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    The Top 5 Android Online Casinos

    An In-Depth Guide to Using Casino Sites on Android Smartphones and Tablets

    When you add up all the different types of mobile devices that run operating systems across the world, there is no doubt which one is the most popular. Android takes that crown by far, being the most widely used operating system on both tablets and smartphones, far outpacing iOS and other competitors. Based on the Linux kernel, it provides touchscreen support and can be customized for use with a variety of different products, including televisions, cars, cameras, and much more. Developed by Google, Android is released as an open source product, allowing other developers to also produce updates and features for the OS.

    Given the incredible reach of this operating system, it has become a very desirable platform for online casino developers to target. That means that for mobile play, there are few better ways to connect than through an Android device, as almost all gambling sites with a mobile-friendly version have ensured compatibility with smartphones and tablets that use this software. Even better, the open source nature of the system means that operators can create their own apps and distribute them from their own sites, getting around Google’s own restrictions on gambling content.

    The best Android casino sites are listed in the table below. Our review team have tried more than 100 different Android casinos using a selection of devices including phones and tablets by Samsung, HTC and Google. The sites we have picked were chosen because of:

    • First class security and safety for mobile users with the latest encryption technologies being used for games, banking and player data.
    • Quick and easy signup and deposit process with registration and account funding taking less than 5 minutes total.
    • Huge libraries of slots and table games that work well on both Android smartphones and Android tablets.

    Best Android Casinos in 2019

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    Best Android Casinos in 2019

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    Planet 7 Casino
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    Sloto'Cash Casino
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    All the Games You’ll Ever Need

    If you’ve ever played at an online casino, you know that game variety is rarely a problem. These days, a typical site might have hundreds of different slot machines, as well as a full variety of table games like blackjack and roulette. Scratch card games, video poker, keno, and even offbeat options like virtual horseracing and other fixed-odds games are also common.

    What Android casinos do is take this incredible variety of content and bring it right to your favorite smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to play on a Samsung Galaxy, a Nexus, a phone by LG or HTC, or a tablet like the Google Pixel C or the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you’ll be able to find the same amazing games as you would on your desktop or laptop computer.

    As a general rule, you’ll find that the game selection is slightly more limited when playing on your Android device than if you play on the more traditional “instant play” or downloadable clients used on a standard computer. This used to be a major issue: when mobile gambling first started to become viable, developers could only slowly port titles over to the new platforms one game at a time. It was common for only a handful of slots and maybe a table game or two to be included in the mobile mix, with perhaps an additional title coming online every month or more.

    Today, though, mobile game selection has improved dramatically. This is due largely to the implementation of HTML5, a markup language that has made it much easier for developers to create content that is compatible across a wide range of platforms, from Windows and Linux to Android and iOS. It also includes plenty of features that make it ideal for mobile use, as it was designed with compatibility with low-power devices in mind.

    The result of this is that many developers have made their latest games completely in HTML5 while others such as Netent have recoded many of their older titles to use HTML5 instead of Flash. This has allowed for most new slot games to be released on desktop and mobile platforms – including for Android – simultaneously. Developers that have taken advantage of this possibility have rapidly grown their mobile lineups, to the point where some companies have equivalent lineups on all platforms. In other cases, while some of the older library of games may not be available for smartphones, all new games are now released simultaneously for all users. In either case, players are no longer suffering from a lack of gambling options when it comes to Android casinos.

    Browser Based Games and Android Gambling Apps

    One of the biggest advantages that Android casino players have over their iPhone counterparts is an increased ability to choose how they play real money games. To understand why, we should first talk about the rules that both Apple and Google use in their app stores when it comes to the gaming industry.

    Both companies use a similar (and fairly reasonable) standard for real money gambling apps. If you want to release such a program through their stores, you must be a licensed and regulated operator. In addition, you can only release that app in markets where you hold a license or are otherwise clearly legally allowed to offer such games.

    It’s a standard that makes perfect sense from a legal perspective, but one that can cause some issues given the current state of the Internet gaming world. Many players reside in so-called “grey markets,” where there is no regulation and where licenses are not offered, but where governments aren’t exactly cracking down on foreign operators who offer such games, either. Players in these areas may wish to play on a mobile app, but these rules prevent such apps from being offered in the iTunes store or on Google Play.

    In the case of the iPhone, that’s the end of the story. But when it comes to Android phones, the open source nature of the OS has allowed developers to release their own apps, getting around these pesky restrictions. Instead, you’ll see many online casinos offer a QR code to help users download the app directly to their phones, or provide download links that can be visited from their websites. It’s not a perfect workaround: users often have to override some security prompts to install software in this way, which is likely to scare many people who aren’t that confident in using technology. But it’s still an option, and one that iPhone users can’t take advantage of.

    More commonly, though, today’s Android casinos are provided through web-based solutions that can be accessed directly in your phone or tablet browser. This isn’t terribly surprising, as it is an emulation of the same comfort and convenience that comes with using an instant play, no-download platform on a desktop or laptop. Players only need to point their browser to the mobile-friendly version of a gambling website (usually at the same URL – the site will recognize you are connecting from a smartphone or a tablet, and change its layout accordingly), log into their account, and they can start playing the full range of games offered on these devices. Typically, these sites are compatible with any popular Android-based phone or tablet going back several generations, and even if they don’t explicitly support a device, there is a good chance they will work provided that your software (including the browser itself) are reasonably up-to-date.

    Small Screen, Big Experience

    A major concern when playing games on a smaller device is how the experience will translate. Obviously, there isn’t as much room to operate as on a computer monitor, and even though phones and tablets are more powerful than ever, they still can’t handle the same intense graphics and animations that computers have little trouble processing.

    In the early days of mobile casinos, that meant a lot of sacrifices for gameplay purposes. Graphics were incredibly simple, and almost all of the atmosphere was stripped out in order to fit just the essential elements onto the screen. For example: a slots game would include the reels and a spin button, but that might be it, with all other options relegated to an off-screen menu. It was a system that worked (after all, the important thing was that we were able to place real money bets), but it wasn’t the same as the “real” thing.

    But today, thanks to improvements on both the hardware and software sides of the equation, Android users are getting better gaming experiences than ever before. The faster and more powerful phones and tablets on the market are part of the answer as to why this happened, but once again, the biggest factor may have been the development of HTML5. This made it possible for game creators to build web-based titles that work flawlessly on all operating systems, creating the exact same experience (or as close as possible) for all systems, from the most powerful gaming PC to low-end smartphones.

    Granted, there are still some concessions that have to be made in order to make this work. Screen size will always be an issue, so you’ll usually see some elements stripped out, especially on phones: background art designed to add flavor might not appear, and the menu and options layouts will change in order to give you the most usable interface possible. This varies depending on the device you are using, too: connect on a Galaxy Note tablet, and you’ll get something very close to the optimal experience, while playing one of the handful of games released for smartwatches like the Motorola Moto, and you’ll only get the barest graphics in order to represent the reels, with nothing else on screen.

    Signing Up and Banking on Android Devices

    All of the above might sound good in theory, but none of it matters unless you feel comfortable getting started with Android casinos. Thankfully, while the process might seem a bit complex at first glance, it’s actually rather simple to play all of your favorite gambling games right from your phone.

    First, you’ll need to sign up for an account at any of the many reputable, well known casino sites that offer mobile gaming through Android devices. If you already have at least one Internet gambling account, you may be in luck: chances are that your site of choice has a mobile offering, and your account can be used for playing from any device.

    The signup process is simple, though if you have the choice, you might want to complete it from a computer – if only because it might be easier to type and navigate the website for the first time that way. You won’t have to provide too much information at this point; your name, address, phone number, and a couple other items should be all that’s necessary to open an account. You’ll also need to choose a unique username and a secure password.

    At this point, you will have done enough to play for fun in practice modes, so if you want to give the casino a test run, feel free! In most cases, you can even do this from your smartphone or tablet. That makes this the perfect time to figure out how you should connect to the games from your device. In most cases, you can just go to the same website through your mobile web browser, log in, and start playing right away. Some sites may also offer you the chance to download an app to your phone, which will put the games right on your device for you, offering instant access. Either method is perfectly fine; if you have both options, the one you choose will be up to personal preference (though some sites may have different game selections between the two).

    Once you’re ready to jump into real money play, you’ll need to make your first deposit. Once again, you may wish to complete this step from a computer, as some of the navigational aspects might be easier to handle there. In addition, gambling operators are pretty careful about helping protect themselves and their customers from fraud, so your ability to deposit or withdraw from a mobile device may be restricted until you first do some banking from a computer. These policies differ from site to site and the trend is shifting as more mobile payment options such as Pay by Phone and Zimpler become more popular.

    When it comes time to making a deposit, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Exactly what you can choose to use will depend on where you live and the site you are playing on. Common options you might encounter include:

    • Credit and Debit Cards: Because they are fast, secure, and easy to use, credit cards are usually the first choice option listed at most sites. Visa and MasterCard are by far the most popular brand names for gambling, as they do not have any broad rules against using their cards at betting sites. However, every issuing bank does have its own rules, so you may find that different combinations of cards and sites work (or do not) at different times.
    • E-Wallets: These solutions are popular amongst gamblers, as they allow you to deposit, withdraw, make transfers, or simply store money in an account. Typically, you’ll link your e-wallet account to a bank account or credit card, which will be used to initially fund your wallet, after which you can spend the funds in it. While PayPal is the most famous of these wallets, it is not widely used in the gambling world. Instead, the big names in this sector are Neteller and Skrill, both of which are used at many different casinos.
    • Bank Transfers: This is an old standby that tends to be very reliable, and very secure, as you’ll be using your bank to help you get money to the casino site. These types of transfers can take several forms, including e-checks and wire transfers.
    • Prepaid Cards and Vouchers: If standard funding methods don’t work for you, or if you’d prefer not to use traditional financial instruments for online gambling, then you may want to look into a prepaid method. These work similar to calling cards or gift cards: you buy them (either online or at a retail location), then use the value stored on the product at the Internet casino site. The most widely used of these is probably Ukash, a voucher system that can be purchased by any means (including cash) from thousands of retail outlets worldwide.

    Other options may also be available to you, depending on the region you live in: for instance, some areas also have access to services that use your online banking system to make deposits quickly and securely, and in a few places, you can even make a deposit right at a local brick-and-mortar casino’s cashier.

    Withdrawal methods vary for similar reasons, but most sites will give you at least a handful of options that should work no matter where you live. Typical offerings include bank transfers and payments that go out to e-wallets. The “fail safe” option is usually just having the operator send you a check for your winnings, though this is slower, since you must wait for the check to arrive in the mail.

    Safe and Fair Play

    If you’re uncertain about the safety and security of playing at online casinos, we can tell you that these sites use the same state-of-the-art security features that are found at standard online gaming sites. But what exactly does that mean?

    For starters, you should know that all of your financial transactions with sites are securely encrypted. Usually, this is done using standards that are in line with what banks and other major institutions use, though if you are curious about the specifics, you may wish to check the security information presented on each casino’s website for more details. To ensure you are protected against hackers, most sites do not store any of your financial data after you complete a transaction, and other personal data is always maintained securely in an encrypted format.

    Many players also have questions about the fairness of the games themselves. We only recommend playing at reputable sites, all of which have had their games independently tested by labs that specialize in testing random number generators for fairness and randomness. Sites that have undergone such testing can be trusted to offer up truly fair games that aren’t rigged or otherwise predictable.

    Gaming on the Go

    If you’re one of the growing number of people who have an Android device that they use regularly, then it’s time to start using that smartphone or tablet to play your favorite casino games. The selection and quality of slots, table games, and much more only gets better year after year, and in the near future, it’s possible that the vast majority of Internet gambling will be done through mobile devices – with Androids leading the way. Whether you’re a veteran of online casinos or you’re just looking to get started, there’s no better way to play than on a device running an Android OS.

    Android Gambling FAQ

    What Devices Can I Use?

    A wide variety of Android devices are capable of running online casinos, including most common smartphones and tablets that use the OS. One exception may be devices that use a modified version of the operating system, such as the Amazon Fire. Most sites include a list of supported devices, but the most important thing is to have a recent build of Android itself installed on the device you wish to play on; as long as it is fairly modern, it should be compatible with most sites if the software is up to date.

    Do I Need to Download Anything to Play?

    In most cases, the answer to this question is no. Some sites may utilize apps that you can download from their site (or, in regulated markets, directly from the Google Play store). However, most sites will direct you to a mobile version of their games platform, one that can be accessed directly through your phone’s web browser. From there, you’ll have access to all of the mobile-compatible games, with no downloads required.

    Are Online Casinos Legal?

    In almost all cases, it is legal for you as an individual to play on an Internet gambling site. However, laws differ from country to country (and sometimes even within nations) as to the legality of running a site and offering real money games. In some cases, local governments regulate and license sites to provide games, while others actively make it illegal to offer casino gambling over the Internet, and others take stances that are somewhere in between, leading to them being referred to as “grey markets.” If you’re unsure about the laws in your jurisdiction, check out information on the legality of online casinos where you live.

    Why Can’t I Find Gambling Apps in the Google Play Store?

    If you live in an area where there is no regulation of online casinos, then it is unlikely that you will find apps for gambling sites in the Google Play store. That’s because of a policy implemented by Google that does not allow real money gaming applications to be sold unless they are done so in a way that is clearly legal: in other words, by licensed companies only in jurisdictions where they are licensed to operate (the iTunes Store uses a similar policy).

    If you live in an area where these apps cannot be found, however, there are two options. First, you may be able to connect directly to mobile casino sites through your phone or tablet’s web browser. If you want to install an app, you may also be able to download one directly from the operator’s website, bypassing the app store rules.

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