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Jackpot 20,000 Slot Machine

There are countless different forms of casino game that flood the gambling market, all of which are competing for your attention. However, there is one game format in particular that appears to have captured the attention of gamblers the world over.

As the classic table games have become set in their ways, slot games have picked up the slack. Online slots now represent the true future of casino gaming, but there still appears to be room in the market for something a little more “old school” inspired.

Relax Gaming for the most part have flown under the radar, but with Jackpot 20,000 they may just have something worth taking note of. Taking retro inspired slots action and meshing it together with bumper payouts, this could be a game that really puts the developer on the map.

Jackpot 20,000 isn’t ever going to be a game that rewrites the rules of online slots gaming, as you can only go so far with a 3-reel, 5-reel release.

The limits are evident, but that hasn’t stopped Relax Gaming creating a fun title in Jackpot 20,000. The following looks at why this game is well worth a look should you have the time.

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Jackpot 20,000

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
Casino of the year 2018 Read Casino Review


For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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The Return of an Old Favorite

Are you a Relax Gaming fan? Have you played “Jackpot” series games before? If this is the case, then you pretty much know what to expect from the design of Jackpot 20,000.

For starters, if you remember the overbearing green of Jackpot 10,000, you’ll find the main part of Jackpot 20,000 familiar. Adding to that, the same machine-like theme is adopted, down to the amusement arcade looking background. In the earlier “Jackpot” releases we really did have a lot of time for the design used. But in this instance it is starting to wear a little thin.

It can be argued that in Jackpot 20,000 Relax Gaming took a bit of a shortcut, with the only thing different being the logo plastered at the top of the screen.

Same Old, Same Old

In addition to the theme, Jackpot 20,000 mirrors mirrors Jackpot 10,000 almost entirely when it comes to symbols. However, to see the same symbols rolled out doesn’t actually bother us all that much.

We absolutely loved the symbols used in the prior “Jackpot” games, as they were so brilliantly well crafted. Giving the air of Las Vegas of old, we have a real soft spot for the symbols used on the reels of Jackpot 20,000 that’s for sure.

Supercharging the ‘Jackpot Meter’

Jackpot 20,000 also brings out the “Jackpot Meter”, which is certainly a player favorite. What this does is give the game real longevity and replay value. Every time a player spins the reels they can charge the “Jackpot Meter”, when it is fit to burst a player can win the game’s top echelon of prizes. It’s certainly not a difficult bonus feature to understand, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t potent.

Seeking Out the Joker

Outside of the “Jackpot Meter”, which is the main bonus feature in this game, there are a few smaller extras sprinkled into the Jackpot 20,000 experience.

The joker symbols are key, as they are the scatter the symbols here. Two found on the reels will land you a mystery prize, while three secures you a trifecta of mystery prizes. Jackpot 20,000 also includes the double up feature that can help you secure a tidy profit.

Button Mashing Madness

Jackpot 20,000 is as basic as it gets when it comes to controls, as what it represents is a throwback to the button driven games of yesteryear. Speaking honestly, the control system here probably isn’t going to be everyone’s taste, as it lacks the zip and oomph you’ll find elsewhere.

Jackpot 20,000 Certainly Ups the Ante!

The “Jackpot” series continues to rumble on, with Jackpot 20,000 being the latest released to have players chatting away on the world’s online casino portals.

Being as truthful as we can be, Jackpot 20,000 is hardly a ground breaking title, as outside of the jackpot it does very little different when compared to other games in the series.

Saying that, it is still a fun game to play, with the bigger than average jackpot sure to tempt many players into giving it a try.

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