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Intervision Gaming
Intervision Gaming Slots

With offices in six different countries around the world, you might be wondering why Intervision Gaming aren't well known and popular as some of the other software studios in the e-gaming market.

Well, the reason for that is perhaps because the Leicester based technology firm has focussed much of its energy in creating a catalogue of more than 50 video slot machines for the land-based casino sector. However, the outfit is slowly beginning to roll out a number of its titles to the online casino, having established some partnerships with a select range of respectable gambling websites.

The game development company has a traditional appeal, offering a range of 5-reel games that tend towards familiar themes with relatively standard two-dimensional illustrations. In that sense, this company can be likened to other veteran land-based game makers such as IGT and WMS, certainly in matters of aesthetic and style, if not popularity and market share.

Worldwide Ambition

Intervision Gaming might not boast the same huge reputation as other land-based game producers, but the software studio has still managed to build a worldwide network of business. With offices and employees working in the UK, Cyprus, Macau, the United States, Peru and Mexico, it is safe to say that this game-making company has ambition to succeed on a global scale.

The vision of the company is a fairly simple one. As they outline on their website, the idea is to “achieve recognition as a world class supplier of the highest quality products, with service and reliability to match”. Admittedly, that's the kind of vague statement that appears on the website of every ambitious company in any sector of industry. So how does the reality of Intervision Gaming play out against the software firm's own claims?

Free to Play Intervision Gaming Slot Machine Games

Intervision Gaming
Video Slots
Intervision Gaming
Video Slots
Intervision Gaming
Video Slots
Intervision Gaming
Video Slots
Intervision Gaming
Video Slots

The Foundations

To begin with, let's take a look at the foundation of the game studio's entertainment product – the game machines themselves. As far as hardware goes, Intervision Gaming offers up a trio of different arcade playing platforms to the land-based casino market, providing a decent level of variety when it comes to user interaction and playing comfort. Take the Megavision series, for example, which offers an intimate gambling portal with ergonomic design, allowing ease of use and maximum payer immersion. The Ultravision series, on the other hand, is a dual screen machine for with a 22” touchscreen monitor for top notch player interaction for optimum entertainment value.

More than just Hardware

Not only does Intervision offer those state-of-the-art gaming machine, but the company is also dedicated to providing a full service of installation and maintenance. That way, casinos and players alike can get the most out of the spinning action without too much hassle or disruption to the entertainment. What's more, the company advertises its committed sales and marketing team, which aims to expand the outreach of the product to new markets while maintaining a good relationship with existing customers.

Safe and Sound

One of the most important aspects of any company which operates in the world of gambling is their commitment to playing by the rules. No matter whether it is a creator of gaming machines, a designer of slot machines, or a casino operator which hosts the games, it is important that the standards of fair play and responsibility as outlined by licensing bodies are upheld.

While Intervision Gaming doesn't mention any particular legal jurisdictions, it does claim to have worked in unison with regulatory authorities and governments from over the world to ensure that its gambling products are within the law. With that in mind, casino clients and potential players can rest assured that the games and machines which the company delivers are designed to be completely fair to play.

As a matter of fact, punters who visit the Intervision Gaming website will be able to browse a whole catalogue of video slots that have been certified for fairness by Gaming Laboratories International. This selection of 24 games constitutes for about half of all the video slots that are offered by the software company.

Slots with a Story

The vast majority of the games designed by Intervision Gaming fall under the video slot machine bracket, meaning that they offer 5-reels of themed action, often giving players the chance to play special bonus games for extra winning potential. As such, players who like their slot machines to be simple to spin and retro on the eye won't find anything for them from this game-studio.

Having said that, the games from this software company are far from being at the cutting edge of video slot design with a limited use of 3D animations like some of the contemporary game-makers out there. Instead, the emphasis appears to be on character-based games which use detailed illustrations in two dimensions. In fact, we would go so far as to say that the style of these slot machines is comparable to other land-based slot machine stalwarts such as WMS and IGT.

As far as the themes go, the video slots seem to fall into one of two categories – those which are based on human character narratives or those which take their inspiration from the animal kingdom. So, spinners will be able to meet Ancient Roman emperors and fierce gladiators in The Great Empire, discover the heat and passion the flamenco dancers and bullfighters of Andalusia in Kassandra, and spin for glory and honour with the gods of Norse mythology in Legends of Asgard.

If you are after something of a different nature altogether, then you can try out some wild action in Amazon Fever with its rudimentary 3D graphics and abundance of animal wonders. Other games that are based on our animal companions include the doggy-themed Spot, the safari styled 101 Lions (which incidentally has 101 paylines), and the novelty insect world game that is Anton's Family.

A Different Way to Play

Admittedly, many of the slot machine themes that make up the Intervision Gaming portfolio have been done time and time before. Whether the focus is on great historical empires or magnificent beasts of nature, the style of this game development studio is all too familiar.

However, having said that, the company has made an effort to shake things up in the gameplay department, providing some different spinning action from the conventional norm. Take Rhino, for example, a slot machine that is strikingly similar in subject matter to a certain game by WMS but which serves up a unique game screen with three central reels that are larger than the first and fifth reels. As such, the game has 1,125 ways to win, something which is replicated on other Intervision Gaming titles such as Northern Lights and Panda.

Where to Play

Even though this company boasts a catalogue of more than 50 slot machines, punters will only be able to find a select range of Intervision slot machines at online casinos. Those casino websites include some popular and respected names like Casino Adrenaline, Casino Ventura and Boss Casino, and the games that are listed at these websites include 101 Lions, Jester, Wolfpack, Spot and American Wild.

Doing It the Old Fashioned Way

Intervision Gaming may not be the newest or most innovative game-maker to be making in-roads to the online e-gaming sector, but the company has an impressive track record within the international land-based gambling market. Slowly but surely, this software studio is beginning to offer its games to the online sector, extending its reach beyond the confines of the casino floor and on to the global stage of the world wide web.

The games themselves are adequately pleasant to look at, and there is sufficient variety in the gameplay to attract fans of video slot machines. However, for the game-maker to truly stand out it will need to diversify its portfolio with some themes that are more adventurous than historical empires and wild animals.

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