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Game360 Slots

Italy is one of the largest regulated online gambling markets in Europe, and that means that companies that succeed there are definitely worthy of notice. Game360 is one of the largest software providers in the country, and has become a trusted name in the industry thanks to their excellent mobile platforms.

In fact, focusing on the mobile sector was the plan from the beginning for this Italian-based firm. Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Andrea Guzzon, the vision of the group has always been to offer a wide range of gaming products and solutions that are focused on mobile content that players can access from any device.

That approach has turned Game360 into an industry leader that works with many of the biggest brands that are active in Italy today. That includes names like bwin, Bestingame, Betflag, and giochi24, among many others, making this firm nearly a household name in their home market. In 2015, the company was bought by the NYX Gaming Group, a relationship that has only strengthened their position in the industry.

Gaming Goes Full Circle

While Game360 has created a number of slots and other games for players to enjoy, their real strength lies in the many different platforms they have created for operators. These fully-functioning solutions give operators everything they might need in order to launch a new site, or to add on to an existing casino or other gaming operation.

For slots fans, the most important of these is the 360 Casino Mobile platform. This turnkey solution can easily be integrated with other software or game collections, and can be fulling customized by each client to suit their own needs. Offering a complete back-office management system that can handle reporting and other important functions, this platform comes complete with the company’s suite of games, all of which are instantly playable not only on desktop computers, but also on iOS and Android devices. There are even native apps for both operating systems that allow access to this platform.

But this is a group that does more than just casino operations. They’ve also created a flexible and powerful mobile sports betting system that has become quite popular in Italy as well. Through the use of this platform, operators get a plug-and-play solution that can instantly allow them to accept bets on countless sports competitions from around the world. Just like the casino solution, this accepts bets from iOS, Android, and desktop users. The company has also created mini-versions of many of their games that are designed to be integrated directly into pages where players enjoy poker or bingo, allowing them to quickly place bets in between their hands or drawings.

Free to Play Game360 Slot Machine Games

Slots from Every Angle

While this company has been quite successful in becoming an indispensable partner throughout the Italian market, they haven’t exactly been prolific in making their own games. Instead, they offer up a small collection of slots that are native to their collection, and are usually supplemented by those from other providers.

These games mostly follow similar, five-reel formats that feature somewhere between 15 and 25 paylines. The gameplay elements are rather straightforward: most of these titles offer up the chance to earn some free spins, have wilds on the reels, and offer up one simple bonus round that can earn you some extra credits in a hurry.

But while the action may be similar, there’s certainly plenty of variety in the theming of these machines, as well as in the way they are presented. For instance, there’s El Paso Saloon, a game that captures the style and flavor of the Old West. Lucky Day is a 3D animated slot that features plenty of dark humor, as death (clock, scythe, and all) is always ready to appear at every turn. And Angry Fruits is a machine that takes a very silly idea – lots of fruits on a farm suddenly are angry – and builds it out into a fun, cartoonish game.

In total, there are just over a dozen machines natively created by Game360. However, these aren’t the only games that come with this platform. In addition, many other NYX games are offered as a part of the package, adding more than 40 additional slots to the package without requiring operators to make agreements with other providers.

Additional Options Limited

When it comes to offering up other options in casinos, the Game360 portfolio is rather limited. In fact, the company lists just three games in their table games section, and one of those is more accurately defined as a specialty product.

First, there’s a fairly standard European roulette game, which includes the single-zero layout that is friendlier to players than the American version. In addition, there is a single blackjack option that again uses standardized rules most players will be familiar with. Finally, there is a version of the simple Hi/Lo game in which players must guess if the next card drawn out of a deck will be higher or lower than the one displayed, with odds being dynamically determined based on what card is showing. This game includes an “accumulator” style of play in which players can let their winnings ride several times in the hopes of walking away with a monster jackpot.

Give This Company a Spin

It is very hard to argue with the success that Game360 has found for itself in the Italian market. They are clearly one of the top software providers in the nation, and their platforms have become widely used by major operators, an achievement they are certainly proud of.

For players, it’s true that the gaming collection is rather small, so you’re unlikely to get overly excited about anything they offer. Their slots are pretty average overall, with few innovative features or unique design ideas that would make them stand out from the crowd. In addition, there are few other games, so this collection is rather limited in many ways.

That said, this developer should still be a welcome sight for anyone who is looking for quality casinos to play at in the regulated Italian iGaming industry. They’ve become a trusted name for good reason: not only are their games safe, fair, and reliable, but they are also one of the leaders in mobile gaming, something that more and more players are looking for every day. Even if their slots aren’t your all-time favorites, we think Game360 will deliver an experience that most players will be more than satisfied to come back to time and time again.

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