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Tweet Tweet 4 Slots

Slot game players are always on the lookout for new and original ways to have fun, gamble a little and win big in the process. Developers are always happy to oblige, and sometimes come up with simple yet creative solutions.

Tweet Tweet 4 is a video slot game developed by Vista Gaming that takes place in a tropical jungle somewhere on the planet. Players will step inside the shoes of an ornithologist looking for new bird species. Complete your census of the local bird population and resell your research date for some big cash prizes.

Discover Tweet Tweet 4 and learn how to win big on the reels of the game with our detailed review.

Colourful Feathers

Tweet Tweet 4 is a rather simple game with decent graphics and colourful features but relatively few details to look at, compared to other modern games on the market.

The reels are placed between two large trees at the centre of the game screen. The background shows a vast tropical jungle with colourful flora and a bright blue sky in the distance. The command bar underneath the reels is quite discreet and lets players focus on the most interesting parts of the game.

Tweet Tweet 4 sticks to a classic layout with decent graphics and a colourful atmosphere. Nothing wrong with that, so let’s see how we can place our first bets on the reels next.

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Tweet Tweet 4

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No Hunting Allowed

Tweet Tweet 4 has a rather open gameplay that lets players get started quickly and painlessly. You will only have to know a few ground rules before you are ready to start gambling.

The game matrix is a 5x5 layout with 5 reels of 5 symbols each. Each combination of identical symbols across the screen will be valid and trigger a corresponding cash prizes. Instead of having specific paylines, Tweet Tweet 4 lets players win from any combination appearing on the screen. All you need to do before you spin the reels is use the command buttons to pick a wager. The rest is up to luck, so better get started fast.

All the different cash rewards available in Tweet Tweet 4 are based on both the type of symbols that happen to line up on the screen and the the amount of money you are betting. The more you risk, the more you can expect in return. Try the autoplay game mode to place the same wager several times.

Unique Tropical Species

The paytable of Tweet Tweet 4 contained 6 different species of exotic birds, each more beautiful and valuable than the other. They might be a little hard to distinguish to the untrained eye, so do not hesitate to review the paytable in the game at all times.

The first 3 birds on the list are colour-coded in blue, red and yellow. They are the most common of the entire game, so you will get many chances to win some credits with them. As you can see, winning combinations in Tweet Tweet 4 start from 4 symbols and go all the way up to 16 adjacent icons. The maximum rewards for this first half of the menu is already 500 times the value of your wager.

The last birds come in light green, dark green and orange on the paytable. You can create just as many combinations with them as with the other birds, only these are a little rarer in the game. In exchange, the maximum payout here is the equivalent of 10,000 times your current bet.

Cash in More Than You Expected

Tweet Tweet 4 is more dynamic as a slot game than you might imagine at first sight. Each spin can bright a few extra surprises that you should definitely be on the lookout for at all times.

Each winning combination in the game consist of the same species of birds line up across the reels. Every time this happens, the birds will fly away and let their spot free for new, random birds to occupy. You can create a chain reaction of cash prizes if these new birds form another combinations, and so on.

Some birds might also fly away during the game and get trapped in the jackpot section on the side. You will have to hit the specific win displayed on top to unlock the jackpot and recapture all of these birds for an extra big win.

Songbirds and Big Wins

Tweet Tweet 4 is a fun and dynamic slot game based on an easy gameplay and featuring some colourful birds and big wins. An unlikely combinations that ends up working really well.

Stay on the lookout for the rarest species of the jungle and try to unlock the jackpot at the right moment to pocket the largest prize possible.

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