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Sexy-Themed Slot Machines

Sex sells. This is one of the universal things we always hear about products, media, and entertainment: throw a little sexual content into the mix, and you’re sure to attract plenty of attention. That’s why we’re never short of women in bikinis appearing in television ads for beer, calendars of hard-bodied people from all walks of life, and movie stars who bring more people to the theater for their looks rather than their hard-earned acting abilities.

You might not expect it, but there’s also plenty of ways that online casino software developers use sex to sell their products as well. Okay, it may not be as blatant as the burlesque shows at a Vegas casinos, but there are still plenty of sexy, erotic, or vaguely risqué slot machines out there, designed to titillate as much as provide you with slots action. If you’re looking for games that will be a feast for adult eyes only, then you’ve come to the right place.

A Vivacious Variety of Sexy Slots

So where exactly can you find these slots, and just how erotic are we talking? For answers to those questions and many more, it may be best to just take a look at a few of the most popular games that it into this category.

Let’s start with the relatively tame Playboy Hot Zone, created by Bally’s. At first, you might be surprised to hear the word “tame” attached to one of the most famous names in pornography, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Playboy has always marketed itself as a lifestyle brand that went way beyond naked or scantily-clad beauties to offer all the trappings of luxury and high culture. That means the brand has appeared on plenty of products that were friendly for general audiences – at least relatively speaking.

That’s the case here as well. You won’t find any nudity or even anything particularly sexual in this slot, which mostly features cartoonish graphics. The bunny symbol appears on the wild symbol, while another drawing of Hef and two of his bunnies can earn you some big bucks. The “hottest” part of this machine are the hot zones: portions of each reel that move independently of the symbols, and can overlap to create instant wilds that will help you make even bigger wins.

If you’re looking for a bit more erotic content in your sexy slot machines, you might want to try a couple of titles that were developed by Play’n Go, each of which features some extremely attractive Nordic individuals.

First, there’s Scandinavian Babes. If the title isn’t enough to tip you off, you’ll pick up on the theme soon enough when you watch the opening video, which features several beautiful women dancing as a part of a stage show. These same lovely ladies appear on the reels of this 15-line slot, where making matches of them is the easiest road to big wins. There’s also a special bonus round in which you pick from three different dancers, each of which is hiding an instant prize of hundreds or thousands of credits.

If you’d rather look at some beefcake men instead, then you can play the companion game, Scandinavian Hunks. Not only are the rules and gameplay basically identical to its sister machine, but even the video at the start of play is essentially the same, minus the swapped genders of the dancers. Those dancers once again appear in the “pick one” bonus round, and the game even features the same free spins option. In other words, your choice in picking one of these two games comes down entirely to what you want to look at.

Fun That’s Just a Little Dirty

So what might make someone want to play one of these erotic slot machines? There are a number of reasons why you might choose a game that’s just a bit on the risqué side, and they’re all perfectly legitimate and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we can think of at least four reasons to play any of these machines:

The Peep Show: Maybe visuals are the most important thing for you. And hey, who could blame you for looking at some of these visuals in particular? There are plenty of other themes that attract people to games – sex is just as good as any other.

I Read it for the Articles: Many players don’t care about theme at all, and are just looking for gameplay elements that they enjoy. One of these machines might give you exactly what you’re looking for, which is reason enough to play any game.

Laughter is the Best Medicine: There’s a lot of humor to be mined from the world of erotica. Infamous erotic e-books such as “Belinda Blinked” have had entire podcasts devoted to reading them, and even television shows like Baywatch have drawn plenty of laughs to go along with their sexier elements. We’re sure that there are plenty who will find the idea of a “sexy” slot machine just as silly: if that adds some enjoyment to your play by adding a few laughs, who are we to judge?

You might even have your own, different reasons for playing these erotic titles now and again. Whatever the reason, all of these games are interesting enough to take a look at, whether or not the risqué elements are exactly what you’re looking for.

A Walk on the Wild Side

We hope this page has given you an idea of the kinds of sexy, erotic slots that are available at online casinos today. Of course, this is just a small sampling of the kinds of racy and sensuous games that are currently on the market. In particular, Playboy has put their brand out there into the online gambling world: in particular, they have worked in concert with Microgaming on many occasions, creating a live dealer suite and at least one branded slot.

As we said at the top, sex sells, and that’s just as true when it comes to online gaming as it is anywhere else. If you want to play your first steamy and provocative slot machine, any of the above titles would be a great place to start.

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