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Spike Games
Spike Games Slot Machines

Spike Games is an online casino games provider that is headquartered in Sheffield, England. The company was founded in 2014 by Rob Anderson, a veteran of the iGaming industry who had previously held positions at companies like Barcrest and Mazooma before moving on to create his own gaming firms like Cometa Wireless and Alchemybet.

Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Spike isn’t a studio that is interested in making the same types of products that everyone else in the online casino world is churning out. Instead, the group has decided to create a small number of truly unique games that are designed to feature some of the properties that tend to make slots successful, but in packages that are more appealing to casual gamblers. While this mix isn’t likely to revolutionize the casino industry anytime soon, it’s a nice change of pace from the typical slots-centric portfolios we see from most providers.

Free to Play Spike Games Slot Machine Games

Solutions Based on Operator Needs

One reason why this collection has found some success despite being quite small is the act that it offers a lot of versatility for operators who wish to include it among their offerings. With only three games to offer, it’s little surprise that Spike hasn’t gone all the way and made its own platform or casino backend product. However, they’ve still taken steps to give operators tools to make integration easier.

While individual clients can still choose to directly integrate these titles into their existing platforms, the company has also developed a Remote Gaming Server that they refer to as the Spike RGS. These servers allow the company to do all the work of hosting the games, meaning that if a casino owner doesn’t want to do the work of figuring out how to make the games fit into their platform, they can simply access the games from these UK-based cloud servers instead.

Flexibility like this has helped this developer reach out to a number of different clients over the years. Perhaps their biggest partnership is with Openbet, one of the most trusted platforms in the industry. That means that many players from around the world can enjoy these games: Openbet is the pick of many of the top bookmaking firms when it comes to their online operations, and has also been used by provincial governments in Canada as well as companies in Denmark and France, among other regulated jurisdictions.

Matching Games

So what makes Spike Games so unique when compared to the rest of the industry? Well, for one, they have yet to create a single traditional slot machine game. Even with a portfolio that only includes three titles at the moment, this is still rather remarkable, seeing as how slots are generally seen at the core part of online casinos.

Instead, this studio has decided to focus on a slightly more off-beat part of the gaming industry. If you’ve ever spent any time around casual video games – the kinds where players solve puzzles, which are often found on mobile apps and Facebook – you’re probably already familiar with the match-three genre. Typically, these games present a large grid of different kinds of symbols, and allow players to switch nearby icons in order to make matches of at least three in a row. These will then disappear from the screen, with new symbols falling into place to replace them.

Each of the Spike creations uses a similar format, at least to some extent. The most slot-like of the titles is Shamrock Shuffle, which users a 6x10 layout that is divided up into five reels, and only features horizontal wins. There’s no skill involved here: players make a bet, and then the symbols just fall into place, with no “moves” allowed. But this Irish-themed game is still all about making matches: hit three or more in a row anywhere on screen, and your winning symbols will pay out, disappear, and then allow new potential winners to fall right into place. Free spins, jackpots, and instant credit bonuses spice up this game to make it a fun and colorful way to win some cash.

The other two games are more in the vein of classics like Candy Crush Saga. In fact, Super Candy Cash is quite obviously themed in a similar way, using lots of wrapped candies as symbols on a 9x9 board in order to give away prizes. There’s a large progressive jackpot that can be won here, as well as a bonus round where players get to enjoy a more interactive form of the game, moving around symbols to make matches. The other option is Stardrop, which features an outer space theme. The twists here include wild symbols, large icons that cover a 3x3 area, and a free spins game that can come with multipliers on all of your wins. Each of these titles allows for play at very low limits, making them accessible even to those who just want to spend a few pounds once in a while for fun.

An Interesting Addition to Any Collection

One of the many things that sets the iGaming world apart from land-based casinos is the incredible diversity of games that are offered over the Internet. But these web-based gaming sites wouldn’t be able to have such an interesting menu of options if every developer focused on making the same kinds of products.

That’s what makes a developer like Spike Games so valuable. There may only be three games in their library, but these are largely unlike what you’ll see from most other firms, offering up a style of play that mixes in elements of slots with aspects that will be familiar to those who are more comfortable around video games than they are on the casino floor. That makes this a great company for operators to turn to when they want to add something to their sites that will attract a different kind of player, one that isn’t going to head straight for the blackjack table or 50-payline slot machines.

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Spike Games
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Spike Games
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Spike Games
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Spike Games
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