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Vampires Slots

Get ready for a memorable night of terror and classic horror in a simple and addictive slot game that will keep you awake long after sundown.

Vampires is a video slot game designed by Join Games that plays with all the classic horror movie themes and stars the most famous blood-sucking creatures of all times. Forget Twilight for a moment and think more Dracula or Nosferatu here, and you will be a little closer to know what to expect on the reels of the game.

So without further delay, let’s see what your options are when playing Vampires, and what sorts of rewards you could win in the process.

Alone in the Dark

Vampires uses all the elements of classic horror movies to create a familiar and spooky universe for players to enjoy.

Everything is here right on the screen: a seemingly haunted manor in the distance, at night, under the full moon and with a creepy-looking cemetery in the foreground. The command buttons at the bottom of the screen are like blood-red marks on a gravestone, making the whole experience very engaging for players.

Vampires plays with clichés, and the final result is to die for. We will see what the game play feels like in the next section.

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Insatiable Blood Craving

Vampires is a very easy game to play, with only a few basic options to take care of before you can spin the reels and try out your luck.

The game matrix is a classic setup of 5 reels and 15 pay lines, which indicate the different positions in which symbol combinations can award cash prizes to the lucky players. Choose your wager with the plus and minus buttons and activate as many pay lines as you want before spinning the reels by clicking the central command button.

Your future cash prizes in Vampires depend on the symbol combinations that you score and the size of your current wager, which therefore rewards the boldest players who dare bet some extra credits on the reels. The bet max button is there for them, allowing to play all-in with a single click at any time.

Vampires also features the usual auto spin game mode, which lets the reels spin loose for as long as you let them. Your chose wager will be placed over and over again, but do not hesitate to come back to the regular game mode to adjust your settings when you feel the need to.

Meet the Creatures of the Night

The pay table of Vampires lists all the symbols you can find while spinning the reels of the game. The menu contains both classic and original symbols, so let’s get through the list with examples of cash rewards based on a one-credit initial bet.

The usual card symbols go from the Ace to the number 9, in reverse order, with pay outs spanning from 5 to 100 credits. Except for working upside down for once, these very classic icons are no different from the ones you find in many other slot games.

The last four symbols of the basic pay table are all vampires, from the most seductive to the most frightening creature, with a maximum reward of 500 credits available. If you want to test your luck even further, Vampires has a few more surprises in store.

One Final Bite

The final two symbols of are rarer but potentially very valuable for the most ambitious players who never hesitate to go the extra mile and bet some extra credits to gain more chances to score a big win.

The first one of them is the fang symbol, which is the wild card of the game. You can use it to replace all of the symbols above and still score wins across the reels. Fang combinations are also worth up to 5,000 credits, which is the largest possible reward of the entire game.

The hammer and stake symbol is bloody and works as a scatter, which means that pay lines do not matter as far as it is concerned. In addition to a small cash reward, 3 or more scatters appearing on the reels at the same time initiate the free spin bonus round. During these free games, all of the subsequent pay outs will be multiplied by 3.

Familiar Faces, Explosive Features

Vampires plays with a classic horror theme and does it rather well. Fans of the genre will be delighted to find their favorite blood-thirsty creatures of the night as the main protagonists of a new slot game.

The best way to win big in Vampires is to aim for the free spins and stick to large bets whenever possible. That bet max button was not added for no reason, so make use of it whenever you are feeling particularly lucky.

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