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MrSlotty Slots

Lithuania has produced more than its fair share of iGaming companies whose bizarre names belie a real talent for design and coding. MrSlotty are a prime example.

Sure, they sound like a brand of soft scoop ice cream, but these cats serve up delicious concoctions that are far more enduring. Slots are their speciality: the Eastern European software house give short shrift to table and live casino games because they’re happiest when devising cunning new ways to entice players into spinning reels and chasing down wild symbols.

The company is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, from where it has been crafting zeitgeist-defying games since 2013. Their speciality is in devising HD slots that are optimised to load quickly across all devices, allowing players to spend less time staring at loading screens and more time gaming.

With an enthusiastic community of over 3,000 slots players eager to try MrSlotty’s latest releases, the company is never short of volunteers willing to supply feedback and constructive criticism. The result? Games that are glitch-free and characterised by smooth animations and harmonious design.

Slots, but Not as You Know Them

Video slot development can be an extremely derivative business. With hundreds of developers churning out thousands of new games a year, there’s always going to be a lot of overlap. After all, there are only so many ways to illustrate the act of pushing a button repeatedly, and it doesn’t help that some software houses appear to suffer from a collective paucity of imagination.

Zeus’s Temple anyone? Rainbows and leprechauns? Lucky 7s? You’ve seen and played them all before...or at least you thought you had until you encountered the wondrous and occasionally bizarre entity that is MrSlotty.

License to Be Lithuanian

Eastern European software developers have a tendency to produce games that are ‘out there’, and MrSlotty are a prime example. From a technical perspective, their slots accord to all the usual norms that define the genre: 5 reels, multiple paylines and a plethora of bonus, wild and scatter symbols. Graphically and thematically however they’re in a league of their own. Make no mistake, this is a very good thing.

If you thought emojis were the preserve of tweens, think again. MrSlotty’s Emoji Slot is for adults only, even if its symbols will be familiar to every kid in the country. Since they were first added to the iOS keyboard, emojis have surfaced everywhere from novelty mugs to underwear. It was only a matter of time until they made the leap to the iGaming industry, so props to MrSlotty for making it happen. All your favourite emojis – winky face, dude with shades – are represented as well as a number of newbies you’ve yet to receive in a WhatsApp message.

English Bad, Slots Good

English may not be MrSlotty’s strongest suit, but it’s no biggie: the quality of their games more than makes up for the occasional clunky title. Super Dragons Fire is a beautifully rendered game with highly detailed mythical beasts and fire so fire you can almost feel the heat coming off your screen.

Then there’s She/He-club, which is nothing like its title might indicate, but a cracking 5-reeler nonetheless.

Like any self-respecting software company, MrSlotty love and live for all things internet. This is best evidenced in Meme Faces, a black and white slot that’s crammed with – that’s right – meme faces, with sirs and trolls aplenty. Throw in a few entirely unrelated hashtags because #WTF and you’ve got all the ingredients for the dankest slot ever to have emerged from Eastern Europe.

If you’re getting the impression that MrSlotty’s games are aimed exclusively at a younger audience, it should be reiterated their target market is a distinctly adult audience. If Meme Faces didn’t make that abundantly clear, HotHoney 22 VIP certainly will. It may sound like an anonymous Skype contact request, but if this girl comes calling your name, you’d do well to respond with an emphatic YES.

Memers Keep Meming

MrSlotty are nothing if not a company possessed with a sense of humour. Yes, they’re here to make money and, by extension to make their clients money, but they’re laughing all the way to the bank. Why? Because slots can be a ridiculous business and the Lithuanian firm have the presence of mind not to take themselves or the industry too seriously.

As a case in point, check out No More Fruits. It’s a 5-reel slot that features nary an orange, pair of cherries or trifecta of pears. In its place comes a flurry of vegetables including carrots, peas, pumpkins and...what’s that? A tomato?! As everyone knows, a tomato’s a fruit, but that doesn’t mean it was added in error. MrSlotty only added it to troll you, because that’s how these mischievous meme merchants roll. They’ve also got a game called Troll Faces, incidentally, but you doubtless assumed that already.

Who Needs Platforms When You’ve Got Games?

These days, most software developers seem hellbent on diversifying into every possible iGaming niche imaginable, from developing white label casino solutions to sports betting and live table gameslive table games. So far, MrSlotty appear to have resisted that call, because they’re having too much fun making slots. While the zany themes alone ensure that the Lithuanian games demand a look, they’re not just style and in-jokes over substance and longevity.

The graphics, sound effects and features are also top-notch, with bold colours, photorealistic detail (especially in the case of the irresistible HotHoney 22) and movie-like sound effects.

The Eastern European outfit may well diversify into other avenues in future, but for now appear content to continue doing what they do best, whether it’s indulging their endless obsession with memes – PandaMEME – or finding new ways to represent fruit. Whether you like your fruits served tropical, wild or disguised as vegetables, MrSlotty have got the game for you.

HTML5 Is Alive

MrSlotty’s slots are powered by more than an encyclopaedic knowledge of internet subculture: there’s also some fast, responsive code holding it all together. Flash has been the butt of internet jokes for years now (as MrSlotty will be only too aware); in fact it’s a miracle they haven’t devoted a 5-reel slot to poking fun at the much-maligned media format. HTML5 is now the future and present of gaming, and it’s one MrSlotty have wholeheartedly gotten behind.

The firm’s HD games may be rich in detail, with sumptuous graphics complemented by HD sound, but not a byte of data has gone to waste along the way. With the company’s slots coming in at under 3.2MG apiece on average, they’ve succeeded in cramming an awful lot into a very small package. Their games are designed to be played in-browser, with no proprietary software required.

MrSlotty may not be big fans off every mobile platform they support – they reserve particular disdain for Android and Windows – but they support them nonetheless, ensuring that the firm’s games work flawlessly across all mainstream devices.

Top Titles from Mrslotty

MrSlotty deserve all the plaudits they get for their offbeat and left field slots. Not every release is a stellar success – for every dank meme there’s a slot that’s destined to sink without a trace – but for the most part their releases are inventive, humorous and highly playable. While other developers are busy trying to be all things to all people, MrSlotty have stuck to what they do best. It’s no wonder they’ve gotten so good at it.

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