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Amazon Quest Slots

Venture deep into the rain forest with Amazon Quest, the online video slot from developer Vista Gaming.

Wonder at the sights normally hidden from prying eyes while you play the reels to win instant cash prizes online.

But will you survive in such an alien environment? Here’s a review of Amazon Quest by Vista Gaming with everything you need to know.

Surround Yourself

Amazon Quest is a video slot which takes you into the heart of the rain forest and into areas which are normally out of bounds for passing visitors.

The game is set away from the rest of civilization and all you’ll be able to see for miles around is the lush green vegetation of the jungle surroundings. The reels nestle in a swathe of green leaves and don’t be alarmed when you look up and notice a snake slowly slithering past.

Set slightly further back is a wooden tribal sculpture, reminding you that you really are a long way from home!

On the reels there’s a whole host of symbols who might feel more at home in the rain forest than you including the snake, the carved statue, a toucan, a monkey, a cougar and some of the indigenous people.

Will You Learn to Love This Remote Jungle Environment?

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Amazon Quest

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Exploring the Jungle

Despite being hidden away in the middle of nowhere, it appears that the rain forest is a veritable treasure chest of riches. So before you take your place in front of the reels, take a peek at the pay table to see exactly what you could be playing for.

The link to the pay table is easy to find, under the right hand side of the reels and labelled clearly.

To get a win you’ll need to match at least three symbols, but the more you match the bigger the prize will be! The top spot is occupied by the collection of precious jewels which pays out 3,000 if you match five symbols.

The toucan doesn’t have any value of its own but instead acts as the wild symbol, substituting for other symbols on the board to make it easier to create a winning line.

The scatter symbol is represented by the wooden carving, unlocking a bonus game where you’ll play for free spins once you land three or more on the board.

There’s also a special bonus game which can only be accessed if you spin three of the monkey bonus symbol on the reels

Monkeying Around

Don’t delay in the pay table a moment longer than you need to; once you return to the main screen you can start to play on the reels.

But just before you do, don’t forget to set up your stake to match your betting preference.

There’s a maximum of 21 available pay lines but you can reduce this down if you’d rather play with less. You can’t alter the value of the coin as this is fixed at 1.00 but you can bet up to five coins per active pay line, providing flexibility over how much you need to bet.

When you’ve finished setting your strategy you can either launch straight into manual play or you can select the Auto Spin option. This triggers the reels automatically, playing the game without any need for you to keep clicking on the screen. It won’t alter your chances of winning and allows you to just sit back and enjoy playing without any effort.

When you’re ready to take over the controls you can with Auto Spin back off again with just a click.

If you feel apprehensive about getting started, you might feel better if you had a chance to practice first.

Developer Vista Gaming has created a fun mode which allows players to experience what the game is like in every aspect but without having to spend any money. Playing in a simulated environment, you’ll have a virtual bank balance which you can use to bet and win. The only disadvantage is that you won’t be able to win any real money!

You don’t need to register for the fun mode so it’s a great way to try the game out to see if you like it first. Once you're ready to move onto the live mode, you just need to switch and set up an account, if you haven’t already.

Exotic Delights

Amazon Quest by Vista Gaming doesn’t have the best graphics around but it’s a game that offers smooth play and lots of extra features. For this reason, it can be enjoyed by players of all abilities.

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