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Diamond Double Slot

Keeping it simple is the motto of many developers and players alike, which is why retro slot game such as the one we are about to introduce here are more popular than ever. 

Diamond Double is a video slot game from Pipeline 49 that perfectly illustrates what a retro slot game should look and feel like. While sticking to simple rules and graphics, the game can still prove quite rewarding if you are willing to take some extra reels. 

Discover Diamond Double and all you need to know about the game and how to win big thanks to our full review. 

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Diamond Double

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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The Reels, and Nothing Else

Diamond Double sticks to solid and simple graphics and avoids anything that would make it look even remotely modern, which should please all players looking for a pure casino experience. 

The game screen looks like a close-up of an old-school casino slot machine, with three distinct areas. The top part contains the paytable and the shiny game logo on a deep purple background, while the middle part of the machine makes space for the reels and several counters. The command buttons are packed at the bottom, as per usual. 

Diamond Double is rather unimpressive in terms of pure graphics, so let’s move on to learn more about the gameplay right away. 

Just as Simple as You Would Have Imagined

The basic rules of Diamond Double are as simple as it gets for a slot game, which implies a small reel set and only a few parameters to customise before you can spin the reels. 

The game features indeed only 3 spinning reels with a single horizontal payline crossing them in the middle, which is where you have to try and find winning symbol combinations to unlock the various cash rewards of Diamond Double. Your first task consists of using the (+) and (-) buttons to choose a coil value and then click the « bet 1 » button to bet either 1, 2 or 3 coins on the reels. 

Spin the reels as soon as you are ready, and remember that both your current wager and the combinations you find will influence your future rewards. There is even a Bet Max button to let you go all-in on the reels at once, if you are feeling particularly lucky. The autoplay game mode is also available in Diamond Double to let the reels spin on their own with the same bet. 

Always Aim for the Diamonds

As mentioned earlier, the paytable is always on display at the top of the screen in Diamond Double. A single glance at it is enough to realise that it features only a handful of very classic casino reel symbols. 

The cherries are very common on the reels, and they can even trigger small prizes when appearing on their own on the payline, or in combinations of two. Cherry combinations can pay from 2 to 30 credits in total. Remember that your rewards are based on your bet level, and the paytable will light up to show precisely what sort of rewards you are currently aiming for in Diamond Double. 

The rest of the paytable features plenty of bar signs: golden and silver, the later in single, double or even triple size for a maximum win of 120 credits. The golden sevens are next on the list, worth up to 240 credits while the diamonds themselves are by far the most valuable of the game: 800, 1600 or even 2,400 credits depending on your current bet level. 

Hardly a Sparkling Effort

Diamond Double is one retro slot game among a great many on the current market, and there isn’t anything specific that help it really stand out from its direct competition. Just like other retro slot games, Diamond Double sticks to a simple slot machine look with basic graphics and a small array of reel symbols. The reel set is also small and offers only a few possibilities for customisation. 

Note that the three different bet levels do allow players to adjust the current level of risk, while making way for some rather big wins when putting the maximum wager available into play. 

However, Diamond Double is devoid of any surprise symbols such as wilds and scatters, and while that might not be a problem for other retro games it does make Diamond Double feel quite repetitive. Unless you are an absolute fan of retro slot games and would not want to try anything else, then you are probably better of trying a more modern creation, with perhaps a few more exciting surprises on the reels.

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