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The gold rush has never really ended, and if most humans have somehow lost interest in gold mining the same cannot be said for all creatures.

Gold Boom is a WinADay video slot game that follows a group of green, gremlin-like creatures busying themselves in a deep gold mine under the surface of the earth. They are determined to extract all the gold they can lay their scaly hands on, and if you are willing to help they will surely give you your fair show of the bounty.

So let’s gear up and travel miles under the earth to help the gremlins of Gold Boom extract some extra tons of the precious, shiny mineral.

Gold Mining Is a Tough Business

In terms of graphic environment, Gold Boom strikes by being original and bold, with a quite unique look to it.

The game screen is mostly dark, with a very compact cluster right in the center containing the reels and the command bar, surrounded by dynamite sticks, wires and wagons filled with gold nuggets. You will also spot a gremlin or two running around or riding in tiny wagons as you play.

Right from the start, Gold Boom makes a strong statement and looks quite different from the other games on the market. As for the gameplay itself, let’s see in the next section if we can find the quickest way to start winning big on the reels.

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Gold Boom

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Start Digging

Experienced players will notice immediately that Gold Boom looks a little different from other games as far as the command as concerned. Fortunately, the main idea behind the game remains the same.

The game matrix features just 3 reels and 6 paylines for you to bet on. Each reel has enough space for three symbol positions, and as always you need to make sure that specific symbol combinations land on the paylines to start winning some extra money. The rewards depend on the symbols and you wager itself. The buttons below the reels let you choose how much money you want to place on your next spin. The difference here is that you can use the high and low switch on the left-hand side of the game screen to pre-determine the level of risk your are willing to take. Otherwise, Gold Boom is a pretty straightforward game.

The greater the risk you take, the more you will be rewarded. Keep that in mind as you play, and once you have found your favorite bet settings then perhaps you will try out the autospin mode to speed up the game a little. This will let the reels spin not their own and allow the game to place your bet several times in a row.

Minimalistic Reel Symbols

There are 9 different basic ways to win on the reels of Gold Boom, and you will need to pay attention to both the shape and color of the symbols.

For instance, it is possible to win a small cash prize for a combination of any 3 green or 3 orange symbols properly lined up. The other most common ways to way are through green lemon, cherry or seven combinations. The maximum reward available so far is a modest x15.

You can hope for larger wins with the more elusive purple diamonds, or orange dynamite, shovel or gremlin symbols - rewards going up to 500 times your starting bet are awaiting, so stay sharp and do not let these icons slip away unnoticed.

Keep Going Until You Hit Gold

The gold symbol is, naturally, the most valuable of all in Gold Boom. A winning combination with this icon is worth no less than 1,000 times your wager, which should be enough to make your credit total explode. With a maximum bet in play, a triple gold combo will trigger the game’s ultimate surprise jackpot.

On top of this, each win with the gold symbols also act as wild cards to replace any other symbol on the reels. Use them well and you might be able to score a lot of extra combinations across the reels.

Remember the purple diamonds? Each combination you score with them highlights a diamond in the bonus spin counter on the side. Once all 3 diamonds are lit up on the counter, you win 3 free spins.

Mine, All Mine

Gold Boom bets on humor and originality to create a unique game atmosphere filled with fun characters and a simple gameplay.

The result is a little disconcerting at first, but ends up being addictive and potentially quite rewarding. Focus on the gold and diamonds, and the path to wealth will open in front of you.

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