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Darts 180 Casino Game

Darts has always been seen as a man’s game - enjoy a good pint while munching on some peanuts and throwing those darts. Well, now it doesn’t matter your environment or your sex, for you can play this realistic simulation title from Skill Games, designed to give you the sensation of actually being part of a tournament.

Come on, be honest, you’ve pictured it plenty of times, but you’ve nearly killed your cat instead of hitting the target. Well now your cat and the rest of your family can feel safe with Darts 180.

The best part of it is that you can pay homage to a sport you appreciate and earn money while doing so, which isn’t something that common in activities of this type. In some respects you could argue that this is a very unusual and unconventional slot machine, seeing as you have to match amounts to make it to the jackpot.

As basic as this title is it has a lot of scope for players to enjoy, and is one that will change every time you play thanks to the random nature of the targeting. That x1,000 jackpot could soon be yours, all you need to do is hone those skills and you’ll be a champion with the best of them.

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Darts 180

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Perfecting Your Aim

Not many sports demand you to use money to develop your skillset, but this is no ordinary game of darts, so lets begin. When you tap the toggle that says ‘Stake’ you can select an amount between 0.10 and 10.00 by using the + and - signs. Once sorted just click okay and you’ll be all set, how simple is that?

There is a large pale green upward arrow at the bottom of the dartboard which is essentially your spin button, select it and one large dart will come into perspective and line up to take aim. This will happen three times and then the amount you’ve won will be displayed in a box decorated with coins.

Your results will be shown on the left hand side to help you keep track, just as would happen in the real version of darts. On the right hand side of the screen is where you’ll find the payout list for when the three darts have hit their marks and the results have been added up.

Getting Back to Basics

Just as the betting is simple so too is the appearance and layout of the game, it is a very subtle and retro looking theme that casts off frills and unnecessary over the top extras and just gets back to basics. Too often online activities can become swapped by imagery that, while attractive, don’t add anything to the experience – it just looks nice.

And then sometimes the aesthetic will overwhelm and diminish the gameplay simply to win over a larger audience, which again will lead to disappointment for many users. Skill Games has taken note of the amount of times that has happened to brands in the past and has decided to make their game all about substance and quality.

It is an acquired taste appearance wise, but it is one that shouldn’t dramatically affect your overall feelings toward the title, and if it does then it probably isn’t the correct Skill Games simulation activity for you.

Becoming a Darts Legend

There aren’t many darts games out there that let you get behind the metal arrows and grant you the chance to become a legend in your own right. Whether that’s due to demand or popularity it can’t be said, but when a title comes along that offers you a chance to do exactly that, it comes under heavy scrutiny. Skill Games has pulled it off though when all is said and done, albeit in a very uncomplicated package. The money isn’t too great and the graphics not much better, but that should matter little when it comes to being able to play darts from in the comfort of your home.

If we were to offer one criticism it would be about being able to line up the darts yourself to give a greater sense of being in the moment, but that’s about it.

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