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Nolimit City
Nolimit City Slot Machines

Nolimit City is an odd name for an i-Gaming software company, but then Nolimit City aren’t your average software development outfit. They’ve got a style and flair all of their own. Quirky, characterful and distinctly left field, Nolimit City are very much a product of the city they hail from. That city is Stockholm and it’s certainly a city that nurses a love for no limit poker and all the other slots and table games that can be found at land-based and web-based casinos the world over.

Nolimit City have in fact two locales to their name, one in their native Sweden and the other in Malta, where many software development firms are headquartered. Malta’s gaming-friendly status makes it an attractive base for software companies seeking to partner with the industry’s movers and shakers. Nolimit City’s Maltese HQ lies in Ta’ Xbiex, while their core team of developers are in Stockholm.

About Nolimit City

Nolimit City have more than ten years’ experience of developing cutting edge casino games. They aim to develop fast, flexible and stable gambling software that’s compatible with platforms used by major operators. One attribute that Nolimit City are proud of is their attitude to timekeeping. They take great pride in delivering projects on time every time. While Nolimit City’s staff are clearly devoted to their work and have a work ethic that would put other companies to shame, they also speak of having a relaxed working environment that’s as devoid of stress as possible.

Within the gambling sector, it’s commonplace for software developers to enthusiastically launch social media channels before abandoning them the moment work gets heavy and other commitments take priority. To Nolimit City’s credit, they’ve maintained their social channels to date; not only that but they have a Snapchat account, which might just be a first for any company operating in their sector. Business is brisk for the Swedish firm, as they’re currently seeking to fill around a dozen positions including backend developer, sound designer and motion graphics artist.

Free to Play Nolimit City Slot Machine Games

Nolimit City
Video Slots
Nolimit City
Video Slots
Nolimit City
Video Slots

The Slots

For a company that appears to be juggling so many duties and expanding so aggressively, Nolimit City have released surprisingly few games to date. It would appear that they’ve enjoyed great success with the few titles they’ve released thus far, the most famous being Oktoberfest, which can be seen at a good many online casinos. This stellar effort is complemented by two other video slots, Space Arcade and Creepy Carnival. In addition, the Swedish company have released one lottery-based game and that would appear to be about it as it stands.

The Lottery Suite

Aside from crafting a trio of well-received video slots, Nolimit City’s lottery suite has been making waves. This game – or rather trio of games – combines the thrill of lottery play with the sense of involvement that comes from betting on conventional casino games. The software incorporates three distinct elements: Lucky Cards, Bet on Poker and Ball Draw 36/6. While a conventional ball-based lottery draw is an integral part of the game, there’s more to it than that because players can also bet on specific outcomes in the game. Fancy your chances of predicting the sum total of all six balls? With Nolimit City’s lottery suite, there’s a betting option for that. One of the best things about the software is that it enables players to play in instant mode or in community mode, the latter allowing for interaction with other players and resulting in a more exciting experience.

The Nolimit City Platform

While it’s the slots that attract attention, the success of Nolimit City is also thanks in no small part to the stable platform they’ve mastered to power their games. Developed from the ground up, Nolimit City’s platform enables the Swedish company’s games to run on desktop and mobile. It incorporates a powerful engine that’s highly scalable, allowing casinos of all sizes to run Nolimit City’s games on their site. With the games engine comes an innovative suite of back office tools that enables operators to gain a detailed insight into how their site’s performing and to monitor player activity as well as identifying any potential threats or opportunities.

Nolimit City might not have many games to their name, but the titles that have seen the light of day have gone on to be licensed in major territories around the globe. The latest deal they’ve signed has seen Betit Group take on Nolimit City’s suite of games. Betit Group provide slots to Thrills, SuperLenny and Kaboo among others via their iGaming Cloud Platform. Oktoberfest, Space Arcade and Creepy Carnival will now be available to Betit Group’s customers. The partnership came about off the back of an earlier deal Nolimit City had signed with Gaming Innovation Group, who own Betit.


Integration is a word that surfaces a lot when discussing igaming developers. That’s not surprising. After all, a company could create the sharpest looking games in the world, but if there’s no ability to easily integrate them with third party platforms, they’re unlikely to gain traction and enjoy mass adoption. Nolimit City’s platform integration has two key parts to it. There’s the server side API which is designed to handle transactions and then there’s the JavaScript bundle. This is used to control the game loader and also for monitoring events. The bundle – officially named Nolimit.js – is simply a piece of JavaScript code that loads games as and when they’re required whilst giving the operator complete control.

Nolimit Promotions

One of the most interesting elements of Nolimit City’s gaming platform is the way they solicit feedback from operators, particularly when it comes to implementing unique promotions. To facilitate this, specific types of data may be required. Nolimit City’s role is to supply the synchronous real time data that’s required in order for the client to run a specific promotion.

Nolimit City can arrange this either by providing client-side JavaScript or server-side custom script as required. Nolimit City’s back office suite of tools includes promotion functionality; alternatively clients can choose to implement their own promotions.

How Nolimit City Do Their Business

Software development can be a lonely business much of the time. While Nolimit City are in R&D mode, they’re focused solely on crafting the best possible slots (and perhaps taking time out to occasionally update their social channels). When the time comes to market their new games to the masses – and specifically to seek out new deals with gaming operators – trade shows are how it’s done. Nolimit City regularly turn up at major industry exhibitions including London’s ICE Totally Gaming. Among the clients who Nolimit City have partnered with, either as a consequence of attending trade shows or via other means, are Casinostugan, Folkeautomaten, Comeon!, Mobilebet, Get Lucky, and Mobileautomaten.

Nolimit on How High They Can Go

Nolimit City are a software developer who appear to have enjoyed a lot of success to date, despite having only released three slots and one lottery game. Thankfully, this mere handful of games has contained various innovative features that have caught the eye of major industry players. As a consequence, Nolimit City’s future appears to be assured. With networks established and partnerships in place, Nolimit City are now free to develop new games in the knowledge that they’ll soon be getting put through their paces by an appreciative global audience.

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