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Cyber Ninja Slots

The name "Cyber Ninja" is sufficiently evocative when taken on its own. When heard you are right to imagine a sort of cyberpunk-infused take on the ninja genre – think Tron meeting Enter the Dragon.

If that combination of genres excites you, give a hearty thanks to Join Games. This relative upstart in the slots world has already made a big splash over the past couple of years. The company that owns Join Games (Zeus Services) has given the brand the level of creative freedom it needs to make a truly unique slots game, which stands out from the hordes of look-a-likes that people have gotten tired of.

Visually, it does not disappoint – the two genres mesh together surprisingly well, with Cyber Ninja being an impressive game throughout.

The critics have already hailed this Join Games release as a revelation, with Cyber Ninja certainly looking impressive, but how does it hold up under closer scrutiny? The following review reveals all!

From the Far Reaches of Japan

As you can guess from the title, Cyber Ninja infuses the ninja genre with a splash of 21st-century digital flair. The use of neon colors (blue in particular) factor in heavily into the palette - the symbols and reels in particular make ample use of the tone.

There is plenty of Japanese symbolism and weaponry on display here too, which is sure to appeal to any Japanophiles reading this review.

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Cyber Ninja

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Doused in Loaded Neon

From a technical standpoint, Cyber Ninja makes use of a more traditional setup in that it boasts a 5-reel, 20-pay line arrangement. This setup should be familiar to most gamblers by now, so it makes it easy to jump right in and start playing.

Cyber Ninja allows you to set active pay lines in multiples of one, while you have complete control over what you bet with each spin. Cyber Ninja can be played like a penny slot, but you can also choose to bet large sums of money with every spin as well.

Katanas at the Ready

If you're concerned about learning a new format, don't fear - the bottom toolbar contains all of the buttons you need to customize your experience, with such laid out in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Sneaking Like a Real Life Ninja

Cyber Ninja carries over some of the game play conventions and stylistic choices that characterize other Join Games titles. That said, this does not in any way mean that Cyber Ninja is a hastily produced clone of past titles.

The theme alone makes Cyber Ninja really stand out from a lot of other games; many other companies want to produce games that derive from existing intellectual properties (or worse, from the face of a celebrity). These games often make little effort to offer interesting and varied game play.

Cyber Ninja makes it easy to be a player. The bottom toolbar lets you adjust the size of your bets and the number of active pay lines at any given time, as well as activate the auto-spinner if you so choose. Once you're ready, click the "spin" button to get things rolling (quite literally).

Slicing Your Way to the Jackpot

There are plenty of cool bonus features available that make Cyber Ninja a lot more interesting than your average casino slots game. Scatter symbols will grant you free spins and winnings multipliers simply for showing up.

You also have the chance to obtain wilds, which combined with the scatter make for prizes that can easily reach the five-figure range. Bonus wise, Cyber Ninja is a game that really picks up the slack, as it puts offer so called “superstar” online slot game to shame.

Cyber Ninja Has Emerged From the Shadows!

Cyber Ninja is one of the newer titles to hit the market, and it has already taken off in terms of popularity. The innovative mashup of genres is surprisingly unique and refreshing, while the quality of its game play makes it a far more engaging game than other, lazier slot machine title game.

With five-figure rewards being a possibility, what's not to love about Cyber Ninja? Join Games doesn't have much of a reputation yet, but games like this proves that even newer developers deserve a chance.

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