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Fazi Slots

Most people would forgive you if you didn’t consider Serbia to be one of the hotbeds of the gaming industry, but that’s exactly where Fazi comes from. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Nis, Serbia, this casino manufacturer has become renowned for their electronic roulette machines, which have become extremely popular in casinos around the world, particularly in the Balkans.

Unsurprisingly, the company has spent the last 25+ years doing a lot more than manufacturing wheels. While those continue to be their signature product, Fazi has produced a lot more for their clients, from backend casino management systems to slot machines. Fazi roulettes have confirmed their quality and uniqueness not only on European markets, but also on the world level. Fazi roulettes are played all over the world, from Europe across Asia to all over America and they are distinguished by modern design, top quality and innovative solutions. Fazi has sold over 2500 electronic roulette configurations in the following countries: Spain, France, USA, Netherlands, Macau, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Angola, Republic of Serbia (85% market share), Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, FYR Macedonia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, East Timor, Angola, Gabon, Nigeria, Saipan and others.

In more recent years, the company has moved into the online gambling sector as well. Fazi Interactive has achieved remarkable success in markets all over the world. Fazi games are characterized by modern graphics with quality animation and innovative content. Fazi provide wide spectre of various online casino games developed in HTML5- slot games, live streaming automatic roulettes, virtual roulettes and video poker. It’s not the biggest collection, but it definitely has some highlights – especially when it comes to the company’s biggest area of expertise, roulette.

Valued by Live Resorts

While this manufacturer has turned its attention to the Internet in recent years, there’s no disputing that they are best known for their brick-and-mortar work. And when it comes to what you’ll see in your favorite live resort, your most likely interaction with their creations will be through high-tech electronic roulette machines.

We’re not talking about the typical “electronic” versions of table games, where all the action is simulated on a screen and the whole setup looks similar to a slot machine. Instead, this firm specializes in creating fully mechanical wheels that create actual, physical results that gamblers can bet on. Products like the Optimum, Key One, and Zed Roulettes offer multiple places for casino patrons to stand or sit, punching their bets in electronically while the winning numbers are chosen mechanically, right in front of their eyes.

Fazi is also known for creating simple but modern slot machine cabinets. These games aren’t the most impressive ones in the industry, but they offer high resolution graphics and a variety of different bonus features that should please players, while being noted for their stability, which is important to operators and owners. On the management side, they also create a casino management system that gathers data from all of their machines, and can also handle progressive jackpot systems across multiple terminals and games.

An Online Slots Collection

But this group’s online contributions shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Through Fazi Interactive, they have developed a small but interesting library of titles that are available for both online play and video lottery terminals in various jurisdictions.

This starts with a collection of about a dozen different slot machines. Like their live games, these aren’t the most visually impressive offerings we’ve ever seen. However, they cover some interesting themes and ideas, including a few we haven’t really seen before.

For instance, there’s Postman, a five-reel, 10-line game all about mail carriers – and perhaps the romantic interludes they might get into while on the job. Fruits and Stars is a 20-line machine with a much more classical theme, combining fruits, bells, sevens, and adding in stars as a scatter. And in Deep Jungle, you’ll get to enjoy beautiful artwork of parrots, primates, tigers and more while you try to make matches over another 20-line layout. This may not be the most dynamic collection we’ve ever seen, but there are certainly some interesting games here.

Roulette, Live and Simulated

There are three roulette offerings included in Fazi’s online collection. All three of these feature the trappings of a liver dealer game, though they do so in very different ways. Two of the machines use the company’s machines, located in real-world casinos, in order to allow players to bet over the Internet. One of these uses a traditional European layout, while the other is a Triple Crown setup, in which there is a three-wheel setup that offers a menu of additional betting options.

There’s also a third game that is the only one that actually features a human dealer – though it is actually the least “live” of all of these options. This is similar to games found in casinos where a prerecorded video shows a lovely croupier spinning a real wheel; however, the result that is shown is still chosen by a random number generator rather than spun live at that exact time.

Video Poker

Fazi has also put a single video poker machine into their online casino library. This is a unique offering known as Jolly Poker, and it has some features that we haven’t seen in other variants. There are no wild cards, but players still need at least two pair in order to score a win. However, what wins they do make are richly rewarded, with even two pair earning three times the initial stake.

A Trusted Brand Name

Fazi is a firm that may not be on the tip of the tongue for most gamblers, but they’re certainly well-known among industry insiders. As a large-scale manufacturer of high-end, sophisticated casino equipment, many operators around the world have come to rely on them for products that their customers love, especially when it comes to those mechanical roulette tables that have become their signature. They’re a regular attendee of major trade shoes like the International Casino Expo, always coming with new products to display to their many clients worldwide.

The developer hasn’t yet had that level of success when it comes to iGaming just yet, but that’s to be expected: after all, it isn’t where their focus lies, exactly. But their small collection does show some promise, and we like that they’ve taken some of their innovative roulette machines and used them to provide live betting options for players. If you see these games around, they’re definitely worth a look, even if they’re probably not going to become your all-time favorites.

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