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Octavian Gaming
Octavian Gaming Slot Machines

Octavian is an Italian gaming company that specialises in creating software for the burgeoning iGames market. Headquartered in Verona, in the country’s northern Veneto region, the company develops and markets its products which are sold internationally, often to online casinos.

With ten years of programming experience to their name, Octavian can compete with the best of them, combining proven technologies with the latest advancements in microchip hardware. For mobile and desktop, Octavian’s purpose-built solutions look as impressive as the slick glass and metal structure that forms its Verona HQ.

A hardcore team of Linux programmers harness the power of ARM and x86 Intel chipsets to bring Octavian’s games to life in rich detail. The company works in close collaboration with leading slot machine manufacturers and online casinos. It also prides itself on offering a fast and efficient after-sales service that ensures first-time clients become longstanding customers.

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From a Virtual Balcony in Verona

While many companies pay lip service only to the values they claim to espouse, Octavian seem to be the real deal. The firm is adamant that quality must be at the forefront of everything it does, and this meticulousness permeates Octavian’s operations, from the design stage to beta testing and customer support.

Not content to merely churn out variations on the same theme, Octavian invests serious time and money into its research and development arm, seeking to create new products and to furnish its employees with new training that will allow them to harness the latest design software as it becomes available.

The attention to detail that is Octavian’s stock in trade is borne out by various certifications it holds in regards to design, implementation and maintenance of slot machines, both in terms of hardware and software. TUV INTERCERT certification accords to UNI EN ISO 9001:8000, ensuring that it meets the highest Italian standards for quality control.

It’s the same with the company’s hardware, which meets all applicable CE and ROHS regulations. Octavian subjects its hardware to a barrage of quality control tests including climatic chamber thermal testing, vibration tests, IQC/OQC, burn-in testing and packaging shock testing. This ensures that hardware will perform faithfully for years, even when it is operating in extreme conditions.

Italian Nous

Every ambitious company is always looking to take on new talent, and Octavian are on a mission to bolster their ranks with the best creatives it can muster. Designers and programmers are invited to contact the firm to submit their CV outlining the talents they can bring to the fold.

Prospective employers can look forward to a dynamic and inspiring environment, one where new ideas are always welcomed and evolution is constantly happening. With a strong team spirit but an ethos that also prizes individuality, Octavian sounds like a fun place to work.

Let the Games Begin

Games are at the heart of Octavian’s operations. They’re what the Italian firm is best known for and are arguably what it does best. The company’s philosophy in this respect is to use advanced technology that adds values for players and clients alike – no matter how demanding these may be! Octavian games are typified by rich content and high levels of interactivity.

The graphics are top-notch, the animation is smooth and the in-game bonuses are interesting and varied. Octavian promises ‘Foolproof security and protection systems’ to ward off cyber threats and safeguard the integrity of its systems.

One of Octavian’s latest releases, Dream Set Black, is a quartet of video slots, with each game featuring a series of bold characters and a promised payout of 70%. Bets can be set anywhere from 25 to 200, with each game laid out across a 5 x 3 interface. The first of the Dream Set Black slots is Mister X Theft Master. The 5-reel slot features a number of dashing-looking heroes and villains and a glittering gem that must be stealthily stolen from its display case.

The next title in the series is Rodeo Girls. Its sassy cowgirls are happy when they’re twirling lassos and riding horses; happier still when they’re downing shots at the bar and removing superfluous items of clothing.

The third in the Dream Set Black series is Pirates & Treasures. There’s more than a hint of Pirates of the Caribbean about this lurid slot. Italians don’t seem to do subtle; if you like your female protagonists voluptuous and under-dressed and your males hirsute and handsome, Octavian will be your kind of company.

The final slot in the series is Sahara, which has shades of Arabian Nights about it. Camels, Persian palaces and jewelled scimitars are the game’s defining symbols. Octavian’s video slots are nothing if not distinctive; their unique look helps make the Italians’ work stand out from the crowd in a very competitive marketplace.

More on Offer

In addition to designing and distributing its own games, Octavian oversees a raft of titles produced by Octavian Italy Srl. These games are distributed using the same channels as those afforded to its in-house productions. Primarily designed for the Italian market, these slots include King Neptun [sic], Road Kings, Billy Bones Returns, Wild Witches and Slot Club Gold.

Visually, these games harness similar graphics as Octavian’s prime titles, complete with buxom peroxide witches and muscled heroes.

One of Octavian’s specialities is creating games inspired by classic films and popular culture. There’s Wild King, which features a King Kong lookalike laying waste to the New York skyline, and Chicago Night Legend, which elicits the gangsters and molls of Al Capone’s day.

Lords of North pits bears against tigers, because why not, and Conquest sees English invaders despatching their fleet to South America to relieve the Incas of their gold and other worldly possessions. Cultural sensitivity may not be Octavian’s strongest suit, but there’s no disputing they know how to make a cracking video slot.

High-Spec Hardware

When they’re not crafting advanced software, Octavian can be found doing the same with their hardware division. Their premier products include MAX-2, which boasts an ARM based IMX6 quadcore processor, and the G820 which utilises an Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz single core chip.

Its hardcore components, primarily for use in slot machines, are completed by the PC01 module and the MAX-1. It takes more than circuitry alone to power a slot machine however. Octavian also manufacture the other components that make it all possible: coin acceptor and hopper.

Support in the Wild

Hardware, no matter how robustly built, can experience technical issues when it’s in the wild. Punters are known for being overly vigorous with slot machines, which can take a real pounding. When technical problems occur, for whatever reason, Octavian’s support team can troubleshoot issues and quickly issue a fix. The company uses a GLS Management System to accurately track hardware that’s sent back to its base for repair.

Octavian are slightly unusual in that they are committed to covering both software and hardware. While most companies have migrated towards divesting themselves of hardware and all its inherent complications, the Italian company seem content to continue to deal with both.

Most clients will cherish Octavian for their quirky, if occasionally cheesy video slots, but in Italy their slots are still going strong as the rest of the world lurches ever closer to a fully digital domain. With meticulous attention to detail and fine customer care, there’s a lot to love about this Verona outfit.

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