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BF Games
BF Games Slot Machine

BF Games are a complete game design studio who specialise in devising iGaming software from scratch. They do a lot more besides, helping clients with payment services, web design and establishing stable casino and betting platforms.

From player management to promotions and from transaction monitoring to reporting, BF Games provide all the tools a client could conceivably need to launch their own betting service. The British company operate out of premises based on Gloucester Street in London.

Casino and Live Betting Platform

There are a lot of elements that go into creating an online casino and sportsbook and BF Games are proficient at combining them all to supply turnkey and bespoke solutions. This enables operators – even those with limited technical knowledge – to get their betting website up and running in record time. It also means that they can enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing things will work from the get-go: BF Games are skilled at combining different systems, games and payment services into one complete, seamless package.

What’s more, the range of games and software providers that their platform can be integrated with via API is extensive. While BF Games’ turnkey solutions will appeal to clients who are new to the game and want to be operational in the shortest time possible, others approach BF Games with a specific vision in mind. This might include requesting branded games or a fully customised site that bears its operator’s imprint throughout.

Whatever the case, BF Games can take care of it, from the big things – online payment integration; player management – to the little things that are nevertheless critical such as fraud prevention and reporting systems.

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Web Development

BF Games’ web design services tie in with their casino and live betting platform. The two components are available separately, but it’s not uncommon for clients to have need for both. After all, no online casino or sportsbook could operate without a fully functional and responsive website. BF Games’ web development service isn’t just limited to casinos however. The London firm are also adept at creating websites designed to be used as gaming portals and to provide other services that are linked to the iGaming sector.

The sites that BF Games develop are designed to look good on mobile and tablet devices whilst utilising a light framework that allows pages to load quickly. The provision of a CMS, meanwhile, allows the client to easily make edits to pages and update content without the requirement for specialist knowledge. BF Games can also integrate plugins and other components, including ecommerce modules, in keeping with the needs of the client.

Game Development Studio

Game development is where BF Games’ greatest experience and talent shines. The company’s origins lie in coding casino games, and today this still accounts for a substantial part of their business. It’s common for many i-Gaming developers to start with slots before tentatively foraying into table games such as video poker and blackjack.

BF Games’ skill set extends significantly further than that however; in addition to video slots, table games and sports betting software, the company specialises in converting land-based games to online play. This is ideal for traditional bricks and mortar casinos that are making the transition to web-based gaming. BF Games’ game development service also incorporates the development of a high performance games server, a requisite for any online casino to run.

Multiple Devices, Multiple Platforms

The software development team at BF Games are comfortable with working in a variety of formats, designing both Flash-based and HTML5 games. While the former used to be the de facto media format, and remains popular at web-based casinos, HTML5 is rapidly taking over. This is on account of it being a far more adaptable, stable and responsive format, one that’s ideal for mobile and tablet devices.

Like any self-respecting software developer, BF Games’ products are heavily oriented around the mobile market. Windows, Android and iOS platforms are all compatible with the games BF Games bring to market, which are compatible with a range of devices from tablet to desktop. The software that BF Games develop is also used to power the video slot machines the British company develop for land-based casinos. These are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing casino systems.

Other Services

BF Games have their finger in many pies, and the company offer a range of other services that can’t be neatly categorised. These include the development of a cash to e-money service; BF Games hold a license to convert cash into an electronic wallet, a system which naturally lends itself well to online solutions. BF Games also specialise in supplying all the elements that are a requisite for providing a live betting service such as live interactive streaming of play tables online.

BF Games’s live betting facility is equipped with all the tools that are an integral part of operating such a service. Multiple leagues, territories and sports are covered, with odds updated in real time. Thousands of variables a second are adjusted in order to provide a comprehensive sports betting service that’s centred around in-play betting.

Glorious Graphics

The games that BF Games have brought to market showcase a software house that can hold its own against the best of them within the iGaming sector. Games like Alice in Wonderland and Dark Carnivale, both slots, are characterised by vivid graphics that conjure convincing fantasy realms, one where sweetness and innocence meet darkness and desire. Alice in Wonderland is a 5-reel slot that provides 243 ways to win. It’s equipped with scatters, wilds and multipliers. Dark Carnivale offers a similar format, with 20 paylines specified.

Thematically, BF Games have covered a lot of ground with their slots, with games focused on mysteries of the deep, steampunk, ancient Rome, vampires, voodoo and the Wild West. The firm have also released a string of fruit-based slots that are inspired by the classic games of yore. These include Fresh Fortune and Stunning 27, where red cherries and 7s are the order of the day. BF Games aren’t afraid to have a little fun when devising concepts for their slots; Pharaohs and Aliens explores the theory that the pyramids were assembled with a little help from intergalactic gatecrashers.

BF Games have also released a few slots that cash in on the craze for Candy Crush-inspired games. These also involve copious amount of fruits, just like classic slots, but this time the design is more akin to that of the hugely popular line-based game that took the mobile gaming world by storm upon its release. Titles released in this style by BF Games include Energy Fruits, Energy Stars and Fruitastic. There’s also Jewels World and Cold as Ice.

BF Games Set to Grow

BF Games are clearly a capable software company, as evidenced by the sheer depth and breadth of their service offering. There are many strings to their bow and they seem to have successfully diversified, proving to be much more than just another slots developer.

With no social channels or personal information to be found on their website, it’s hard to glean much about the size and makeup of the company itself. It seems safe to assume that BF Games is a small operation however, for now at least.

What can be said with a much higher degree of certainty is that BF Games know how to create compelling and immersive casino games. Their slots show a distinctive style all of their own, and suggest that BF Games are extremely confident when it comes to crafting games, not just for online casinos, but for land-based premises too.

The London firm’s other forays, including their cash to e-money service, are intriguing and hint at the direction BF Games might steer themselves in next as they continue to broaden their horizons.

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