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Conga Party

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Conga Party Slots

Dancing in a Conga line is an age old tradition at all sorts of parties, from primary school through to our senior years, if we can get down and boogie we most certainly will. But do we actually know where the phrase was coined, and even what congas are in the first place?

Looking at the dance moves first, they founded a huge following in the 1930s and 40s, the dance having been adapted from a Cuban festival. As for what a conga is, well it’s a drum, the likes which you may have seen in various performances; they’re always tall and slender, which makes them very distinctive.

Rumba in the Jungle

Conga Party from BBI Interactive takes place in an undisclosed location, only reachable by aeroplane. Upon landing you will be taken deeper in the jungle, your guide looking to get in on the goods at the infamous island conga shindig, and who can blame him? The jackpot is x10,000 credits, with a lot more money to be won before even reaching that end game.

Although the landscape is engulfed by dense foliage, there is a glow here that derives from more than the torches that surround the dance floor - it’s from the energy everyone is creating. Smooth moves and sweet beats come from the soul and with it soulful dancing, the sweat on the brow and the ache in your muscles a sign that you’re giving it your all. And your all is what’s needed with those 30 fixed paylines.

Party Started

The 3 rows and 5 reels can position the symbols in any order, but for a win to be made they need to match and also land on a winning line. Out of all of the partygoers, the J card value is the one that creates a stink and ruins the fun, mainly because of its cheap nature of 50 credits per five. Thank goodness someone thought to invite the grinning golden coin and the Conga Party logo - these two pump up the volume, with the latter being your means of getting the final cash payout.

Five of any icon will prove tough as BBI Interactive has ensured the variance here is much higher than some other slots online, which means being weak of heart and having no fire in your belly will prove to be your undoing.

Bring in the Dancers!

At some point during the night the party is going to fizzle out and people will lose interest, and that’s when you pull out your Ace in the hole and line up three scatters. These will do the normal job of winning you free spins, but the rounds will have numerous dancers join in to ramp the energy back up. There’s usually between 3 and 5 of them at any one time.

For a lot of spins they will stay on the sidelines, shuffling their feet but not really giving themselves over to the music, but some will, oh some will boogie on down onto the reels. Depending on where they land there’ll be an alternative outcome.

  • Reel 5: Say one of your glamorous performers stomps onto here, you can see an extra 3 rewards coming your way.
  • Reel 1, 2 and 4: These reels can become completely wild when this happens, and we don’t mean they start throwing chairs.
  • Reel 3: Much the same as what happens to the first, second and third reels, only now there are multipliers of between x2 or x3 applied to the wins. This is probably the most satisfying of all the outcomes.

Set the Bar High

How will you fund your Conga Party? Will you place 1 credit per line and have a minimum stake of 0.30 or will you place 10 on every winline and start off with a total wager of 3 credits? Both are manageable amounts whichever way you slice it, but then players have to set the worth of the coins they’re playing with. The totals we’ve mentioned here only have a value of 0.01, however you can increase it up to 0.05.

Should You Give up Partying or Become a Party Master?

Conga Party is yet another fine example of what a partnership of creativity can produce; the brains of BBI Interactive and Microgaming has never disappointed us yet. One issue we have though is that the game doesn’t bring a party atmosphere, rather how you approach it does, as if we project onto it our own thoughts and feeling.

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