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    Live Roulette

    Live Casino Roulette brings the excitement of the brick 'n’ mortar casino onto your laptop or smartphone. In Live Roulette, players get to place bets on their computer but on the outcome of a real-life wheel. The action is handled by a real-life croupier too, and it's sometimes possible to chat with the dealer to ask advice.

    Whether you are interested in European, American, or French Roulette, live casino games offer a more authentic gambling experience. Let's take a look at some of the variants. We'll also find you the best live casinos online.

    Discover the Best Live Dealer Roulette Sites

    Major software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming all have their own unique takes on Live Roulette. Discover some top Live Casino Roulette sites to play at and earn a special bonus.

    Best Casinos with Live Dealer Roulette

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    Best Casinos with Live Dealer Roulette

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    How to Play Live Roulette Online

    If you have played roulette online, you'll know how to place bets and spin the wheel. In Live Dealer Roulette, you are at the mercy of a human croupier handling the action. In all other respects, though, placing bets in a live casino game is exactly the same.

    When you load a Live Roulette table, you will be presented with a studio or casino setting on-screen. The action is streamed live, so you will need to have a good internet connection to enjoy the game.

    The dealer will welcome you to the table. When you're ready, click on your chosen chip denominations and place them on the table layout on-screen. The real-life table will be displayed in graphic form to make it easier to place bets. A professionally-made, casino-grade, the roulette wheel is used on every spin.

    Players don't have the option to spin the wheel when they like. The dealer is in control here. When they call out "No more bets", the table layout will freeze, and the ball comes to a stop in one of the roulette wheel pockets. After calling out the winning number, the computer pays out any winning bets accordingly. The game then starts again.

    On the second game, it's possible to select “Rebet” (play the same wagers as the previous spin), “Double” (play the same wagers but double them all), or “Clear” (remove your chips and start again).

    Live Roulette tables are generally found in dedicated studios. While you play, you may even see other roulette tables in the background being played on. It's possible to choose your preferred dealer before you begin. Several online live casinos offer non-English language games as well. Some operators with studios even use blue screen backdrops which can be customized to give viewers the illusion of an exotic setting.

    Remember, even if you are in the US, it's possible to find some live casino action. For Live Roulette online, USA based gamblers can enjoy Realtime Gaming (RTG). Games are in English, and all equipment is audited for a safe game.

    Live Dealer Games

    Live Roulette Odds & Payouts

    Live Roulette wagers are divided into “Inside” and “Outside” bets Inside bets are placed on numbers or groups of numbers. Outside bets cover wider bets like Red/Black and Odd/Even.

    Straight Up bets pay 35/1 on an individual number. In American Roulette, the double zero (00) also pays out 35/1.

    Outside Bets
    Number Sections
    1 to 18
    19 to 36
    1 to 12
    13 to 24
    25 to 36
    Inside Bets
    Six-line bet
    First Five 0,00,1,2,3
    6/1 American Roulette
    Any Number

    Classic Live Roulette Variations

    In general, live casinos offer one of three types of roulette. Some casinos will offer all three. There are variants that use special balls or tables, depending on the software developer. However, in most cases, they follow the same rules as European or American Roulette.

    Live European Roulette: Live European Roulette is one of the most popular forms of the game. It also has a favorable house edge of 2.7%. There are 36 numbered slots, plus a single green zero (0).

    Live American Roulette: Live American Roulette features an additional green 00 (double zero) slot on its layout. The 00 pays 35/1 as a Straight Up bet but any even-money, Outside, bets will lose if the 00 appears. For this reason, the house edge increases to 5.26%.

    Most live casino software operators offer Live American Roulette. Visionary iGaming offers a solid American Roulette live dealer game from its Costa Rican base.

    Live French Roulette: Live French Roulette is offered at some Evolution, Playtech and NetEnt-powered live casinos. It can also be played for high stakes in VIP rooms.

    Live French Roulette is similar to Live European Roulette except for the La Partage rule. If a zero appears, 50% of any losing even-money outside bets is returned to the player. This "insurance" bet helps push down the house edge of Live French Roulette to 1.35%.

    The table layout is slightly different too, with areas marked in French and racetrack sections to bet on.

    Online Roulette vs Live Roulette: Understanding the Differences

    In terms of betting, there is often little difference between online Random Number Generator (RNG) Roulette and Live Roulette. Let's look at some of the other subtle differences.

    Minimum Bets: In general, minimum stakes at a Live Casino Roulette table are higher than conventional online roulette. There are higher overheads, of course, so make sure you bring a higher bankroll when you play.

    Freeplay: It's not always possible to play Live Roulette free. If you want to play free Live Roulette online, it is sometimes possible to find free bets given away as part of a welcome bonus.

    The Speed of Games: It's important to know that when you play Live Casino Roulette, games run slower than an automated version. You are relying on a human dealer to do the work, after all. That can affect things like working through a deposit bonus, so it's important to know how long games take.

    Dealer Chat: In Live Roulette online, you can chat with the dealer before and after a game. Just type your question in the chatbox, and the dealer will respond from their monitor.

    RNG vs Human Actions: In a normal game of online roulette, the action is governed by a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG ensures the spin of the wheel and the movement of the ball is random and fair. Is Live Roulette rigged? With a good license and proper audits, it's something you never have to worry about.

    In Live Roulette, however, a human dealer is in control. Of course, the dealers used are trained professionals. Reputable casinos won't employ dealers with shady backgrounds or bad records. In addition, Live Dealer Roulette tables are regularly and independently checked by approved bodies. Most studios have surveillance as well to ensure there is no problem. It's just like a real-life casino.

    Change Your Camera Angle: Some roulette variants offer multiple camera angles. Find the camera switch button to choose your view.

    Losing internet Connection: If you are disconnected, you will be given the chance to reconnect and complete your bet. If your bet is already on the table, any winnings will be credited to your account after the spin.

    Live Casino Roulette Variants: Comparison for Players

    Live Dealer Roulette is typically streamed from a studio set-up or an actual casino setting. Both environments are safe for players and games are checked by reputable bodies.

    The beauty of live casino games like roulette is that multiple variants can be offered. Why stick to single-ball European Roulette when you can mix things up? Let's look at some of the Live Roulette variants you can find online.

    Automatic Roulette/Slingshot Auto Roulette: Automatic Roulette, or Auto Roulette Live, uses an automated roulette wheel with a real ball. On each game, the wheel is started electronically, and a ball released at random onto the wheel. Games like Evolution Gaming's Slingshot Roulette are capable of handling 60-80 games every hour.

    Immersive Roulette: Immersive Roulette is a unique take on Live Roulette from Evolution Gaming, one of the market leaders in live casino. The game uses multiple camera angles to give players more viewing options. There's even a slow-motion replay function. Scandinavian developer NetEnt is a leader in Live Roulette games and also has its own Immersive Roulette version.

    Dual Play Roulette: The new Dual Play Roulette game from Evolution Gaming is the first game that allows players to switch between tablet and the real-life casino.

    Dual Play Roulette is being launched in London's Grosvenor Casino Victoria. Players will be able to follow the games on their smartphones then join in the live action on the casino floor. The games are also available to players logged in around the world.

    Extreme Roulette: Part of the Novomatic Group, Extreme Gaming has some of the most interesting Live Dealer Roulette variants. Golden Ball Roulette has a special Game Show mode which has added prizes and jackpots. Reel Roulette, meanwhile, features side bets where players can have a spin on some of Novomatic's most famous online slots.

    Speed Roulette/Fast Roulette: One problem with Live Roulette is that the games often take much longer than traditional online roulette. That's a problem if you are trying to work through a deposit bonus.

    Speed Roulette fixes that problem. These variants usually last half the time of regular Live Roulette spins. XPRO Gaming is one of the leading developers with its Fast Roulette variant.

    Authentic Roulette: Authentic Roulette streams the action live from real-life casino floors across the world. Online players get to join the fun alongside real gamblers placing bets on the same physical wheel at the casino.

    Live Double Ball Roulette: Some online roulette variants allow more than one ball. Evolution Gaming's Live Double Ball Roulette takes the game into the real world.

    With Double Ball Roulette, two balls are dropped onto the wheel in a single spin. A special device is used to shoot the balls onto the wheel.

    Find the Best Live Roulette Bonuses

    There's nothing more exciting than playing online Live Roulette on your laptop or mobile. The range of live casino games is improving all the time. And with HD displays and faster streams, the Live Roulette experience is only getting better for gamblers.

    When you sign up for a new account, you can enjoy a real money live casino bonus. Play a few free roulette spins or match your first deposit to earn free cash. With our leading site reviews, you can get straight to the action on every spin.

    Roulette bonus promotions change all the time but they offer a real chance to earn free cash. Keep checking back with our leading reviews to find the best deals. We regularly update our pages to tell our readers about the latest promotions.

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