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Apocalypse Knight Slots

It’s safe to say that the online casino market is currently flooded with online slots games. In an extremely short space of time the market has gone from hosting just a few hundred titles to thousands of games. The choice that a player now has is simply stunning, but that doesn’t mean that a quality slots experience is easy to come by.

There are some serious duds out there that are to be avoided, which is exactly what we are on hand to help you do.

Join Games have taken up the cause for giving players something meaty to spin the reels of. Stepping in to give every player some serious thrills, Apocalypse Knight is a game that is dark, daring, and certainly doused with alternative visuals

Join Games are a low-key developer for the most part, as the brand really hasn’t released anything of mainstream note. That being said, they may have just cracked the code with Apocalypse Knight. Delivering a taste of something a little darker than usual, this is one casino slots game that is certainly worth watching.

Knights of the Realm

Let’s be honest, Join Games have hardly built a reputation for graphical excellence with the slot games they release. There is absolutely no getting away from that, but Join Games have upped the ante at least a little bit with Apocalypse Knight.

The game has a theme that is built around a twisted knight of the realm, it’s an odd theme, but it works, as the swords, shields, and stone mesh together well on screen. What actually caught us off guard is the fact that they have completely ditched the usual numbers by the reels approach. Instead they may have made use of two boxes that simply display the active pay lines.

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Apocalypse Knight

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Stepping Into the Dungeon

The symbols in Apocalypse Knight have a taste of the tales of St. George about them. On the shield featured there is the English flag, while the knights on display are all coated in red.

What steps in to change up the low value symbols are a selection of deadly weapons; scythes, swords, and all. The symbols here are certainly dark and aggressive, but they do fit in with the theme quite well.

Falling on Its Sword

Sadly, for all the great work Apocalypse Knight does on the design front, when it comes to bonus features it really begins to come apart at the seems.

This is because for a slots title that is based heavily upon its theme, it’s really disappointing that there are no mini-games or second screen experiences to get stuck into. Join Games could certainly have improved this game by including a dedicated bonus feature.

Wild and Wonderful Swordplay

The only bonus features that the game has is a wild and scatter. Yes, this leads you to controlled reel spins and easier to claim combinations, but it really isn’t enough.

What we wanted was bankroll boosting goodies and not just token extras, we have our fingers crossed that Join Games will learn from this misstep in the future.

Shooting Wide of the Mark

Things really do slide in Apocalypse Knight when bonus features are addressed. Sadly, the same can be said when it comes to controls too, as we expected something that was a little more grandiose.

Slapped up against what appears to be solid stone, a limited selection of buttons feature in ‘Bet Levels’, ‘Auto Play’, ‘Max Bet’, ‘Spin’, and ‘Coins’. The game is simple enough to use, but we would have enjoyed a control setup that meant we didn’t have to keep jumping back and forth from the ‘Pay table’ all the time.

Strap on Your Shield With Apocalypse Knight!

It really is hard to know where to begin with Apocalypse Knight, as the game is a seriously hit or miss affair. For example, the design and theme of this game is a pleasant surprise, as its dark touch is refreshing.

On the flip side the bonus approach taken in Apocalypse Knight is nothing but a disappointment, it just doesn’t live up to the rest of the game. We really can only imagine how great this game would be if it had a bespoke bonus round.

That being said, when you look at the complete package of Apocalypse Knight, you can still see that it is a game worth playing.

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