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Skillzzgaming Slot Machines

You don't need us to remind you that the world of online gaming is constantly changing, what with all of the newfangled ways to play innovative gambling games on portable platforms. However, one of the latest emerging trends in the e-gaming industry is the development of games in which players can use their game playing skills to turn real money wagers in to real money prizes. Skillzzgaming is a brand new software company that aims to capitalise on this exciting new way to play.

This start-up from Tel-Aviv is still a growing operation, consisting of a small team of developers and entrepreneurs with a handful games to show what they are capable of. However, the company does lay claim to some impressive experience from within and around the online gaming business, with a core team that has previous history with established software companies and casino operators such as Playtech and 888. With this experience, Skillzzgaming aims to open up the world of internet gambling to a whole new generation of tech savvy gamers.

Start-Up Software Studio

Founded in 2014 by three gaming enthusiasts from Israel, Skillzzgaming has slowly but surely emerged as one of the more exciting up and coming outfits in the modern gaming industry. Having made its debut at the renowned ICE Gaming convention in February 2015, it is safe to say that the company is not messing around when it comes to making a name for itself in the business.

In fact, the team has since managed to secure contracts with three major casino operators and game distributors in the UK. One of the most notable investors is WHLabs, the start-up accelerator programme from no other than William Hill – one of the most successful and longest serving companies in the British betting scene. If they can't spot decent potential in a game-developer, then we don't know who else can. Today, you’ll find Skillzzgaming titles distributed on the Microgaming Quickfire platform, as well as through major online gambling brands like William Hill, GVC, and Leo Vegas.

Free to Play Skillzzgaming Slot Machine Games

The Team Behind the Games

While Skillzzgaming may not boast the same illustrious history as William Hill, the company is far from being out of its depth when it comes to previous experience. That is because the game-maker is headed by a three-strong team of gaming fanatics with a keen mind for business, each of which bring a different set of skills and experience to the table.

The company's leading figure is Eran Sharar, a mobile and web specialist who has more than 15 years of experience working within the industry, part of which was spent as the Head of Mobile for Playtech software. Then there is Dadi Neeman, a skilled producer who led a team of game designers at 888. Finally, Lior Aziz completes the triumvirate at Skillz Gaming, bringing with him a wealth of experience within the world of entrepreneurship, specialising in mathematics and law.

What Sets Skillzzgaming Apart?

Now that you know a little bit about the people behind this young software start-up, we bet you are wondering what exactly makes this team different from all of the other game development companies out there. Well, if you want to get an idea for this company's unique selling point, then you need not look any further than the brand name. That is because Skillzzgaming creates a betting entertainment platform which shakes up the traditional casino experience, offering players a chance to combine the satisfaction of skillful gameplay with the adrenaline of chance based gambling.

What that means for players is the ability to have some degree of control over the action as it unfolds. As for casino operators, this style of gameplay means higher player retention due to the simple fact that the hands-on games are more fun to play.

Skill Based Gaming with a Retro Edge

The promise of skill based gamble games is always an enticing prospect, especially for the younger generation of players who grew up playing video games on their home consoles. So, it is with great relish that we set upon discovering the games that this software company had to offer.

So far, the team at Skillzzgaming has put together a collection of five different titles, each of which offers players the chance to make choices that can impact gameplay, even if the degree of actual skill involved is often minimal. These titles are not only different thematically, but also in terms of gameplay styles, offering different experiences designed for various types of gamers.

For instance, there’s Mega Money Rush, which draws on the gameplay dynamics of classic racing games. The base game has players spinning a wheel to collect instant prizes, store power ups, and, ultimately, trigger races. The races themselves are overhead scrolling stages that are similar to the old arcade game Spy Hunter, in which players must guide their vehicle safely around obstacles to collect coins, open treasure chests, and activate helpful power ups.

If you were more of a fan of roleplaying games like Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger, you might want to check out Battle Royale. In this title, you’ll command a team of five heroes who do battle with enemies each time you make a new bet. For each of your heroes that beats its opponent, you’ll win a prize. As you play, you’ll unlock more heroes, more areas to fight in, and special events that can boost your winnings. Choosing your team is critical, as it will control whether you play this game for frequent small wins or occasional large payouts.

Other titles in the company’s collection include the match-three style games Gems Odyssey, Fruit Blast, and Pets Go Wild, each of which offers a slightly different twist on this classic casual gaming favourite.

Hands on Gameplay

Like most of the top online casino developers today, Skillzzgaming makes all of its games optimized for mobile play. Therefore, players can test out their gameplaying skills as they are out and about, using touch screen commands to control the action in the palm of their hands.

Plenty of Promise...

Skillzzgaming is an exemplary software company which demonstrates just how much the world of gambling has changed. With the rise of online gaming, punters are able to gamble in the comfort of their homes and by using their portable devices, with the ability to access endless games with newfangled themes and bonus features. 

This company goes one step beyond, however, giving players the chance to test out their skills to win real money prizes. With a small but interesting selection of titles and a solid distribution network in place, Skillzzgaming products are perfect for gamblers who want to get away from the typical slot machines and try something that offers a more interactive and fulfilling experience.

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