build attractions and other facilities to satisfy as many visitors as possible. Click the launch button once you are ready, and you will be awarded a super jackpot if you manage to reach your goal.

A Unique Concept for a Slot Game

Fair Tycoon starts of as a classic slot game but ends up hiding an entirely different game behind the scenes. Not only can you win big on the reels, but the unique fun fair building challenge can also prove very rewarding.

Both elements combined make Fair Tycoon a unique game that will keep you glued to your screen for a while.

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