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    iPhone Casinos

    There is no name more synonymous with the world of smartphones than the iPhone. Apple’s extraordinarily successful entry into the mobile phone business was first unleashed upon the world in 2007, and has spawned numerous generations of devices after it, including the 5, 5S, 6, 6S, and the SE, which was released in early 2016. It is by far the most famous line of smartphones in the world, commanding more than 40% of the market share in the United States.

    When the iPhone began becoming the hottest new tech gadget in the world, the gambling world quickly took notice. Before long, mobile gaming sites had sprung up and apps had been written, all in the service of allowing iPhone users to place bets and play their favorite slots from their phones. Today, iPhone casinos are a big part of the online gambling landscape, as they’ve played a major part in the mobile revolution that continues to this day.

    The sites listed in the table below are the best iPhone casinos. We recommend them for a number of reasons:

    • Biggest selection of mobile games including slots, table games and even a live dealer casino.
    • Industry leaders in user safety and security with industry leading data protection and encryption.
    • The sites are easy to use on iPhone including short signup time, fast deposits and equally fast withdrawals.

    Best iPhone Casinos for 2019

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    Best iPhone Casinos for 2019

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    The Complete Resort Experience, On One Screen

    When online casinos began to proliferate around the turn of the century, they proved popular because they brought all of the games gamblers normally had to travel to special locations to play right into their homes. Suddenly, you didn’t have to go to Las Vegas or Macau to play high stakes baccarat, play in a major poker tournament, or win a progressive slots jackpot; now, you could do it from home.

    A similar evolution occurred once iPhone casinos began to come online. Blackjack, roulette, and all of the other great gambling games were now available from virtually anywhere in the world. As long as your phone could connect to the Internet, you were never more than a couple clicks away from taking part in real money gambling.

    In the early days of mobile gaming, it wasn’t easy to get everything a player might want into an iPhone casino package. When operators first began trying to service these customers, developers had to scramble to port existing games over to the relatively low-powered phones. The result was that a lot had to be sacrificed in terms of design and presentation in order to get each game to work. In addition, the time and effort needed to make these games cross-platform meant that only the most popular offerings were released for mobile users: a few of the top slots, perhaps, and maybe versions of blackjack, roulette, and a top video poker machine.

    Over time, the approach towards iPhones began to change. New games began to be released for both traditional desktop platforms and mobile-friendly sites either at the same time, or within a short time of each other. Mobile became a priority rather than an afterthought, and developers became better at keeping more of the same features despite the lesser capabilities and smaller screens the phones presented.

    The biggest breakthrough came with the release of HTML5. This version of the markup language that runs most of what we view on the Internet came with features that were designed to make it easier for developers to create content that would instantly be accessible across a wide range of platforms, including phones, tablets, and personal computers. That, combined with the fact that HTML5 was designed with the users of low-powered devices in mind, set the stage for a much more aggressive approach towards iPhone casinos.

    Today, many major online software developers release their casino games entirely in HTML5, which allows them to create a single version that is instantly usable by both desktop and mobile users simultaneously. This means that iPhone users have access to the same new games as everyone else, making it more enjoyable than ever to play for real money on the go.

    Does this mean that every game you’ve played online can also be found in mobile-friendly sites? Not exactly, though things are certainly trending that way. Many older games have never – and likely never will – be ported over to mobile versions, though these games tend to be less popular, minimizing how big a problem this is. In addition, many developers still aren’t releasing all of their games across all platforms simultaneously. Still, the vast majority of new and popular titles can now be played on iPhones, which makes this an exciting time for the gaming industry.

    Real Money Gambling Apps for iPhone

    One major question that many users have when they first learn about casinos for iPhone is how exactly they can connect to these games. The answer, to many, seems to be simple at first glance. Why not just download an app, just like we do for almost everything else we do on our phones?

    As it turns out, though, apps are actually not the most common way to interact with online casinos on the iPhone. This is due to a myriad of legal issues that have led Apple to make some pretty clear rules for the iTunes store: unless you are a regulated, licensed provider of gambling services, you cannot offer up a real money gaming app in a particular jurisdiction.

    For some people, this is barely even an issue. Live in the UK, for instance, and you’ll still have access to tons of apps from licensed operators who are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, for instance. But in the many “grey market” territories of the world, where there is no regulation available but where casino firms still accept customers, this makes it hard for them to offer apps.

    Occasionally, some of these applications still slip through the cracks – though from time to time, Apple and local governments will crack down on these, so it’s not such a dependable way to play from these areas. The more reliable and accepted way to play in iPhone casinos tends to be through mobile-friendly websites which you can access straight in your phone’s web browser. In a way, this is a pretty natural evolution for the industry even outside of their iTunes Store issues: desktop platforms have rapidly shifted to instant-play, no download solutions, so why shouldn’t phones do the same?

    As long as you are running a reasonably modern iPhone with an updated web browser, it is extremely likely that virtually every mobile casino site on the planet will be compatible with your device. Apple products are among the first that are prioritized by operators thanks to their large user base, so you can almost always be certain that new features will have you in mind. Just point your phone’s browser to the same website you normally use for a given casino, and you’ll be taken to a mobile version that’s ready for real money play on your phone.

    iPhone Casinos vs their Desktop Counterparts

    Obviously, when you play games on your phone, they won’t look exactly the same as they would on a computer monitor. But despite the smaller screens, the best Phone casinos ultimately play very similarly to their more traditional counterparts, albeit with a few small changes.

    Older games that have been ported to work in iOS will have the most extreme changes. These games not only had to be recreated to work on phones, but were also from an era when these devices could handle far less, wireless data plans were smaller, and Internet access was slower. The result was a marked decrease in the quality of graphics, sounds, and animations in mobile games. Every effort was made to simplify these offerings so that they would work on iPhones. This usually meant that the games featured only the bare essentials, with all added frills and style removed.

    Nowadays, the use of HTML5 allows mobile games to closely emulate the style and gameplay of the PC versions. That means that you’ll see games that are virtually the same no matter what platform you play on. The main changes now have to do with layout, something you’re probably used to simply from browsing websites on your phone and tablet. Some information that might normally be available directly on screen will be pushed to menus, and even those menus might be condensed. Some graphical elements might be missing entirely: background art and moving parts that aren’t part of the game itself might be sacrificed for the sake of making the game easier to play.

    As we all know, sometimes mobile data connections can be slow, and phones can occasionally struggle with complex apps or while running multiple programs at once. For this reason, many online casinos also offer settings that allow you to further minimize the graphics and other features. One of the biggest features of most iPhone casinos is that they strive to do as much as possible to make them work on your phone – whether that means an intense and immersive experience utilizing the full power of your top-of-the-line device, or a bare-bones gambling environment that can work even on a smartphone that is several generations old and well past its time.

    How to Get Started

    Maybe you already have several online gambling accounts, and are just looking to take your play on the go. Maybe you’re just trying to jump into the world of Internet betting, and playing on your phone seems like the perfect place to start. Either way, playing at an iPhone casino is a simple process that should only take a few minutes to set up.

    If you’re brand new to web-based gaming in general, you’ll have to first sign up for an account before doing anything else. If you’re not sure where to start, we can recommend many highly reputable and trustworthy sites that offer iPhone play, depending on the country that you live in.

    Regardless of where you ultimately decide where you ultimately decide to play, the signup process shouldn’t take long. You’ll have to share some basic information, such as your name, address, and a phone number. You’ll also get to pick a username and password that will allow you to log into the site. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have an account that will allow you to enjoy play money games on your phone or any other device. For anyone worried about privacy, please be aware that this is standard "Know Your Customer (KYC)" procedure and is part and parcel of using any gambling website.

    Before we go any further, we should mention that these steps are often easier to perform on a computer than on a mobile device. That doesn’t mean you can start an account from your iPhone; many sites support this function now. But typing and working through forms is easier on a full keyboard than on a phone, and it may simply be a more comfortable experience if you can complete it on a computer.

    That extends to the process of making your first deposit. Once you’re ready to try real money play, you’ll need to get money into your account. And while it may be possible to do this on your iPhone, many operators restrict just how you can do this (and how much you can deposit) from your phone until you first verify your accounts on a desktop or laptop – and even if they don’t, navigating through the multiple accounts you might have to use to do your banking with the site is almost always easier on a computer, at least when you first start funding your account.

    As for how you’ll get the money into your gaming site of choice, there are a number of different options, ranging from standard options that are commonly used for online transactions of all types to specialty offerings that are almost exclusively used in the gambling world. Some of the most popular options include the following:

    • Credit Cards: When it comes to buying things online, few products are easier to use than a simple credit card. These cards are not always accepted at Internet gaming sites, as some companies have policies that restrict the use of their debit and credit products for gambling. However, both Visa and MasterCard are popularly accepted across the industry. Each bank that issues a card has a different policy when it comes to betting sites, however, so not all cards will work with all Internet casinos.
    • Virtual Wallets: Better known as e-wallets, these sites are designed to allow you to store value in an account, taking money in and out of your wallet whenever you like. That makes them perfect for both depositing and withdrawing from online gambling rooms, as well as for transferring funds between sites. While PayPal casinos are the most popular among players, Paypal can only be used at certain sites; Skrill and Neteller are similar solutions, but are designed to work specifically with the gaming industry and thus are much more commonplace.
    • Pay by Phone: One of the hottest trends to emerge in recent times is the ability to deposit at a casino with your phone bill. This is simple to do on iphone and we expect more and more merchants to offer this option as time goes on.
    • Bank Transfers: There are a number of ways for players to move money from their checking account to an online casino. In particular, two are common: e-checks, which are essentially standard bank transfers, and wire transfers, which are more popular for the rapid movement of larger sums of money. The biggest advantage to this method is that it is highly secure: you’ll have the same sense of security that comes with any transaction that is monitored and performed by your bank.
    • Prepaid Cards and Vouchers: If you’d rather not be using your personal financial data at Internet gambling sites, then you might want to look into some prepaid options. These are usually products you can buy at retail locations, then redeem at online casinos in order to put money into your account. For instance, Ukash is a popular version of this method, in which you can purchase vouchers at countless retail locations around the world. You can pay for them using any payment method you like – including cash. Each one will have a unique PIN that you can then use to make purchases, including deposits at many casino sites.

    These are just a few of the most common methods for making a deposit into an iPhone casino. Others may be offered based on the sites you’re playing on and where in the world you live. In total, there are dozens, if not hundreds of unique deposit options available worldwide. No matter where you live and what’s available to you, there should be some way for you to get money into your account.

    Once you’re ready to withdraw, you’ll again have a range of options available to you that will vary depending on where you’re playing. E-wallets and bank transfers are probably the most common solutions, as while some sites will process money back to credit cards, this is a bit more awkward. In addition, most sites offer the option of simply sending you a check, just in case nothing quicker is available to you.

    Secure, Tested Sites

    One of the biggest causes for concern for those who are new to iPhone casinos is whether or not they are safe. Everyone has heard stories of rogue operators who have run scams or failed to pay out to their players, but by and large, most sites are running honest operations. We only recommend sites that have proven themselves to be safe and reputable, giving you more confidence when you sign up to play for real money.

    Any trustworthy site will be tested by independent labs in order to guarantee the security and randomness of their games. This is done to ensure fairness on both sides – for both the player and the site itself – and guarantees that the games are not rigged or otherwise manipulated.

    Safety is also important when it comes to your personal and financial data. All transactions between you and any reputable casino will be protected by state-of-the-art encryption protocols that are designed to be similar to those used by major financial institutions. Most sites have a policy of not storing your financial data, and all other personal data that is kept on file is encrypted to prevent identity fraud. In short, any site we would recommend takes all the steps necessary to provide a safe and secure environment to play in – and you should avoid any gambling site that doesn’t.

    Betting on the World’s Most Popular Phone

    While Android may be the dominant operating system for mobile devices, there’s no doubt that the iPhone is the single most prestigious and popular line of phones in the world. With that popularity, comes support for just about every type of program and app you can think of, including the online gambling industry.

    Whether you want to play at an iPhone casino, enjoy poker, or want to place bets on sports, you can do it all from any of Apple’s great smartphones. If you own an iPhone, it’s the perfect way to connect to the world of online gambling.

    iPhone Casino FAQ

    Are iPhone Casinos Legal?

    From the perspective of the player, the answer to this question is yes in most jurisdictions. For operators, the situation varies tremendously from location to location. In some jurisdictions, governments offer licensing to operators who can then legally offer games to players. In others, there are no paths to regulation, but governments do not actively stop casino operators from taking real money play; these are typically referred to as “grey markets.” For more information, learn about the laws and regulations that govern Internet gaming in your country.

    What Models Can I Use to Play?

    Any model of iPhone could probably be used to connect to at least some online casinos! More realistically, most of the modern models are pretty universally supported throughout the industry, including the 4, 4S, and more recent additions to the line, right up through the SE. If you’re not sure if a particular phone will work with a given mobile site, you can look for information on the casino’s website; failing that, simply try to log in with your phone.

    Why Can’t I Find Apps in the iTunes Store?

    Unless you live in a jurisdiction with firm regulation of online gambling, it is unlikely that you’ll see many – if any – real money gambling apps in the iTunes Store. This is due to policies put in place by Apple, which only allow for expressly regulated and licensed operators to offer apps to players. Occasionally, something might slip through the cracks, but for the most part, Apple is pretty good about enforcing their rules. Instead, most iPhone casinos instead use mobile-friendly sites that can be accessed through your phone’s web browser.

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