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RedStar Casino

RedStar’s got a great selection of modern games.

Players from United States not accepted

  • Excellent selection of card games and slots available to choose from.
  • Good quality deals and promotions, with ongoing tournaments.
  • Plenty of table games on site, including roulette and craps, to entertain away from the slots.
  • Separate fantasy sports betting lets you live the dream as a sports gambler.

RedStar Casino Review

Sometimes it’s great when you open up a new casino website to find an overarching theme running throughout its pages, wording and general style. Sometimes you just want to cut through the crap and crack on with some great gambling fun. This is definitely one for the latter mood.

RedStar Casino isn’t really suffering many fools with its approach, as you may have guessed from that brief introduction. It’s an online casino which, for some reason, is called RedStar. The words themselves conjure images of Moscow and St. Petersburg, perhaps even Belgrade if you really like football (or indeed soccer depending on which continent you live on). None of those really seem to be relevant in this instance, and as such it only leaves one direction for a review to go in – cutting to the chase.

When the homepage first loads up you’re immediately drawn to the slider in the centre of the page itself. When were were testing in order to pen this critique it seemed to be static, and focussed on the First Deposit Bonus scheme which many other casino websites also offer. In this instance, it’s 100% matched by the casino, up to $100.

RedStar Casino Bonuses and Promotions

First Deposit

Experienced players will know this isn’t really the greatest offer on the face of the Earth – we’ve seen far higher percentage matches up to far more monetary value. Nevertheless, it’s better than absolutely nothing, and indeed better than some of the less than generous offers on other proverbial tables. You might say it’s pretty average, but is that indicative of the website itself? Let’s have a closer look.


Games, Games and Games

If you scroll down beyond that offer information you’re confronted with a pretty slick looking menu- icons and labels. You can either choose to see ‘All Games’, ‘Top Picks’, ‘Slots’, ‘Jackpots’, ‘Table Games’, ‘Card Games’, ‘Cashier’, ‘Promotions’, ‘Tournaments’, or ‘Support’. For the sake of clarity, we’re keeping this part of the review reserved for the games on offer, and we’re approaching each in turn.

Clearly, All Games and Top Picks aren’t that difficult to understand – the first being an overview of everything on offer. The second is the recommendations given on the part of the people in charge of RedStar Casino. As such let’s move on to the third option – Slots.

We love slots, simply because they were the first type of gambling game we ever got into back in the days when your main opportunity to play gambling games was in pubs and bars, on one-armed-bandits. Slots work in exactly the same way – put in your (digital) coin, hit spin, and then see if you can’t match up like-symbols and win some cash. Easy as baking a pie- or in fact actually much easier if you’ve ever actually tried to bake a pie.

There are some really good slots on offer on RedStar, so many in fact that our computers needed to load the thumbnails and actually took longer to do that than our page scroll speed. Some highlights herein included Lost Vegas, a kind of vigilantes in Nevada set up. So Much Sushi was also loads of fun, and not just because we absolutely adore sushi. There are some familiar names in here too- albeit unofficial; for example Justice League, inspired by the DC comic franchise. On the whole then, slots are strong with this one.

Enough about Slots, Let’s Talk about You

Well, maybe not considering we still have loads of other games to get through. The next option are the Jackpots. These might as well be called ‘Like Slots, Only Progressive’, because ultimately that’s what they are. The format is exactly the same, but your potential winnings accumulate the more you play until the big reveal, or rather win, in the end.

With that in mind, let’s skip to the next two types of games on offer. The first of which is Table Games. Although not the greatest selection we have ever seen, the Table Games are pretty comprehensive. You can either play Roulette – in various guises (for example French, European, Advanced) – Craps, Keno, and Super Wheel. It’s not the biggest choice in the world, but realistically it does the job as intended, and you can’t say fairer than that.

Finally, then, you have the Card Games, and this is where things get pretty serious. Pontoon is on here, which isn’t always available on online casinos. Blackjack- one of the staples – is of course available too. On top of those, there’s Poker, in a vast array of varieties, Baccarat, which is always good, and that’s about it. This may sound limited, but due to the differences between, say, Hold ‘Em and Atlantic City Poker, to name but two, you won’t be getting bored easily.

Does it Perform Well?

In a word, yes. All the games we tried were up to date and lots of fun, with no slowdown even at peak broadband hours. There’s also great support on offer just in case anything does go wrong, and you won’t have to worry about your personal details here either – everything is encrypted to the nth degree, meaning anyone looking to pull a fast one will find it easier to target the average online bank account than this gambling Fort Knox. Well, that might be pushing it, but basically it’s as safe as safe can be.

That Bit was Boring, What about More Fun?

Agreed, let’s move on to the fun stuff. RedStar tries its best to offer you some great promotions, although sadly does come up lacking in comparison with some other websites we have used.

Nevertheless, some the Deposit Bonus is decent enough not to make you run away crying about how mean the people behind the website actually are, and there are a few others to take note of. A 10% cashback offer on a Monday is a nice way to start the week. Casino Freerolls lets you play for free twice a week with a $100 pot, which isn’t bad at all, and there’s also an ongoing lottery offering some great prizes.

It’s also worth noting that there are regular tournaments taking place, although it’s too long-winded to detail here – check the page on the site for full details. And we haven’t even mentioned the fact you can also bet on Fantasy Sports games (a whole other section of the site), and the Live Dealer area, which is basically a video casino. Far from an oversight on our part, though, neither are the best we have come across although they are fun for a while.

Redstar Conclusion

Overall RedStar Casino is definitely one of the better casinos on the market and for a number of reasons. First of all, the quality of games is very high, meaning you can’t help but be impressed at what’s actually on offer once you start digging down. We also love the breadth of Card Games that are available to play- perhaps not in terms of core disciplines, but certainly in terms of varieties within those disciplines.

The tournaments part is also great – nothing better than the build up to a big game that really, really matters, although this is certainly no James Bond situation where you might have to suddenly excuse yourself to try and take the antidote to some poison your arch nemesis slipped into your Martini. Which is both a good thing, and pretty self-explanatory considering you’re playing from the comfort of your own home. Security and safeguards are also top notch, and the deals decent too.

Overall then, not much to hate, although not much to get hugely excited about either. Solid, but not mind-blowing then.


This casino is restricted in your country

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