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Genii Slots

Genii are a games developer who specialise in slots and other iGaming titles, each of which is defined by sharp, detailed graphics and cool animations. The software house are responsible for some of the finest looking slots to have reached the market in recent years including Legends of Greece, Robin of Sherwood and Rise of Spartans.

The themes might be familiar enough tropes, but the immersive storytelling has made these games captivating, much to the satisfaction of video slots aficionados.

In case you were wondering, by the way, the company’s name is pronounced “jee-nee-ahy”. Three syllables in just 5 letters is quite an achievement. The independent gaming company is led by some old heads whose experience within the industry is extensive.

iGaming is a competitive and fast-moving sector, which is why Genii have been forced to innovate and to gamble with new products. Of course, gambling is an integral part of the industry and to succeed in life, sometimes you have to take a few risks. Genii’s appear to have paid off so far, judging by the gambling companies they’ve partnered with, a list that reads like a who’s who of the gaming business.

What Makes Genii Special?

According to Genii, their games are special because the creative team behind them use “intellect, creative genius and visual opulence to bring unique gaming to any device or platform”. They’re a confident bunch then who aren’t shy when it comes to singing their own praises. The company has more than 15 years of industry experience, while its leaders have an iGaming pedigree that stretches right back to the 1990s.

When the company was founded, the entrepreneurs behind it were inspired by the realisation that the gaming industry was changing fast. If Genii were to have any hope of prospering, they would have to do more than merely make up the numbers; they would have to develop forward-thinking games that would differentiate the company from the slew of rivals churning out identikit slots and other casino games.

The Mindset Behind the Math

Genii talk of having an “opportunity mindset” when it comes to developing solutions to problems. In practice, this means developing new games and products with free thinking and a willingness to experiment (and occasionally fail) rather than rigidly sticking to tried and tested solutions.

Whether partnering with Genii on an individual per-game basis or taking on their full gaming solution package, operators can look forward to working with a company whose originality and willingness to think outside the box – as overused as that cliche may be – is genuinely refreshing.


Like any self-respecting games developer, Genii is well aware of the transition toward mobile gaming and of the need to keep pace with the burgeoning mobile gaming sector.

The company’s success in this field speaks for itself; today the company can count itself among the world’s leading mobile games providers, having produced a string of titles for iOS, Windows Phone and Android. This is achieved thanks in no small part to Genii’s gaming engine, which was developed in partnership with Microsoft, Fusion-io and Dell.

Cloud technology has been harnessed to create a fast and responsive gaming platform that’s completely scalable.

The Game Development Experts

Casino games are Genii’s speciality, but the firm has also expanded into customer relationship management systems, designed to meet the needs of gaming operators; casinos primarily. Genii’s origins like in Eastern Europe, but the company has long since expanded its operations and today boasts of having developers all over the world.

This expert network allows Genii to deliver, support and develop gaming solutions that are as rewarding for players as they are for operators.

In addition to slots, Genii’s devs have tried their hand at Keno, Joker Poker and other popular casino games.

Genii Games

No two Genii games are alike, stylistically in particular. The company evidently employs a number of diverse in-house designers, whose skill set ensures that each game retains a streak of individuality and doesn’t just feel like a thinly disguised clone of a previously released title.

As a case in point, compare slots like safari epic Big Game, Elementium and Horn of Plenty. If you didn’t know, you’d struggle to guess that they were released by the same developer, such is the contrast in colours and graphical styles.

While Genii are only too happy to offer their entire suite of games to web-based casinos, they’re just as comfortable with licensing them to online gaming firms on an individual basis, allowing clients to pick and choose the games that appeal to them. With more than 130 games to choose from, clients certainly aren’t short of options. Partners include LeoVegas, iForium and Casino Dukes.

Always Innovating

Genii’s games show a company that is confident about its work and that is not afraid to innovate. Take a game like Elementium, which features unique double direction paylines, giving players complete control over how the 16 reels should spin. This game is part of a new collection that Genii have labelled Spin16.

Then, in Arcadia i3D, Genii have created a complex slot that’s nevertheless simple to play, despite boasting over 240 ways to win. The depth possessed by the game is quite astonishing; 3D symbols drop into view before convincingly spinning and exiting stage right; birds swoop over the reels and trucks cruise by.

Casino Games

Genii’s complete suite of casino games, spanning some 130 titles, has been designed to maximise player engagement and interaction. These games are rich in unique and patented content, including the Spin16 technology of which the firm are so proud. This allows players to directly interact with the reels, giving the humble game of slots added breadth and depth.

When designing new games, Genii have done a lot more than dream up a catchy title and a theme and then build it; from target demographics to mathematics and from market trends to consulting operators, there’s a lot of groundwork that is performed before so much as a line of code is written.

In each instance, Genii’s goal is to maximise the player’s enjoyment and playing time while also maximising the return for the operator. It’s a delicate balancing act, but one which bears dividends when implemented correctly. While online casinos are the main consumer of Genii’s games, they’re by no means the only outlet.

The company’s software is equally suited to land-based casinos. It’s also compatible with desktop players, for Mac and PC users who’d like to download casino software to play.

Genii Products

At the heart of Genii’s games is the platform that enables them to run smoothly and makes them compatible with existing systems and third party applications.

Genii’s advanced software uses push technology to deliver information to the operator as and when it’s needed, negating the need for complex dropdown menu options. The operator is given the power to determine the KPI, allowing them to develop a bespoke solution that suits their needs.

The platform includes a bonus system that seamlessly integrates with all of the company’s games, with real-time bonuses allowing players to determine at any given moment in time how they’re performing. Each game that runs on Genii’s platform has its own bonus balancing attached to ensure accuracy.

The Future of Genii

Genii have already made great in-roads into the mobile gaming industry, while maintaining a firm presence at online casinos accessed by desktop users, either in-browser or via downloadable software.

The company’s gaming platform is a godsend for operators, but from the player’s perspective, it’s all about the games, including some gorgeous looking slots that are packed with beautiful graphics and innovative features.

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