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Fruitinator Slots

Fruitinator is a non-progressive slot game brought to you by Reel Time Gaming that features five reels over five payout lines. Have you ever wondered what it be like if you merged a whole load of fruit with the terminator? Well even if you haven’t, here is what the result could look like.

Across five reels, you will come up against a whole host of fruit, which you will need to eliminate (or terminate if you prefer). Put on your sunglasses and your leather jacket and use your trigger finger to eliminate your fruit enemies and become the Fruitinator.

Do not let the fruit get the better of you

Fruitinator lets you stake between a nickel and ten euros per bet, which should leave you enough freedom to personalise all your spins to match your preferences. The ever-popular Autoplay option is also available, where you can just sit back and watch the fruits get terminated as you relax and count all the new coins you accumulate along the way, without even lifting a finger.

Playing Fruitinator could not be easier. All you need to remember is that if you want to win you need to match at least three icons on one of the five payout lines. The rest lies in your ability to hit the Spin button efficiently, which should not be too much of a challenge. So get in there, place your bet and cross your fingers for the biggest wins, which can be rather sizeable as we will see during our review.

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Fruit vs Terminator

There is a new trend within the slot game industry and it is becoming very apparent: movie themes. As you can imagine, this game can draw a similarity between the popular film franchise The Terminator.

When it comes to slots, customers will ultimately be drawn to a slot game that is based around something they can easily recognise. Terminator is one of the most popular films of all time so it is no surprise that this game should be very popular amongst people over the age of 40. We would love all games we come across to be rich with graphics, but let's face it that would take away some of the charm. Whilst the graphics of Fruitinator are acceptable for this particular kind of game, some players looking for a more high-end experience might feel a little disappointed.

The gameplay in Fruitinator is rather standard and what you see is what you get. Matching the symbols across the paylines and trying to get rid of that bad apple of the group is all you need to do. And as always, remember that the more matching symbols you get, the more you can win.

Terminator one vs Terminator two

If you are a fan of the films, you will certainly remember the difference between Schwarzenegger’s roles in the two first movies. From being the villain to becoming the true hero, the Terminator is certainly a versatile character. And so are the reel symbols in Fruitinator, always changing.

The symbol menu starts with Cherries, followed by Lemons, Oranges and Plums. The value of the combinations grows exponentially, and these first icons might not pay that much at first, but they will appear often on the reels to compensate for that fact.

The Watermelons, Bells and burning Sevens are the rarest and most valuable symbols in the entire game. Those are the ones you need to look for at all times, and a single look at the size of the rewards they can trigger should be more than enough to convince you.

Will you be back?

As always, we have the will and fight of John Connor in our corner to help us against the machines but we will not really need it in Fruitinator. This game might just surprise you, given that it can be so addictive despite being quite simple.

The theme could be worked on as there is no real element of the film franchise in there, with the exception of the fact that we are indeed terminating fruit. The graphics and gameplay are standard, so no real surprises on that front.

That being said, with such a high payout ratio and the fact that Fruitinator is just so addictive to play, most player will probably feel the need to stick around and try their best to line up the Sevens and hit the highest combination of the game. And with a little luck and patience, you labour might just prove very fruitful indeed.

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