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MGA Slots

Grupo MGA (not to be confused with the Malta Gaming Authority) is a Spanish software company with an illustrious history in the slot machine making business. Since 1976, this Barcelona based game-studio has been creating games which payout prizes in return for players' stakes, be it for the land-based market or the mobile playing space.

Nowadays, the company offers a decent sized portfolio of slot machines and bingo games through a select range of specialised Spanish casino websites, giving players a chance to play a range of themes with fun and exciting bonus mini-games.

The company goes above and beyond what you might normally expect from a game-making studio, however. That is because Grupo MGA offers a wide scope of service divisions to its clients from providing real estate services, creating restaurant brands, operating bowling rooms and even selling spare parts from old gaming machines.

Free to Play MGA Slot Machine Games

Made in Spain

Established in 1976, Grupo MGA was one of the first companies in Spain to create a payout gambling machine for the land based betting sector. Always at the forefront of developments in the Spanish gambling market as well as the worldwide betting industry, this corporation has managed to secure a position at the top of the e-gaming world as a reference point for innovation and quality.

Those values of innovation and quality permeate throughout every venture which the company takes on. And there are quite a few of those, let us tell you. Because, not only does Grupo MGA implement its land based casino products through its industrial division, but it also provides a range of entertainment and hospitality services that extend far beyond the gambling sector. In fact, there are ways for every member of the family to enjoy what this software supplier has to offer.

First of all, MGA has set up a range of Golden Park gambling halls around the the Spanish peninsula. These arcade halls are strictly for grown ups only since they are jam-packed with state-of-the-art gambling machines including multi-player automated roulette tables as well as single-player booths with slot machines and video pokers. What's more, Golden Park centres in the Madrid area of Spain are kitted out with sports betting desks, allowing sports fans to take a punt on sporting events from around the globe.

On the other hand, the company also gives families a chance to unwind and enjoy themselves with a network of New Park entertainment hubs. These arcade halls offer video games, simulators and multiplayer sport-based skill machines as well as bowling alleys, meaning that fun-seekers of all ages can enjoy some family-friendly thrills. And after a good day's out at the arcade, families can grab a bite to eat at one of three restaurants brands managed by the MGA Group: there are authentic Spanish Tapas at Fuuud, oriental flavours at UDON Noodles, and traditional German hotdogs at Frankfurt's Park.

Moving into the Online Market

If you're not based in Spain, then you can still enjoy the betting action that Grupo MGA has to offer. That is because the software company has invested in developing a range of online gambling portals through which players can enjoy the game-studio's own games as well as online sports betting. These websites are and – which also hosts a variety of 5-reel video slots from Microgaming.

However, these online casino sites are mostly tailored towards Spanish based bettors with a special license from the Juego Seguro division of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling – Spain's government approved regulatory body for land-based and online gambling. That said, there are many countries available to choose from when you register an account at these websites, the majority of which are Spanish speaking countries from South and Central America. However, players from Ireland, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Malta are eligible to play.

Some Saucy Slot Machines

The games offered by MGA software in these casino websites promise some eye-catching spinning entertainment thanks to a wide variety of fun and colourful themes. As for the gameplay, the majority of slots on offer actually fall into the 3-reel category, which makes a change from the conventional trend for contemporary game-studio to design slots with as many reels, paylines and bonus action as possible.

Among these games there are some titles which take on some traditionally tried and tested themes such as El Tesoro Pirata (The Treasure Pirate), La Mina De Oro (The Gold Mine), Mision Espacial (Space Mission) and La Bruja Fortuna (The Fortune Witch). However, these 3-reel novelty slots might turn a few heads when put among other generically themed games due to the fact that they all feature some female mascots who have been designed to, let's just say, catch the eye of certain bettors. It may appear a little bit tacky to some punters, but it can't be denied that MGA aim to heat things up when it comes to the visual aspects of their games. And things are slightly balanced out from a gender perspective in the 3-reel slot Roma, which features many a naked torso of Ancient Roman soldiers – evidently not the most effective of armour in battle!

Some other themes from the slot department of this software company include the superhero spins of Mr. Magnifico, the football based action of Champion Slots, the charming Irish game Celtic and the bikini-clad surfing action of Beach. All of these 3-reel games are designed with two dimensional graphics to present a novelty twist to the action, meaning that every spin is filled with light hearted fun to ensure players are entertained regardless of whether they win or lose.

Bingo Slots

We have mentioned that MGA software don't offer any 5-reel video slots, however they do offer some interesting gambling action with a selection of “bingo slots”. These games come in 3x5 and 5x5 formats, presenting a crossover between the number based action of bingo games and the spinning gameplay of slot machines. Some of these bingo slots actually take on the same themes as the aforementioned slot machines with titles such as Mr. Magnifico, Beach, Roma and Celtic popping up again.

However, there are many more designs on offer, this time with some 3D graphics for a more contemporary feel. There are titles such as Diamonds, which is set in an uptown jewellery store, and Cocktails, which takes place in a high-end city bar. However, it's not all fancy since there are plenty of comical themes to try out such as Disco, which features some colossal 3D afros as well as eye-popping shirt collars and flared trousers from the 70s. Other novelty style themes include Monster's Bingo, Candy Bingo, Carnaval Bingo and Fashion Bingo. So, there should definitely be something to suit your personal style.

Entertainment all Round

Software companies come in all shapes and sizes in today's contemporary e-gaming climate. There are small start-ups, mid-range companies and massive corporations. Grupo MGA is quite unique, however, because the Spanish based team of game-builders and business strategists have expanded their business from making land-based slots machines to providing an all-round entertainment service to the public. Whether you want to place some money on your favourite football team, have fun with the kids, or eat at a trendy restaurant, this company has it covered. However, the MGA group hasn't abandoned its slot machine past, with a bright and eye-catching spread of slot machines. These games, and an interesting selection of bingo slot titles, can all be played by using one of the company's own online casinos – or

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