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Fugaso Slots

Fugaso is a cool name for a games developer. Why? Because it stands for Future Gaming Solutions. As business names go, that one is as future-proofed as it gets. The Russian company boasts a website that’s every bit as impressive as their name, one that attests to their prowess on all fronts.

Like many companies, they cut their teeth in the development of games – for the iGaming sector in this case – before diversifying into management and advisory roles. Slots are their stock in trade, but the company also specializes in white label solutions and bespoke games that are developed to the client’s exact requirements.

About Fugaso

Today, Fugaso’s games can be played on mobile and desktop across all popular platforms: iOS, Android, Windows; you name it, Fugaso’s games are designed to work in Flash or HTML5 as the needs of the client dictate. The company, who were founded in 2001, offer a diverse range of services, but these can broadly be divided into three categories: game development, white label solutions and integration.

Despite their undoubted skill at developing advanced software, Fugaso’s website betrays an unfamiliarity with the English language. This is no dealbreaker for the firm’s clients of course; they’re more interested in the quality of Fugaso’s products and services. Prospective clients who would like to speak to a member of the Fugaso team, incidentally, can contact them by email or Skype. It's worth mentioning that their games are quite appealing to prospective clients these days because their games are certified with UK, Malta and Curacao licenses.

Free to Play Fugaso Slot Machine Games

The Games

Fugaso has been plying their trade for more than 15 years and number of games they currently have to their name reflects this. Their desktop and mobile games comprise 57 titles, many of which are slots, but they also have an assortment of table games to boot. Their slots start off with the somewhat generic looking Olympia and Jewel Sea, but subsequent titles reveal more creativity, such as the Japanese mob game Yakuza. There’s also Mr Toxicus, Sunset Wild, Sahara’s Dreams, Shake It and finally Robbie Jones.

All of the games can be demoed on the Fugaso website. Yakuza proves to be a slick looking 5-reel slot, one that allows the firm’s graphical design skills to shine. Symbols are rendered in a distinctive sketchbook style, including ninja stars, samurai swords and stacks of cash. The game’s key symbol, the Yakuza boss, is expanding and can fill multiple paylines. From sound effects to animations and feature bonuses to base game, Fugaso’s slots are deftly put together. As for what makes their slots so successful, Fugaso deploy a single word – creativity.

Another game which reveals Fugaso at their dashing best is Mr Toxicus. The action unfolds in some kind of laboratory where the results of the top secret experiments being conducted have caused radioactive substances to ooze and mutant creatures to emerge from the shadows. There’s the obligatory mad scientist, upended barrels of toxic waste and serum that glows a lurid shade of purple. Fugaso again deploy their favoured expanding symbols, which can cover all three positions on the grid, as well as free games which are triggered by three or more scatter symbols. Graphically, Mr Toxicus is a sharp looking game that showcases the sort of dreamlike – or nightmare-like – realms that the Russian developer are capable of conjuring when their devs put their mind to it.

Custom Games

One of the reasons why there aren’t more games available from Fugaso might be because much of the company’s energies are devoted to working on custom games. The same skills that have made their slots look so good naturally lend themselves well to bespoke titles.

For clients seeking to release a branded game, such as for their web-based casino, Fugaso can supply everything the game needs to work: a theme, detailed graphics, a lifelike gaming environment and innovative features. The client list Fugaso has worked with is extensive but includes major industry players such as Gamescale, Netagame, Digitain and Affpower.

White Label Solutions

Another service which Fugaso offers its clients is white label solutions. In other words, a complete plug and play service. This is ideal for operators eager to enter the iGaming sector but lacking either the time or expertise to develop their own products from the ground up. A white label solution from Fugaso could be just the ticket, allowing the operator to stamp their imprint all over the finished product – typically an online casino – but without having to get their hands dirty. Fugaso will provide the complete infrastructure required to launch a branded casino, one that works seamlessly from the get-go.

Whether it’s a custom game for a social media channel or a dedicated gaming website, Fugaso can create, customise and deliver it rapidly before integrating it with the client’s existing products and services. The advantages for the client are numerous, and include the fact that it’s possible to launch a gaming project in record time. Fugaso can even take care of integrating payment systems and analytics that will enable the operator to keep tabs on every element of their site in real time.


The other key service that Fugaso offer is classified as integration. In practice, this is linked to their casino white label service. In this case, however, their speciality lies in integrating the casino’s desired software with their existing platform.

The type of games that casino operators desire will differ, though will likely include slots, table games, mini games and instant games. Some operators will desire a uniform look, specifying games that complement one another and maintain a homogenous look across the board. Others are less bothered with such constraints and simply want the best possible games they can source.

In each instance, Fugaso will take the client’s request into account along with other requisites such as technical capabilities and the user-friendliness of the software interface involved, based on the client’s technical abilities. Fugaso can provide stable casino platforms that run a variety of games by leading developers. These include Novomatic, Nektan, Betsoft and Microgaming. Because the needs of every client differs, Fugaso don’t propose a universal solution, instead integrating the software based on the model that works best for the client.

The Future of Fugaso

Despite stating that it was founded in 2001, most of the major developments within Fugaso’s lifetime appear to have occurred in the last couple of years. It was only in January of 2017, for instance, that the company announced that all of its slots had been made available to all of its current clients. While there will certainly be more slots in the works, as Fugaso look to offer their clients a broader selection of their own games, it remains to be seen whether they diversify into other categories. Will we see table games and scratch games unveiled by the Russian developer?

They’re an enigmatic bunch who don’t even betray so much as their city of origin, so it’s hard to say for certain. One thing that isn’t in dispute is the rate at which Fugaso are announcing partnerships with major clients, including Gamescale, whose platform now accepts Fugaso games.

Fugaso have also recently partnered with a number of major casino, live casino and sportsbook operators. Expect to see many more such announcements in the coming months as Fugaso continue to roll their sharp looking slots out to the masses.

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