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DGx Hub
DGx Hub Slots

Southeast Asia has always been known as a creative hub for companies within the iGaming industry. This is highlighted by the sheer magnitude of online casino software providers who proudly have headquarters within the subregion. One of the newest additions to this very long list is Digital Graphix Hub Technologies Inc., or DGx Hub – as the talented tribe prefers to be called.

Based in the bustling business and finance district of Makati, a city located in the heart of the Philippines, DGx Hub was founded in 2016 and claims to be an “innovative gaming graphics and software development company”. We’ll be putting that claim of innovation to the test throughout this thorough review. We’ll also bring you a detailed review and demo version of each video slot that DGx Hub has released to date.

If you’re a seasoned slots player who would prefer to play for real money, your options will be limited when it comes to DGx Hub slots. DGx Hub signed a content deal with omnichannel gaming platform provider Mediatech Solutions (a company which has since been purchased by leading Spanish gambling operator R. Franco) in January 2017. This deal would have meant that partners of Mediatech Solutions could have added the full suite of DGx Hub slots to their game library, but we can’t confess to knowing of any sites currently offering their games for real money.

Even the latest news section on the official DGx Hub website doesn’t have any announcements of content deals. It only includes information about iGaming events the company has attended. We’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground and update this review if a deal is announced, though.

Specialist in 2D and 3D Graphics

As the name of the company suggests, DGx Hub is a digital graphics studio whose primary focus is on producing spectacular 2D and 3D graphics and animations to impress players who gamble online. Not only does this entail creating graphics for its own small collection of games which have been developed in-house, but it also means completing projects on behalf of other gambling companies that outsource graphics when their design teams have enough tasks on their plate.

One of the main reasons DGx Hub has become so well-known for the digital art it produces is that it has assembled some of the best Filipino graphic designers in the country under one roof. Their artistry is evident in each game that DGx Hub releases, and their graphics have even caught the attention of world-famous brands.

A prime example of this was the collaboration between DGx Hub and brewing company Heineken International for a rugby-themed animation. This allowed the creative geniuses at DGx Hub to showcase their expertise using 3D software packages like Maya and After Effects, pitting two groups of hulking rugby players against each other to contest a scrum. It was the superb animation that reached the masses, presumably helping DGx Hub to secure even more clients in the process.

Eye-Catching, Feature-Rich Video Slots

Taking a quality-over-quantity approach to the development of stunning video slots, DGx Hub currently divides its engaging games into three categories: Asian, Western and Cartoon. As you might expect, the Asian category contains the highest number of releases. God of Wealth, Dragon Master, Three Kingdoms, Lucky Fortunes, Emperor’s Treasure, Imperial Maiden and Dragon God Shen Long are the slots currently listed in this category. When it comes to the Western category, you’ll find the Greek mythology-themed Wealth of Olympus video slot as the sole offering. Meanwhile, Great Sensei, Koi Garden, Lucky Panda, Tiki Quest and Monster Manor are the light-hearted games you can enjoy in the Cartoon category.

DGx Hub rarely deviates from a standard 3x5 game matrix, and you’ll also notice that the same types of bonus features are commonly used across the board, too. As a matter of fact, almost every DGx Hub slot includes wild symbols that expand to fill the whole reel, a free spins feature, plus four progressive jackpots.

Explore a Magnificent 3D Online Casino

The artistry of the digital artists at DGx Hub has also been demonstrated through an incredible 3D online casino walk-through. Produced to an exceptional standard within a time frame of 30 working days, it allowed the team to express their efficiency in multiple technologies which included the use of 3DS Max, VRay and After Effects to create a realistic virtual casino.

To step through the doors of the DGx Hub virtual casino, players first need to slip on a virtual-reality headset (we thoroughly recommend trying an Oculus Rift). Upon entering the virtual casino, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of games on offer. There are tons of table games to take a seat at, isles of slot machines to start spinning, and countless video poker machines to fire up. Plenty of animated characters have been included for you to interact with, too. These include fellow gamblers, croupiers, customer assistants, and even beefed-up security guards who look like they are about to burst from their tightly fitted suits.

This walkthrough was only created by the creative geniuses at DGx Hub to prove what they can accomplish in a short time frame, so don’t expect to be entering this virtual casino to for real cash any time soon. Saying that, it certainly wouldn’t surprise us if this walkthrough piqued the interest of an online casino with the funds to invest in more development time. Considering the intricacy of the virtual casino that DGx Hub has created in only one month, we can only imagine the incredible environment that would await us if they had one year or more to play with.

Revolutionizing How Baccarat Is Played

If you like to play baccarat at online casinos, you’re going to be mightily impressed by DGx Hub’s attempt to revolutionize how the game is played. VR Bac is an application that has been developed by DGx Hub to enable players to play baccarat at a live casino through the use of a virtual-reality headset, such as an Oculus Rift.

Once you’ve installed the app, you will step through the doors of a live casino before choosing a baccarat table of your choice. After you have made your selection, you will then communicate how much you’d like to stake on the table game to your assigned proxy, who will hear you through their own headset. The proxy will then place your bet, the game will play out, and you will then see whether you’ve won or lost. DGx Hub hails VR Bac as the “virtual revolution of baccarat gaming”, but whether it will gain the traction required to make it a mainstream success or not remains to be seen.

One to Keep a Close Eye On

We are very excited to see what lies ahead for DGx Hub. The group has quickly found its feet in the ultra-competitive iGaming industry, establishing itself as a go-to company for spectacular 2D graphics and absorbing 3D animations. The small selection of video slots DGx Hub has developed is promising, combining pixel-perfect graphics with immersive bonus features to engage players. And we are lost for words when it comes to VR Bac. It’s certainly the most impressive product in the suite of games developed by DGx Hub to date, and it leaves us anticipating more innovation in the future.

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