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Nothing quite says online casino gaming in 2016 quite like online slots. Action on the reels has caught the attention of players around the globe, with an increasing number of casino software developers now looking to get in on the act.

Drive Media is a name that is certainly tackling the genre with all guns blazing, as the brand’s production line is on fire right now. Joining the raft of new games to debut recently is Safari, a title that is giving players a taste of the Serengeti.

While Drive Media has certainly been an active developer as of late, quality hasn’t always been forthcoming. Many have complained that Drive Media’s game are both “cookie cutter” in design and unoriginal in approach, but does that prove to be the case with Safari? Sadly, it does seem to be that way.

Dust, Dirt, and Very Little Else

The lack of creativity starts with the design of Safari, as it is probably one of the most uninspiring games we’ve seen in some time. The African wildlife theme has been done countless times in the past, so any new title that takes a crack at it needs to do something special.

This is far from the case here, as Safari looks pretty boring; with the game doing a half-baked job of attempting to mesh together realistic and cartoon imagery.

If the background and theme are uninspiring, the symbols used within Safari aren’t much better. In fact, the key symbol in the game is the lion, but that appears to have been lifted from the famous Pixar movie Madagascar. It’s moves such as this that really represent lazy development; Drive Media must do better than this with future releases.

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Braving the African Heat

Safari looks like a game that has been pasted together, with it pretty much playing like that too. The gameplay here really is below par, as this title lacks any bite through 5 reels 3 rows, and 9 paylines. Looking at the games core credentials, the minimum bet here comes in at 9.00, with the maximum wager being a noticeably lofty 450.00.

The most redeeming feature about this low to medium variance title is its triple progressive jackpot. Safari is far from a bankroll busting title, as the prizes just don’t have that kind of power, but what it is able to do is mix things up on the payout front.

Not with a Bang, But with a Whimper

Did you specifically load up Safari in the hope of securing a special features loaded experience? If so, be prepared to be let down, as this game is nothing of the sort. From what we’ve seen Safari only has scatters and wilds for players to make use of, so mini-game and bonus round fans are going to out of luck with this particular game.

Admittedly, through free spins and instant payouts the wild and scatter symbols do add something to the game, but they don’t really do enough to counteract the other major issues that Safari has.

Same Old, Same Old

Rounding off what is a pretty poor game is a control panel that we have seen (and raised questions about) a thousand times before. The big, obstructive, and poorly laid out silver bar that features in pretty much every Drive Media game is back, and we aren’t particularly happy about it.

Its appearance in Safari just doesn’t make much sense, as Drive Media surely could have come up with something that suited the game better.

Safari is All Bark and No Bite!

Drive Media may very well be the most prolific developer around right now, as they seem to be releasing new games every single week. The issue that most have with the developer is that they can’t quite figure out the formula for quality, sadly Safari is yet another prime example of this. As a game Safari is pretty much lacking in every department, with the theme being poor, the gameplay being drab, and the bonuses being few and far between.

When you factor in everything that Safari has to offer, we have to hold our hands up and say that this is one game we have a hard time recommending to other players.

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