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Nazionale Elettronica
Nazionale Elettronica Slots Review

With Italy being home to so much history and culture, we are always happy to see a software provider from this country. Based in Faenza, Nazionale Elettronica is an ambitious company which has been set on providing quality games to online players and land-based casinos since 2000.

What stood out for us is that they do not just offer online slots, but also the game cabinets needed for land-based casinos and even coin changers. If you are thinking about opening your own land-based casino, Nazionale Elettronica would be able to provide you with much of the equipment needed.

However, they do fall a little short in some areas. Their website is in Italian - something we expect since they are an Italian company – and the English translation is not up to scratch. It is either choppy or simply non-existent.

For example, all the information about their slot games is only in Italian so you would need to find a third-party translator if you wish to read it in English. If Nazionale Elettronica wishes to expand their brand beyond the Italian markets then they are going to need to address these translation issues.

We also found a few other issues within the site. Their “News” page is just a title page with the smallest description about the news. When clicking the image attached, you are just enlarging the image instead of clicking through to an article.

This makes it hard to get to know the brand. Site issues and a lack of social media presence make it difficult to understand what the brand is about and who the people behind it are.

However, with their extensive casino services and their entertaining slot machines, Nazionale Elettonica does hold promise for the gambling industry.

Free to Play Nazionale Elettronica Slot Machine Games

Nazionale Elettronica
Video Slots

Clean Graphics and a Traditional Preference

Nazionale Elettronica clearly favours a more traditional approach to their online slots. They have opted for very cartoony designs which look like some of the older games we used to see when online slots first appeared on the market. If you are a fan of more traditional slot games, you will probably find a few titles you will enjoy in Nazionale Elettronica’s library.

This provider has also chosen to cover some of the most popular themes with their slots. If you are searching for a classic slot without any of the crazy graphics seen from other providers, you may be able to find it in their library. You could choose from a classic candy-themed game, an Egyptian slot called Book of Cheope, or a traditional slot complete with fruit and BAR symbols.

A Closer Look at the Games

Nazionale Elettronica might not have the biggest selection of games but they do have some interesting titles.

The first game we chose to look at was their Slot Lucrezia. We presume this game was named for Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alexander VI and one of the most famous figures in Renaissance history.

The slot features a beautiful background with the Florence Cathedral. The symbols are interesting with the lower valued ones placed on wax seals. Lucrezia herself is designed with more detail than the cardinal or lord who form the other symbols.

We also noticed that she’s designed in a different art style, which once spotted distracts from the rest of the symbols. With free spins and bonus scatter pays, this is a fun five-reel slot which celebrates Italian history.

The other game we tried was the classically-styled Diamond Gold. Like Lucrezia, this is a five-reel slot machine and it features many beautiful symbols shaped like bejewelled fruit. This game has no free spins but there is a bonus round where you can pick an instant prize.

Italian Connections and International Potential

Nazionale Elettronica’s games are featured in Italian casinos like TerryBet and Romagna Giochi. On sites like TerryBet, they were also displayed alongside providers who are firm favourites around the world like Microgaming.

Since these games are well-loved in the Italian markets, there is no reason why they cannot be brought to international ones too. Their slots have many of the same mechanics as some of the public’s favourite titles.

While none of their slot machines are particularly innovative in terms of their bonus rounds, there is always a market for games like this. Not everyone likes a bonus flying at them with every spin of the reels, and Nazionale Elettronica has developed games which should suit players who prefer simple gameplay.

Are the Games Mobile-Compatible?

Our review team could not find information on whether or not the games are compatible with mobile and tablet devices. More and more slot lovers choose to use their mobiles or tablets to spin the reels, so game providers need to keep up with this preference.

If they were to look towards an international expansion, this is another issue they would need to address. With so many players now accessing games through their phones, Nazionale Elettronica risk cutting off many potential players if they cannot provide mobile-optimized slots.

A Lot of Work Needed

Overall, we think that Nazionale Elettronica is a game provider with plenty to offer more traditional slots players. If you prefer games where it’s just the reels and the occasional bonus win, their games have plenty to offer you. They have a diverse range of themes and while the graphics might be a little dated, they still make for intriguing games.

Nazionale Elettronica has a good grasp of the Italian markets but there are improvements which need to be made if they wish to join markets outside of Italy. From the lack of mobile compatibility to their website’s translation issues, Nazionale Elettronica will need to address such shortcomings if they wish to compete with bigger slot providers.

We feel that they are a slot provider with plenty of potential, but they need a little extra something if they aspire to join the international iGaming markets.

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