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SmartSoft Gaming
SmartSoft Gaming Slots Review

When you’re tired of your favourite games, you will quite often start looking at other providers to see what they might offer. One such provider is SmartSoft Gaming. Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, they have been operating since 2015 and have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Not only do they design slot machines but also table games like poker and roulette as well as bingo and keno. This is a nice, well-rounded approach to gaming which allows them to cover all bases without focusing on one specific game type.

However, we think SmartSoft Gaming fall short with their website as it consists of a single page that’s difficult to navigate through. If you’re scrolling to read more about a certain game, you might accidentally scroll too far and ping yourself down into the next part of the page.

They also claim to have a YouTube page but, when you click the link, you’ll get a message saying the channel does not exist. These are basic errors which need to be improved on if SmartSoft wishes to establish their brand in the iGaming market.

Free to Play SmartSoft Gaming Slot Machine Games

SmartSoft Gaming
Video Slots

Designing Things Differently

One place where SmartSoft does impress is in the appearance of their games. They have clearly put a lot of time and energy into developing their graphics. Each one of their games has some beautifully designed symbols and this is one of the key things that help bring a game to life.

Rather than rely on well-known motifs like the card suits or the Royal Flush symbols, SmartSoft Gaming has decided to design symbols themed to the specific game they appear in. They’ve also included little dynamic animations in each of their releases. From falling snow in their Christmas slot to the pedestrians walking past in the Car slot machine, these are simple details that add a novel touch to each game.

Uniquely-Styled Slots

SmartSoft has quite a selection of online slots for you to try out and they have some original themes which we think you will love.

The first we tried out was the Car slot. This is an inventive game based around a traffic jam with 5 lanes of traffic forming the five reels and 20 paylines. We loved all the detailed car symbols used to create this traffic jam, like the old racing car and the hippy van used as the free spins scatter.

You can enjoy up to 50 free spins when landing 3 or more of these scatter symbols across the reels. Landing any winning combinations during these spins will be multiplied by up 3x your initial bet. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try to double your wins with a feature called the Risk Game.

We also took the Dota slot for a spin, which is based around the popular MOBA video games. The symbols here are some of the most well-known characters from the series, so if you’re a fan of Dota, you will probably spot some familiar faces. In terms of bonus features, you will find a risk game and a set of free spins similar to the Car slot, and a bonus game with instant wins.

Game Titles and Controls Falling Flat

These slots look stunning which is frustrating as the gameplay can be quite difficult to get your head around. The control panel changes depending on the game and it is not always the clearest to understand. SmartSoft Gaming might benefit from putting together a control bar which they could use uniformly across all their slots, as Pragmatic Play and Eyecon do. While this might not always be tied to the theme of the slot, it is helpful as it allows any player to jump from one game to another and immediately start playing. Trying to work out how each game works every time you load it up can cause some people to click away before they even start playing.

You may have noticed that we referred to the games above as “the Car slot” or “the Christmas slot”. That is because none of these games actually have their own unique title. This is an important piece of marketing which we feel SmartSoft Gaming is missing. Their slots are impressive but, based on the title alone, they not might be able to attract many players.

Mobile-Optimization and Full Support

One thing that SmartSoft Gaming are committed to is flexible support for their games, a part of this being the inclusion of mobile gaming. SmartSoft has made sure that all their games are compatible with various types of mobile devices. Any player can access their games at any time, with a variety of currencies and languages. They are truly setting themselves up to appeal to the international markets.

If there is an error in any of their releases, they have pledged a 24/7 support system to anyone hosting their games and apps. They are fully prepared to give this support to any of their partners and players to give them the best possible experience.

Worth a Shot?

SmartSoft Gaming presents us with a dilemma. They have the basis of some very good games in their library and the selection of table and bingo games shows that they aspire to be a well-rounded games developer. The slots themselves have promise but they are ultimately let down by little details.

These games fall a bit short due to the difficulty in playing and the lack of personality through missing titles. If you are on the hunt for a brilliant game with some thrilling features, you might be able to find one among SmartSoft Gaming’s library. However, we think that there are more options out there from other providers who offer a better experience.

This lack of care continues over to things like their website. While it’s great that they offer things like a 24/7 support system, they also need to make sure that the products they are putting out are up to standard in the first place. With some careful redevelopment of the website, we are sure that they will manage to convey the same level of professionalism as they are offering through their services.

Keep an eye out for their new releases and any improvements done to their existing games. If they tend to the issues mentioned above, we ‘re sure that they will soon be making games which tick all of our boxes.

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