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ReelPlay Slot Machines

Formerly known as Chance Interactive, this software company has since rebranded as ReelPlay. The Australian game making team are by no means taking the e-gaming industry by storm, but they have released a small number of slot machine titles, all of which look fresh in appearance and exciting to play. Plus, these games are packed with feature-rich gameplay to ensure that players are entertained for the duration of many spinning hours.

As well as making their own games, this outfit also offers its services for hire. That means that they have the know-how to give other game developers a helping hand when it comes to things like cross platform integration. As such, ReelPlay can turn any game idea into reality – or so they say.

Fresh on the E-Gaming Scene

This software company has only been active in the industry since 2014 after it was founded by a close-knit team of gaming professionals based in Sydney, Australia. With this is mind, it's difficult to fully access what the software designers have to offer, since they only offer a handful of slot machines which are sparsely distributed into the big wide world of online e-gaming.

Nonetheless, we can easily access the potential of this company. And it's looking like they have a bright future in the trade, whether it is conceptualising and producing their own game titles or helping others to bring their game concepts to life. Already the company has an impressive, albeit small catalogue of slot machines which exhibit a flair for modern 3D design and big bonus action.

Doing Business with other Businesses

ReelPlay claims to have facilitated the production of hundreds of games with their B2B software development and integration services. This means that the company has lent the skills that it possesses to other game making businesses, whether that means that they develop a rough idea from scratch or simply transport an existing game onto a different platform such as from land-based machines to the online sphere. What's more, the company can handle any game concept, no matter what style or format, from slot machines to online video poker games as well as a variety of different programming languages and interface systems such as APIs and SDKs.

So, with this in mind, we can reasonably expect to see a wide variety of different playing experiences from this software company in the future as they build their own portfolio of games, and continue to help other companies build theirs. Watch this space.

Are the Games Fair to Play and Licensed?

Another feature of the service that is provided by ReelPlay is mathematics. Basically what that means is that the boffins at the company are able to use complicated mathematical algorithms to ensure that the outcome of games are completely random. Which is obviously a very important aspect when talking about slot machines and other gambling games.

That being said, the company doesn't offer any information regarding licensing to show that its games are held under the scrutiny of gambling laws. However, this is permissible for a company that is still very much in the teething process.

Four Slot Machines Ready for Action

At the time of writing, there are only four ReelPlay slots listed on the software company's website, which is to be expected for such as fresh faced development team. And, as you would also expect from a new game design team, these games are all presented with very impressive graphics and contemporary aesthetics.

The first of these games is Buster Hammer, a unique 5-reel video slot theme that revolves around a circus performer called Buster. This specimen of superhuman strength uses his mighty hammer as a wild symbol which will replace other icons to complete wins. But that's not all. Because Buster, who is standing by the side of the reels throughout the game, will swing his hammer to hit the strength-o-meter, resulting in a random multiplier which is applied to wild hammer win. If two wild hammers appear to complete a win then Buster will summon his strength to hit swing his hammer again and add even more multipliers into the equation. This circus themed slot machine has 243 ways to win as well as free spins, making it a thoroughly entertaining prospect.

From big tops to the big bounty, players can find plenty of wins waiting to be caught in Bounty Hunt – a cool and slick science fiction style 5-reel video slot which follows a crime fighting vigilante as she searches and destroys various criminal targets. This slot machine has 25 paylines and multiple special gameplay features such as free spins with extra wild symbols. There are three vile criminals on the loose, and if you manage to find them all during free spins then you could be in for some seriously big wins.

Lolly Land provides something entirely different with a 5-reel game that has a sweet candy land style theme, complete with gummy bear symbols, candy cane frames and sugary frosting. Like Bounty Hunt, this game also has 25 paylines, but instead of trying to catch criminals in a dystopian future, Lolly Land is about linking delicious treats to unlock 3 different bonus features. These include respins with expanded wilds, free spins and a pick'em style side game called “Taste Me”. This slot machine also provides a different aesthetic appeal with a light and fluffy pink colour scheme and 3D graphics which give everything a marshmallow like texture. In fact, this game almost looks good enough to eat.

Last, but by no means least, ReelPlay also offer some novelty 2D action in Canyon Clash. Again, this game takes players down a totally different thematic road to the Wild West of the USA – a land ruled by nothing more than sand and unlawful dealings. The game features a cowboy character as well as some desert dwellers such as a rattlesnake, a vulture, and a bull. It also brings some bonus elements into the equation with wild symbols that appear on the middle reel and free spins with tripled wins. Let's hear a yeehaw for that!

Where can these Games be Played?

There may only be a small number of slot machines on offer from this software company, but they all appear to be fun to play and potentially rewarding to boot. However, playable versions of these games are quite difficult to come by since the company is yet to secure any major distribution deals with big casino clients – which is fair enough since it is still in its early days.

However, players will find some luck if they look on casino websites such as our own which hosts a playable demo of Lolly Land. As for the other ReelPlay games, players might have to wait a little bit before they become available to play online.

Plenty of Potential

ReelPlay is a young and relatively small software outfit that is attempting to make it big in the highly competitive world of online game development. At the moment, this company is still finding its feet and they haven't got the biggest of repertoires to show off their talents, but it is quite clear that they have a bright potential from the impressive games that they have made. The best thing about these games is that each one is as different as the next one, with divergent themes and unique feature-rich gameplay to ensure that players are entertained the highest degree. It's just a shame that the slot machines aren't readily available to enjoy on the internet.

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